Animals to be adopted in the spotlight on the show “You are Formidable”

For the past few months, the morning show at France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté has regularly honored SPAs, shelters and animal welfare associations in the region. The opportunity for them to present some of their retirees awaiting adoption.

Since the beginning of March, the program “You are formidable” has broadcast every morning at. 9:05 on France 3 Burgundy-Franche-Comté vote for all those defending the animal cause.

All these structures fight for the well-being of the animals they receive and make sure to find them the most suitable family.
Dogs, cats and other animals are offered for adoption vaccinated, identified and sterilized.

All of these associations are independent and live thanks to donations from generous donors and the involvement of many volunteers.

♥ Valérie Romano, President of the National Animal Defense Confederation, and President of the SPA of Montceau-les-Mines inaugurated this new section with Kiera.

This adorable boxer mix dog was born in 2014. She is waiting for an adoptive family at the SPA refuge in Montceau-les-Mines.

You can help this shelter by making a donation (free amount) or by bringing some supplies they need directly to the shelter. Regular posts about their needs can be seen on their Facebook page.

♥ The little dog Lola came on the set of the show accompanied by Christine Gauthier, event manager at the SPA in Dole and its region.

“Media effect” or not, the dog was adopted shortly after her appearance on the show!
A nice thank you note was sent to the team, happy to have contributed to its adoption.

Other four-legged friends are still waiting to find their adoptive home at the Dole shelter.

♥ Aline Mucky, volunteer at Animalliance, came on set with her dog Malika.

Animalliance is an association that has no structure and only works with host families.

On their side, dogs, cats but also horses and NACS (New Pets) are waiting for their adoptive family. A very complete descriptive sheet for each animal is visible on the spot.

♥ Serge Bornet, president of the SPA in the Creusotine region of Marmagne, joined the morning team with his dog Athéna.
He insists on the importance of the real motivation for future adopters!
As in many other shelters, they have to come to the shelter several times, alone or with their family, their other animals … and fill out a questionnaire to find out the conditions under which the animal will live.
That day, he presents Mia, an adorable young 1-year-old border collie bull terrier-cross, Tod, an 8-year-old fawn and white male shepherd cross, and Urko, a 9-year-old black and white cane corso cross. Dog.

Lucie Delorme, Vice President of Refuge de Jouvence Messigny presents Salsa to us.

This adorable dog-shepherd mix was born in 2014 and looks forward to a foster family for life.
Like Salsa, many of them are waiting for a family to welcome them to the Jouvence Messigny getaway.

We are demanding when we talk about adoption, even if it is not well understood right away. We wish that when the animals leave our homes, they will not return.

Lucie Delorme, Vice President of the Refuge de Jouvence Messigny

Brigitte Boizot, president of Animal Friends’ Shelter in Autun, arrived with Duncan, a 14-year-old jack russell cross, dean of the shelter.

For his adoption, he benefits from the dean’s operation of 30 Millions d’Amis, which undertakes to pay any veterinary costs, up to 600 euros (on presentation of invoices) until the end of his life.
For his age, Duncan remains a very dynamic dog and is in perfect health! It is a very loving and very wise animal, but does not like cats. He deserves to find a lovely family to finally spend a happy retirement!

Other animals are waiting for their new family in the many shelters in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region.

Adopting an animal is a financial and personal obligation which must be insured for the entire life of the latter. QWhatever its nature, it deserves time, attention and love!

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