Third constituency: a down-to-earth campaign

There are graduates that we do not see. The limousine cows will also not really be able to count on Rochelai’s Eric Tomsin, from the animal party, defending them. He has, after his admission, never put his legs in Confolens and does not know the name of the outgoing deputy. When we make sure to take the place, we know the importance of political strategy, but from there to shine by its absence, there are leaflets that get lost, and trees, to print them too. Patrick Curgali, retired from the workers’ struggle, also makes a presence without revealing his batteries. The voter, left unsatisfied, is asked to go to the websites to find out if the heart is telling him.

Sylvie Mocoeur and Francis Lalanne at the Rouillac trade fair.

Photo by Renaud Joubert

“This campaign, it’s true, is bizarreadmits Alexandre Raguet, candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party. Where are the projects and proposals? We are only talking about the smoky deals that have been adopted on the left, the current deputy’s masterful foreheads and Lalanne’s guitar. There is something sick in this breathless democracy. I’m not sure it helps citizens regain confidence in the system. Everything contributes to the game of abstinence, extreme right-wing voting and anger against elected officials. »

The editors advise you


Already now the blow of the good real estate trade of 95 million² for 971 euros a month there was no shortage of salt. The campaign of the 3rde constituency started a month ago, far from Charente. Jérôme Lambert was appointed by the Media Party for the 25 years of enjoyment of Parisian social housing, almost as many years as his mandates. “Nothing illegalhe swears. I’m being sued, it makes no sense. » Illegal, no. It is ethics that is the problem. Enough to ratify the choice to drive him out of PS’s investment within the framework of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). His opposition to the law of marriage for all already cost him a platform in the magazine Têtu. Freewheeling, he forged his brand “Citizens Movement”. Nothing can stop him, and despite his pro Putin and Bashar al-Assad views, he is an ultra-favorite.

There is something sick in this breathless democracy.

Moreover, the presidential majority and Nupes preferred not to get too wet in the face of the tumor. The first with Sylvie Mocoeur, mayor of Moulidars at the end of the district. The other with Marie-Pierre Noël, an unknown socialist from Haute-Vienne, to give birth to a left-wing project in accordance with the wishes of the national agreements. Geoffroy Dudouit, the mayor of Saint-Sulpice-de-Ruffec, has also summoned his comrade to address a local speech: “Water is a big problem in the coming years. » Especially the fear of megabassins, which also worries Alexandre Raguet. Would we have found a subject other than medical desertification, always mocked, never solved?


Another parachute, more voluminous, obscures the debates a little more. Francis Lalanne, ponytail and leather boots, antivax, anti-mask, anti-everything, fits his big shoes: “I come to suggest Charentais to experiment with a political laboratory where all citizens will be invited to express themselves in the ballot box on the topics they consider should be brought before the Assembly.” Here’s one if he wants to: 14.8% of the population in the constituency has a standard of living below the poverty line.

Politics abhors a vacuum so that the seats are filled. Laurent Fouillet, Commercial Director of Cristaline water smells the right pace: “The reins of power must be left to a business leader. » The boss looks at the Bourbon Palace. The weeks follow each other and are similar to each other, with their share of quirks.

Zemmourian Aurore de Clisson, who was thought to be Cognac, pulls from Ruffec to Confolens to try to make a name for himself in the Reconquest box. Sandrine Baruch is finding a place for herself in the central niche. Nathalie Alloncle comes to remind us that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s party still exists. There is only National Rally for, this time, not making waves. Caroline Colombier, his candidate, knows there is a battle to be had: “Circo voted overwhelmingly for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election [en tête au second tour avec 31,1 %, NDLR] , the tide turns, we can do it. » To date, on the ground, it is ultimately the most serious candidate against Lambert when his bunch, do not have fun contradicting line with the command. Marceau Rappasse, a time tipped to represent the RN banner, finally says he is in favor of recruiting foreign doctors, a campaign argument far from being Marine-compatible.

The 3rd plague of Circo or Egypt? One suggestion emerges, however, and it is rare to be underlined. Pierre-Henri Guignard (LR) seems to be acting on how urgent it is to act together. This is the meaning of the letter he sent to all the mayors of the area last week: “By election, I would like to invite companies, trade unions, associations, local elected representatives, academics and researchers to meet with the press to identify priorities, define initiatives and the timetable for joint actions. » ONE “Charter Pact Conference”, which meet twice a year. A beautiful promise. Still must be held before appealing to the Council of State. The Court of Auditors really criticizes the diplomat for not having organized tenders and competition for certain services when he organized Cop 21 in 2015. Good pots, good food.

The territory in numbers

While the candidates are still defining their political lines, the department’s third constituency is a place where there is still a lot to do. Landmarks.
> The constituency has 118,909 inhabitants. Half of them are over 49 years old and only 43.7% of the population say they have a job or are looking for one.
> Workers are the most numerous (30%), farmers are less than 5%.
> 12.2% of homes are empty, compared to 8.2% in France.
> 14.8% of the population has a standard of living below the poverty line. 31.8% are considered modest. The proportion of people under 30 and those aged 30 to 39 years are the categories most affected by the phenomenon.

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