TEST – Renault Grand Scenic (2022), last trip: is he traveling too early?

Recently put on early retirement in the short version, without an immediate replacement, the Renault Scenic is still suspended for a few months in the long body. Fans of the genre will always find solid family qualities and a good level of enjoyment there. Should we hurry with stocks or the last purchase orders? After one last long-term test, the master of compact minivans still has some good leftovers.

Outdated, the minivan? In a large part of the public consciousness, this is nothing new. The SUV has been an obsession (not always very rational) for several years and the old family stars have been obsolete. At best, gently mocked. The heyday of the Espace is long gone, the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 have become crossovers to survive (and dominate the market in general). In general indifference, Citroën has also put an end to the C4 Space Tourer, formerly Picasso. And Scenic is therefore completing his career, after four generations and more than 25 years of presence!

Its replacement, announced by the spectacular Scenic Vision concept, will not arrive until 2024 and will more closely resemble a large compact bodybuilder (and only electric, as it is based on Mégane E-Tech). In short, the traditional minivan hardly finds an echo, oddly enough, except among premium. The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Mercedes B-Class are doing surprisingly well.

While waiting for the first deliveries of Austral (which will replace both Kadjar and Scenic), Grand Scenic 4 will remain in the catalog for a few more months, in principle until September. The range is simplified: three equipment levels, two engines (petrol only, with 1.3 TCe 140 or 160 hp) and the third row is standard. It remains available in 5 places in the form of negative option (- 400 €).

On the road: a peaceful MPV

Scenic 4 has experienced few changes during its career, which began in 2016 (the two bodies were launched simultaneously). Besides the very little restyling at the end of 2020 (cosmetic details and enriched equipment, with full LED headlights as standard), we will primarily note the arrival of the famous 4 cylinder 1.3 TCe petrol in 2018 (also present under the bonnet of, among others, Mercedes A-Class) and Diesels disappear last year. Which, by the way, did him no good.

The Grand Scenic was one of the last compact general purpose MPVs … although at its 4.63m it was not very compact anymore. 22 cm more than the short one, including 8 cm extra wheelbase, for the benefit of the rear seats.

Good to know: anticipate buying and reselling.

It is possible to know the resale or exchange value of your vehicle thanks to the automatic Turbo rating of your Renault Scenic, the alternative to the Argus rating.

The Grand Scenic, which we rediscover today, is equipped with the most modest engine still on offer: the TCe 140 hp, here connected to the EDC dual-clutch gearboxis not too much to move this template, which does not have much of a compact minivan. 4.63 m long, more than 1.6 tons to move … In itself, the performance is decent (10.5 s from 0 to 100 km / h), but the just sufficient torque (240 Nm, reduced by 20 Nm in the automatic transmission) and the nonchalance in the transmission, typically comfort, invites a calm behavior . Otherwise, consumption increases.

Sobriety is just not its forte, perhaps one of the main clues to its more youthful design: almost 8 l / 100 km average recorded on a varied track of 1,000 km, at a pace of a good father. Nothing excessive, but many more modern mechanics make it better … deliver the same performance. Fortunately, gentle walking and careful sound insulation is an interesting pleasure.

TEST - Renault Grand Scenic (2022), last trip: is he traveling too early?

The view is excellent, especially towards the front: the split windscreen columns and the large glass surface provide a very light atmosphere. The layout of the dashboard logically begins to date.

In its genre, it is also quite comfortable to chain the miles at the wheel of a Scenic. Driving on the perch has become common because one switches from one SUV to another. But faced with a huge panoramic windshield located far ahead, we almost lost the habit: the atmosphere is light and the A-pillars divided into two parts retain a forward view. Something that has become rare, by driving in cars equipped with loopholes such as windows!

Similarly, driving comfort is surprisingly subdued despite the impressive 20-inch rims that attracted attention when the Scenic 4 came out. Suspension and filtration are of a good standard, and agility is flattering for a minivan. Few body movements, contained roll … on the other hand, the narrow rubbers (195) sometimes show their limitations on winding routes. Nothing new therefore: Without being an aggravating model, Scenic can always boast of road qualities on the side.

Life on board: volume and modularity, but dated presentation

22 cm longer than the short Scenic (including 8 cm for wheelbase), the Grand Scenic is a welcoming traveler. If the Scenic 4 had gone back on certain aspects of interior layout compared to its predecessor (the disappearance of the sliding bench seat in 3 parts in particular), it would nevertheless retain tips and events pretty well researched. The 2nd row slides and folds down in 2/3 – 1/3, and the two rear seats, admittedly cramped, at least have the merit of helping on short trips. All rear seats can be maneuvered via an electric control that is well located near the boot opening.

TEST - Renault Grand Scenic (2022), last trip: is he traveling too early?

With 7 seats, the last row is cramped, but can accommodate two adults for short trips by moving the intermediate bench seat forward.

In terms of volume, The 7-seater version logically loses a few liters of the tidy bench seat, but retains a decent capacity: 533 l, a figure that rises to 718 in the 5-seater version. Ditto with all seats folded: the maximum volume, from 1,737 l in 7 places, increases to 1,901 l without third row. So to study. In both cases, the floor is completely flat thanks to the kinematics on the second row, whose seat can be folded up under the backrest, like … an old Peugeot 2008. There are also some large and well-thought-out storage compartments. Under the rear seat floor or in the original sliding center armrest. The Scenic therefore still deserves its family masterpieces, no insult to fans of pseudo-adventurers.

Opposite to, its 6-year existence is felt as soon as one dwells on the materials (mainly base plastic) and the joints, correct but far from standing out from the crowd. Remember that when the Scenic 4 came out, the Renault finishes did not stand out forever. Ditto for the media interface and built-in technology that shows the years. The R-Link display is outdated, the screen is not very fast and the menus are complicated. The beginning of the all-in-one touch screen was not quite good. The same applies to certain ergonomic details, such as activating the cruise control next to the electric parking brake.

TEST - Renault Grand Scenic (2022), last trip: is he traveling too early?

The 140 hp at 1.3 TCe delivers decent performance, nothing more. Discreet and subdued, the approval is at a good level, but the 160 hp offers a welcome surplus of punch without being much more greedy. Fortunately, for sobriety is not his strength.

Awards: a Grand Scenic at the end of his career, is it worth it?

The area narrowed around three levels of equipment, fairly complete, starting high: counting minimum € 36,000 to date for a Grand Scenic TCe 140 with manual transmission, in the basic Evolution finish. We already have, at this price, a fairly rich talent (front / rear parking radar with rear view camera, GPS, smartphone interface, line crossing alarm, etc.). Our Techno 140 hp EDC trial version costs € 39,400. Clearly, if it’s a matter of having 7 seats at a good price, a Dacia Jogger remains unsurpassed. Less rewarding and much less successful, that being said.

Given the imminent end of production, we are betting that these prices can be significantly reduced on a case-by-case basis. Thanks to negotiations and the generosity of some distributors, it is sometimes possible to obtain spectacular discounts on models at the end of their course. Even better: For those who would be happy with a lower volume, stocks of short scenics are likely to grow rapidly, with serious discounts on the line.

Technical characteristics Renault Grand Scenic (2022)

Renault Grand Scenic (2022) Datasheet
Model tested: Renault Grand Scenic Techno 1.3 TCe 140 EDC (2022)
Dimensions L x W x H 4,634 / 1,866 / 1,660m
Wheelbase 2,804m
Minimum / maximum boot volume 533 / 1,737 liters
Net weight (DIN) 1,635 kg
Engine displacement 4-cylinder series of petrol, turbo – 1,330 cc
Maximum effect 140 hp at 5,000 rpm
Maximum torque 240 Nm at 1,600 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 10.5 sec
highest speed 193 km / h
CO2 rate (WLTP) 144g / km
Mixed consumption announced (WLTP) / registered 6.6 l / 100 km / 8.0 l
Penalty 2022 440 €
Prices from € 36,000 (model tested: € 39,400)

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