Focus / Tourism: Morocco “much cheaper” than Spain (Media)

Is Morocco cheaper than Spain? The answer is yes – significantly cheaper. Morocco is known for being one of the cheapest and most interesting countries to visit while you are close to Europe when you have a limited budget, according to the Canadian website that specializes in travel “The Travel”.

Both countries, Morocco and Spain, are paradises for travelers and are characterized by stunning architecture and rich cultures. These are two very different destinations. One of the best destinations in Spain is the majestic Mediterranean city of Barcelona, ​​while one of the best destinations in Morocco is the oasis city of Marrakech.

Castillo de Colomares – Spain

Accommodation is cheaper in Morocco

Using hostel prices as benchmark, you can see how much cheaper accommodation is in Morocco than in Spain. In Barcelona, ​​the cheapest dormitory at is between $ 22 and $ 26 per night for the cheapest bed in a shared room.

Marrakech, Morocco

In stark contrast, the cheapest dormitory in the beautiful Moroccan oasis city of Marrakech is $ 4 per person. night plus a fantastic Moroccan breakfast included!

Private rooms in better hotels are also cheaper in Morocco.

Merzouga – Morocco

Everything is cheaper in Morocco

A cheap meal at a restaurant:
Barcelona: $ 12.70
Marrakesh: $ 3.30

A single ticket for public transport:
Barcelona: $ 2.50
Marrakesh: $ 0.40

Rent a one-bedroom apartment in the City Center:
Barcelona: $ 1,030
Marrakesh: $ 390

Cordoba – Spain

Morocco is generally cheaper. When you convert your US dollars to euros in Spain, you will find that the money will pay for the products at the same price as in the US, while in Moroccan dirhams you can afford more things.

Tours are much cheaper in Morocco

Tours are cheap in Morocco. A three-day camel ride in the Moroccan desert, with a hotel room, standard or luxury tent, camels, guide, dinner, breakfast, sandboarding, etc. is offered for from 160 euros (about 175 $) – although prices vary somewhat depending on the season .

Marrakech, Morocco

There is no comparison with Spain as there are no desert camel rides with the Bedouins but to show that Spain would be much more expensive.

In Spain, a night tour of the former Spanish capital Toledo starts at $ 105 per person. This tour is simply a tour of the city at night and then ends with a tasting of local tapas. The tour includes a guide, two stops for tapas with wine or beer, a stop for a marizpan pastry, hams, cheeses and a Spanish omelet.

Toledo – Spain

It does not include full meals, accommodation and it is only 5 hours, while the Moroccan camel ride lasts 3 days / 2 nights (all inclusive).

An exception, alcohol more expensive in Morocco

In general, alcohol is more expensive in Morocco (and much harder to find) than in Spain. All tourist hotels and restaurants in Morocco should serve alcohol, but outside the tourist areas, alcohol can be a little difficult to get hold of.

Alcohol is sold legally in Morocco, but socially it is also frowned upon. So (depending on the city and the area of ​​the city) there may not be many places that sell alcohol.

Moroccan desert

Imported beer (0.33 liters):
Barcelona: $ 6.00
Marrakesh: $ 3.70

In Spain it is very different. It is normal to drink wine during your lunch break on a working day, and alcohol is cheap and sold everywhere. One can buy a bottle of wine in Spain for just a few dollars and as cheap as $ 3, $ 4 or $ 5.

Beer at a café in Spain can be as cheap as 1 euro ($ 1.10) for a beer (250 mm).


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