Laurent Baffie, Jean-Marie Bigard, Chantal Goya … they call for “a State Secretariat for Animal Conditions”

They love beasts, want us to defend them even more and are waiting for a real turn. In an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister, and as we reveal, eighteen personalities; of which a majority of artists call for Élisabeth Borne to introduce an “effective and modern animal policy” by setting up a state secretariat dedicated to the condition of the animals. Among the signatories: singer Chantal Goya, comedians Jean-Marie Bigard and Vincent Lagaf or Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser. In the formation of the new government, these personalities see an “opportunity” to “reconcile with the animal world”.

“This Foreign Minister would be a strong message at the political level, although it will not change things with a wave of a magic wand,” said Me Emmanuel Ludot, who is the reason for this approach. A call born of the observation that despite the “moralization” of the treatment of animals in France, actions in favor of their well-being lack “coherence” at the national level. According to the lawyer from Reims bar, it is about the weight of lobbies and lack of political will. He believes that the law of November 2021 – which aims to combat animal cruelty and strengthen the link between animals and humans – is “inadequate”.

“Integrate, in each bill, a political reflection on the impact this may have on the animal world”

The signatories want animal protection to become a political issue “in its own right”: “It would be proof of great progress, for France, a country with human rights, also to become a country with human rights. Animals,” they write. “It is necessary in every bill to integrate a political reflection on what impact this may have on the animal world,” explains Emmanuel Ludot. The latter assumes its desire to “create controversy” in order to “push the government to position itself”. Even if it means calling on committed and politicized “people”. Among them are Francis Lalanne, leader of a list of Yellow Vests in the European elections, who is running in the parliamentary elections in Charente, and Laurent Baffie, a candidate in the June elections for the Animal Party in Paris.

But this call is intended to be “measured”, so as not to offend the players in livestock farming and gather the largest number. Emmanuel Ludot emphasizes his desire to find a “balance”: “We need slaughterhouses because people still eat meat, but the end of the animals must be worthy”. An observation shared by the flagship singer of “Starmania”, Fabienne Thibeault. She has signed the letter and is also part of the Order of Agricultural Merit, an honorary title awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture: “I have in most cases seen conscious breeders who loved their animals and who wanted their well-being”. According to the singer, a State Secretariat would better “accompany and equip good practice”.

“We need to stay reasonable and offer things that can be done,” adds former TV host Sophie Darel. Anyone who says she “loves animals” has even adopted three abandoned dogs and two cats. “We have made some progress since the law, which states that animals are no longer furniture,” Sophie Darel notes, “but this progress remains slow and painful.” For his part, comedian and actor Raphaël Mezrahi, who is particularly committed to the animal cause, hopes that this mobilization will find a positive resonance: “without a Secretary of State dedicated to the condition of the animals, it is as if a cog was missing”. And to conclude: “Respecting animals is also respect for nature and life”.

Open letter to Madame Élisabeth Borne, Prime Minister of the Republic

“Madam Prime Minister,

We have the honor to intervene against you, convinced that you have an extraordinary opportunity for the next five years to reconcile us with the animal world.

It seems necessary to establish an effective and modern animal policy.

That’s why the signatories listed at the bottom of this letter encourage you to think about setting up a State Secretariat for Animal Conditions.

This would be proof of a great step forward, for France, the country of human rights, to also become the country of animal rights.

In fact, any reform, bill, in any field, must ensure that the above principles in all their aspects are fully respected.

It is therefore a political reflection in the noble sense of the term that is urgently needed, and we appeal to you in that regard.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated. Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Please, Madam Prime Minister, express our deepest concern. “

The petitioners

Raphael Mezrahicomedian and actor; Jean-Jacques standingcomposer-singer; Chantal Goyasinger; Jean Marie Bigardcomedian; Laurent Baffiecomedian; Vincent Lagaf ‘comedian; Mikelangelo Locontesinger; Francis Lalannepoet author – composer – performer; Rene Manzorscreenwriter and author; Emmanuel Laureaueditor; Fabienne Thibeaultsinger – Commander of Agricultural Merit, Ambassador of Threatened Agricultural Breeds and Good Breeding Practices; Sophie Darelperforming artist – TV host; Marc leadsjournalist – author; Newsboysinger; Delphine WespiserMiss France 2012 and TV columnist, Stoneartist; Mario d’Albaartist; Emmanuel Ludot – lawyer at the Reims Court of Appeal.

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