Queen Letizia faces a sandstorm to end her journey to Mauritania

Queen Letizia spent her second and final day visiting Mauritania, where she spent three days there, as part of one of her collaborative missions. Queen Letizia, who had to stand in the sandstorm, could see the work done by the Spanish cooperation in the areas of health, gender equality, rural development and food security.

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An agricultural project in the middle of the Mauritanian desert is named after Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia arrived in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania on 31 May 2022. After a brief meeting with the country’s first lady, her first day of visitation took place in earnest on 1 June. On June 2, the Queen of Spain continues her journey and concludes it with a lunch offered by the First Lady.

On the morning of Thursday 2 June, Queen Letizia visited the “Queen Letizia Agricultural Innovation Project”, near Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. Queen Letizia was welcomed on the spot by Savia Mint N’Tahah, Mauritania’s Minister of Social Work, Children and Family. Queen Letizia unveiled a memorial plaque commemorating her visit to this agricultural center, which now bears her name.

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Visit during a sandstorm

Queen Letizia visited the greenhouse, nurseries and nursery area. Queen Letizia met especially with the people responsible for irrigation and fertilizer. Queen Letizia’s visit took place when a very violent sandstorm had just hit the crops. During the visit, sand still flew in the atmosphere and the queen equipped herself with a mask and goggles to be able to continue the visit.

Queen Letizia continues her visit to the desert, where an agricultural project in her name is being developed despite the sandstorm (Photo: PPE / Thorton / DDP / ABACAPRESS.COM)

The European Union is partly funding this agricultural project in the middle of the desert region of Mauritania, which mainly consists of the development of a drip irrigation system. The Spanish Cooperation has developed the project, whose goal is to have food self-sufficient in vegetables and fruits in this arid zone, located about twenty kilometers from the capital.

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Care-oriented visits to Mauritania

Queen Letizia then went to the emergency center (SAMU). She received explanations about the operation of an ambulance equipped for emergencies and about the main tasks performed by this SAMU service. Queen Letizia visited the center’s facilities and looked past the call center, the training room and the pharmacy.

The day’s third visit took place at the Zayed Center, where she met Mariem Fadel Dah, Mauritania’s first lady. Since the beginning of Queen Letizia’s stay in this country in North West Africa, the wife of President Mohammed Ould Ghazouani has been responsible for accompanying Queen Letizia.

The Queen of Spain and the First Lady of Mauritania began their visit to the Center by showing an explanatory video. They then visited the center’s exhibition. Works by children with autism were exhibited.

At the end of her seventh collaborative journey, Queen Letizia responded to the invitation from the First Lady, who offered her a working lunch. Queen Letizia then took the direction of Nouakchott Airport to return to Spain.

Queen Letizia leads the co-operation trips organized by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). The Spanish cooperation, linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the most important management body oriented towards poverty reduction and sustainable humanitarian development. Queen Letizia leads AECID’s humanitarian travels and is on her seventh journey since the beginning of King Felipe VI’s reign in 2014. AECID has classified Mauritania in the category of “least developed countries”.

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