Beware of stray animals on the streets of Bucha and other Ukrainian cities

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Beware of stray animals on the streets of Bucha and other Ukrainian cities

FOUR PAWS has fully resumed its mission to help dogs and cats across the country

Zurich, June 3, 2022 – As the conflict in Ukraine has just entered its 100th day, the worldwide animal protection organization FOUR PAWS is fully resuming its activities to help stray animals. To kyiv, Irpin, Bucha and in five other Ukrainian cities (Korosten, Zythomyr, Vinnytsa, Uman, Mykolaiv). Before the war, the team cared for about 300 animals a month. Today, FOUR PAWS is once again able to help the countless homeless and frightened orphans on the streets of Bucha and other communities. The important work of these brave animal keepers is to vaccinate, castrate and treat wounds, but also to find a new home for as many of them as possible.

The war in Ukraine has displaced both humans and animals. The Kyiv region and the northeastern part of the country were particularly affected during the first phase of the invasion. With the withdrawal of the Russian military, the effects of the occupation became visible in all their magnitude. The whole region north of Kiev was destroyed; many lives were lost and homes and important infrastructure such as roads and hospitals were destroyed. Veterinary clinics and animal shelters that are essential for caring for abandoned pets and orphans have also been damaged or left empty. Many animals are scared, injured and need emergency help. FIRE PAWS established a temporary veterinary care project in the village of Belgorod, Kyiv Oblast, and is now assisting in Boucha, Irpin and the surrounding areas.

Stray Animal Rescue Team in Ukraine

Manuela Rowlings, FOUR PAWS ‘Helping Stray Animals Program Manager in Europe: “Having had to temporarily suspend our activities due to attacks in Ukraine, we are proud to be fully operational again since the beginning of April. We however, had to change our working method and get the team to work in smaller groups and closer to their place of residence in order to minimize the risks associated with the current situation.

“Over the last 50 days, we have cared for almost 700 dogs and cats in Ukraine. Despite the daily horrors our team faces on the spot, there are also stories of hope, as for these two dogs, Kit and Rokki. When we found them, they both appeared well-groomed, but unfortunately did not have a microchip. We took them in, and when we could not find their owner (s), we managed to find new, loving families for them. ”

Oleksandr Nazaryshyn, veterinarian in the Kyiv region, who supports FOUR PATTERS: “One of the biggest challenges is constant stress. Not only in humans but also in animals. Many cats and dogs fled their property during sirens and gunfire because they feared the noise or because the fences were damaged. At the moment we are very busy in our clinic and sometimes I have up to 15 patients Per day. “


FOUR PAWS has been active in Ukraine since 2012 with its stray dog ​​program. Over the past ten years, 30,000 stray dogs and cats have been cared for in more than 60 municipalities in urgent need of veterinary care. The team runs a mobile clinic that carries out capture, castration, vaccination and release projects in various cities across the country.

QUATRE PATTES est l’organisation mondiale de protection des animaux sous influence humaine directe, qui révèle leurs souffrances, sauve les animaux en détresse et les protège. Fondée en 1988 à Vienne par Heli Dungler et des amis, l'organisation plaide pour un monde où les humaines traitent les animaux avec respect, compassion et compréhension. Les campagnes et projets durables se concentrent sur les chiens et chats errants ainsi que sur les animaux de compagnie, les animaux de rente et les animaux sauvages – tels que les ours, les grands félins et les orangs-outans – vivant dans de mauvaises conditions de détention ainsi que dans les zones de catastrophe et de conflit. Avec des bureaux en Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Australie, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Kosovo, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni, Suisse, Thaïlande, Ukraine, USA et Vietnam ainsi que des refuges pour animaux en détresse dans onze pays, QUATRE PATTES fournit une aide rapide et des solutions durables. La Fondation est en outre un partenaire d'Arosa Terre des Ours, le premier refuge en Suisse qui offre aux ours sauvés de mauvaises conditions de détention un environnement adapté à l’espèce.


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