Punta Mita’s dramatic journey on RHOBH season 7 explained

There have been many vacations gone wrong The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and one of the most dramatic took place during season 7 in Punta Mita, Mexico. Every season of RHOBH presented the women in jets to some of the most beautiful (and most expensive) places in the world, including Hawaii (season 2), Dubai (season 6) and the Bahamas (season 9).

Although every girl’s ride was on real housewives The franchise seems to have gotten off to a good start, with most excursions, especially those on RHOBH—end up with at least two women in some sort of conflict. Lisa Vanderpump left the cast for Puerto Rico at the start of season 4, for example after being out with Kyle Richards, Yolanda Hadid and Brandi Glanville. Erika Jayne lost the temper of Eileen Davidson on another season 7 trip to Hong Kong while the group’s holiday in Italy went sour due to rumors surrounding Brandi and Denise Richards.

While some of the fighting continues RHOBH casting journeys appeared unexpectedly, others, like the women’s trip to Punta Mita, were the result of several dramatic episodes. Lisa Rinna and Kyle had a big quarrel at Punta Mita, which had been building up for a while. Here is a breakdown of the dramatic RHOBH Season 7 tour that stamped Lisa as a liar among fans.

The housewives were in Mexico to celebrate the agency

Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, is a real estate agent who co-founded The Agency in 2011. After many years of success in Beverly Hills, The Agency expanded in 2016 with offices in Los Cabos and Punta Mita. When Kyle and Mauricio held a party to celebrate the performance, they have RHOBH the ladies were invited to join them in Mexico. Before the drama between Lisa and Kyle unfolded, the women had fun with outdoor activities like jet skiing.

Lisa Rinna told Eden Sassoon lies about Kim Richards

Lisa and Kim’s relationship peaked during RHOBH season 5, where the group’s chaotic dinner in Amsterdam sealed the deal of a potential friendship between them. Despite not being a housewife in season 7, Lisa constantly talked about Kim’s sobriety with her co-stars, especially newcomer Eden Sassoon. After Lisa tells Eden that Kim is not sober, “close to death” and it was Kyle “Kim’s facilitator”, Eden spilled the wick for LVP. Of course, the LVP immediately told then-best friend Kyle that Lisa was spreading rumors about Kim. Although Eden was not Kyle’s favorite person, it was clear that hairdresser Vidal Sassoon’s daughter was telling the truth. As it happened just before Lisa joined all the other women in Mexico, the tensions were at a noticeable peak.

Lisa Rinna refused to tell the truth when she was confronted

While Lisa behaved as if everything was fine in Punta Mita, it was not long before Kyle and the LVP confronted her at the agency’s party to spread false information about Kim. Lisa initially denied everything, but luckily for fans, Bravo producers played Lisa and Eden’s conversation, which contained Lisa’s comments verbatim. Backed up in a corner, Lisa refused to take responsibility for her lies, nor did she apologize to Kyle for talking about her sister. Instead, Lisa pulled out of the party and shouted at Eileen that she wanted to go home. Kyle eventually dropped the case for Mauricio’s sake, but the dramatic RHOBH Season 7’s holiday is remembered as one of Lisa’s worst times, especially with all the drama she’s currently involved in. RHOBH season 12.

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