Alizay and Pont-de-l’Arche: two sisters go to the 2023 Roses des Sables Trophy

Délizia and Magalie Peru with their “bolide”, the car they will need for the Rally. © Facebook page Les Roses Fusion’elles

Delizia and Magalie Peru are two sisters living in Arch Bridge and D ‘Alizay (Eure). They decided to embark on the adventure Roses of the Sands Trophy 2023, a 100% feminine and supportive orienteering race. The rally starts at France and then plans a crossing ofSpain to arrive at Morocco.

Total 5,000 km of adventure is planned, with seven stages in the Moroccan desert. The adventure can last from 8 to 13 days depending on the mode of transport.

Two Fusion’elles sisters

During the 20th edition, in 2021, I followed a team from Elbeuf that participated, the Sistas. When I saw the chills it gave me, I called my sister to ask her if she would join me. And she answered ‘yes’.

Delizia Peru

That’s how it is Les Roses Fusion’elles is born. The team name that the two sisters have chosen is a nod to the very close bond they have between them.

The first, Magalie, 42, and mother of two, is a career assistant and now sales manager. Délizia, 34, a mother of two little boys, is in the middle of a professional retraining and is taking a professional system maintenance bachelor on a work-study basis. Despite the age difference, their bond is very strong.
The two sisters are now very motivated to embark on this adventure. For this, in October 2021, they created a Facebook and Instagram page to launch their fundraising.

the roses of the sand
Délizia and Magalie are Roses Fusion’elles, team 138 for the 22nd edition of the Trophée des Roses des Sables. © Facebook page Les Roses Fusion’elles

Solidarity rally

We must bring 50 kg donations to the association Enfants du désert if we want to participate in the Rally. This will be checked before departure and if we do not have enough we will not be able to attend.

Delizia Peru

On the occasion of this Rally, 5,000 euros are donated each year to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for the prevention of breast cancer. In addition, each team will initially bring 10 kg of non-perishable food to the Red Cross and 50 kg of donations to the Children of the Desert Association, which helps children in southern Morocco and Argentina.

For all of this, and to fund the registration and the means of transportation, the two sisters launched their collection.

An active search for partners

Step by step, since October last year, Délizia and Magalie Peru, driven by their enthusiasm, have begun to forge partnerships. Today, they are supported, among other things, by the Peugeot car dealer, Midi auto Vernon, who offered him the opportunity to buy their rally helmets. They are also supported by the “La Napolia” pizzeria in Pont-de-l’Arche, which for a month created a pizza Roses Fusion’elles which she sold by securing the two sisters a 50% profit for each pizza.

Videos: currently on Actu

Their visibility on social networks is rising more and more, they recently reached 370 subscribers on their Facebook page.

We really like this interactivity, we want to share our doubts and our successes to also make our subscribers live the same experience.

Delizia Peru

Thanks to this dynamic, Délizia and Magalie were recently contacted by Garage de Brémule, a car dealer who offered to borrow one of their cars, giving them free labor costs to adapt the car to the Rally in the Desert. “We finally have our car,” smiles Délizia, talking about the emerald green Toyota Landcruiser 4 × 4, which they picked up at the dealer a week ago.

Nevertheless, the preparation road before the start of the Rally is not over yet. “We try to meet as many people as possible to get the most support and donations possible,” Délizia always explains. Donations can also be significant, as the two sisters also plan to bring wheelchairs in their new car to donate to on-site associations.

“We have just started,” concludes Délizia, and we plan to close the collection just two months before the Rally. »

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