QMJHL: Tourigny, Bourque and the Cats in the final

For only the fourth time in 53 years of history, Shawinigan Cataractes will participate in the grand finale of the QMJHL.

A net from Pierrick Dubé on powerplay at the end of the game broke a 3-3 draw to give the Cats the advantage over the Remparts in Quebec in front of an audience of more than 14,000 people. Dubé completed his hat-trick in an empty net to confirm his place in the final with a 5-3 victory in the playoffs last night at the Videotron Center.

The game’s hero, 20-year-old veteran Pierrick Dubé, soberly partyed in front of the media. “It’s an incredible feeling to win here to go to the final. Having come back from 3-1, it shows our character. It’s been a really great series for the fans. »

Cat captain Mavrik Bourque, for his part, was more emotional. “It was 3-1, we came back. We never died. We are going to the final and nothing is over. In the 3rd, Isaac Ménard made a bad match. We must also thank the fans present, they made a difference. »

“From the first second of the first game to the last second of the 5th game, it was a close series,” commented Cataractes driver Daniel Renaud. Patrick (Roy) and I, we reiterated that it would be played out in detail. I would never have thought a month ago that our group would be where it is mentally.It’s an incredible feeling to reach the final and it’s deserved for the organization.About Pierrick he is emotional, intense, he rises in the great moments and I’m happy to see where he is. I have to congratulate Remparts for this series. “

At the end of the meeting, it was an angry Patrick Roy who addressed his mindset to the officials for having awarded a sentence one minute from the end of the meeting. “To lose like that, there is no team in the league that deserves it, Roy expresses in connection with the decision. They planted the referees after match 1, but we do not say a word. I think it was a lack of judgment. We played against a team that did not give up with a close series from start to finish. But watching the season end like this, in this way, it really hits home. »

Thread of the game

Like the series, the first period was fiercely contested by both teams. During a 2-on-1 run by Pierrick Dubé and Charles Beaudoin in the Remparts zone, the disc ended up on Dubé’s stick behind the net after a return and a rebound by the puck. The Cats striker used goalkeeper William Rousseau to reject the puck in the net to open the scoring.

The trio of Cataractes captain Mavrik Bourque were then dominant in each of his performances.

The trigger for Remparts was in an offensive phase with several controls to provoke a penalty. Théo Rochette touched the post behind Antoine Coulombe during an outburst and continued the offensive sequence on the powerplay. Plessisvillois Xavier Filion stepped into the net after a free kick by Coulombe after the offensive buzz from Remparts. Rochette and Connor Frenette get assists on streak.

Quebec had an 11-9 advantage in shots on goal.

From the start of the second half, Mikael Huchette moved to the left wing and got a good chance, which was stopped by Coulombe.

On a numerical advantage for the visitors, Connor Frenette utilizes a turnover to bring himself into the Cats zone and uses the defender to thwart Coulombe with a wrist shot from the face.

While Remparts is on power play, goalie William Rousseau makes a spectacular save with the stick and frustrates Mavrik Bourque, who had the net almost empty.

Patrick Roy’s team became even more motivated in the middle of the period, and Connor Frenette put on his second of the match with a shot from the castle as the five Cats players were tired after a banned clearing.

With two minutes left, Martin Has gave his teammates hope with a shot from the point to close the gap to one goal before the end of the period.

Shawinigan took the lead with 13-11 shots.

After a start of the 3rd period in favor of the locals, Isaac Ménard took advantage of a confusion between the defenders from Remparts to save himself on the outburst. Rousseau hesitated before going out and Ménard took the opportunity to outsmart him and record his first of the playoffs to equalize the score 3-3.

With four minutes left, the Red Devils remained a big option as goalkeeper Coulombe was looking for the puck.

Rousseau was masterful again with two minutes left, again frustrating captain Bourque who had a definite goal.

With one minute left, the referee awarded a penalty kick to Komarov for tripping Dubé. The latter took the opportunity to give victory to his team with a wrist shot on the powerplay, in addition to completing his hat trick in an empty goal.

Series against Islanders

Match 1 Saturday, June 4 at. 18 in Charlottetown

Play 2 Sunday, June 5 at. 18 in Charlottetown

Match 3 Wednesday, June 8 at 19 in Shawinigan

Match 4 Thursday, June 9 at. 19 in Shawinigan

Match 5 Saturday, June 11 at. 16 in Charlottetown (if required)

Play 6 Monday, June 13 at. 19 in Shawinigan (if required)

Match 7 Wednesday, June 15 at. 19 in Charlottetown (if required)

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