La Cantine du Voyage reopens this Friday in Nantes

It is a place to have a drink or eat very popular among both Nantes residents and tourists. In Nantes, Quai des Antilles, the Cantine du Voyage opens its doors again this Friday, June 3rd to September 25th. This fleeting place has existed since 2013, in the wake of Voyage à Nantes.

No spear with chicken from Ancenis due to bird flu

A place with a guinguette spirit on the banks of the Loire that pleases. In 2019, before Covid, therefore, about 100,000 covers were served in four months. There are play areas, kitchen garden nearby, sun loungers and above all large wooden tables taste fried chicken from Ancenis. A unique, local dish that has contributed to the success of the place. But that was before. In 2022, it’s over.

In fact, Philippe Clément, who managed the place, would like to hand over. The Direction du Voyage à Nantes therefore launched a tender won by SAS VO, an association of the companies Connect and Novas. “We have new operators so they do it their own way. And then 10 years of grilled chicken, that’s fine.”said with a smile Jean Blaise, Head of Travel to Nantes.

The new ones for the adventure offer spears in three forms. “We have a vegetarian skewer because we are an area of ​​gardeners and we will rely on the products of Oliver Durand based in Sorinières. There will be a mackerel skewer with the sector auctions for fresh produce every morning. And one with marinated chicken, but that will unfortunately not be chicken from Ancenis, because our breeders are hard hit by bird flu. But it will be French chicken “Explain Anthony Barraud, entrepreneur from Nantes and one of Novas’ directors.

The second criterion set by Voyage à Nantes is the price, which must be affordable. It will be 14 euros for lunch and dinner with the skewer, seasonal vegetables and baby potatoes, also a local drink (beer, cider, wine …) and a dessert from Le Baulois patisserie, a chocolate fondant. Until now it was 14 euros in the evening, 11 at noon. A “child” formula of 10 euros is created. If you take your cup for the drink, a discount of 50 øre will be applied. Action for the wallet, but also for the environment and avoid disposable cups.

In “restaurant” mode with the spear plate from 27 June

This Friday, June 3, however, the Canteen will only open for the bar and aperitif boards. At that time, there will be 18 employees. The spears must be discovered starts on June 27th. The workforce will then increase to 35 people “and no worries about recruitment” says the new team, while many professionals in the sector struggle to find seasonal workers. Some customers have previously complained about the slow service – the catering section can accommodate 400 people at the same time – so no more table service, make room for the XXL self-service. “And we are in the canteen spirit”points out Anthony Barraud.

Another change also on the “animations” part. Finish the game of balls. Make room for a place that will host DJs on Friday and Saturday nights. “With music for the general public on Fridays and urban music on Saturdays”details Nicolas Viande, a figure – like his partner Julien Laffeach – from Nantes’ electrical culture. “To attract, you have to renew yourself, come up with new suggestions, but the spirit of the canteen remains there”, assures Jean Blaise. La Colline, a children’s play area, remains in place, as does a corner with table football and the kitchen garden nearby. Olga Barazer, from a family of gardeners, will take care of it and will be there to answer questions from visitors.

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Julien Brétéché, Anthony Barraud, Nicolas Viande and Julien Laffeach, who designed this new version of Cantine du Voyage.
(photo lent by Voyage à Nantes)

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