The female U15 players of the football club L’Aigle have been crowned champions of Orne

FCPA U15 Women’s Team © DR

Women’s Orne U15 Cup

On Sunday, the women’s Orne cup finals took place in Domfront. On the beautiful Domfront lawn, six U15 women’s teams competed in the morning. Les Aiglonnes, coached by Laila Afif and Franck Pezot, played five high-intensity matches.

The first match against American Alençon is tough. Aiglonnes is still 0-0 and wins on penalty kick. They then linked victories against La Ferrière (4-1), Athis (2-1) and Magny-le-Désert (3-1).

At 15.30, for their last match, the yellow and blue FC Argentan met for what could be compared to a final. The Aiglonnes, irresistible this Sunday, dominate their opponents. They win the match 3-1 and win the title as Orne champions.

Laila Afif says she is “very proud of the girls who produced beautiful games, with a beautiful spirit and above all a deep respect for the group and the management. They are attentive and on top. Congratulations to Aiglonnes and congratulations to Laila and Franck for this great piece of work with the women this year.

Orne Cup U15, quarter final: FCPA – US Mortagne 2-2 (penalty 4-3)

This Saturday afternoon, the U15s hosted US Mortagne for the quarterfinals of the Orne Cup and with the honor of playing on the legendary lawn at Foisy Stadium. The Aiglons start the match fearfully, and Mortagnais takes advantage of it immediately by scoring the first goal of the match. This conceded goal awakens Hugo Martin’s teammates, and it is on a very long shot from Anthony that Aiglons manages to equalize in 15 ′. A goal that strangely enough reminds me of his coach, Adrien Bunel, during the R2 promotion match a few weeks ago. This equalizer is deserved, but Aiglon’s play deteriorates due to poor choice of passes or lack of understanding, and finally Mortagne scores another goal just before the break.

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After a few adjustments from the coaches and a change of equipment during the break, the Aiglons started with a bang and equalized as soon as the second half was resumed through Lukas Colombel with a superb strike from twenty meters. The second period was a real treat for the Aiglons, who laid the game, won the duels and were combative in the good sense of the word. The yellow and blue create a lot of chances, but without success. Mortagne has a couple of chances on the counter-attack, but Alexis Vazeux and the Aiglon defense were unmanageable in this second half. A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Thomas Piffret slip through on goal. He didn’t have to break his stride, and slipped the ball past the keeper to make it 2-2.

The penalty shootout is in favor of the Aiglons, despite a shot repelled from the post, it is a great Alexis Vazeux who stops two mortagnais attempts and lets his teammates qualify for the semi-finals. A big congratulations to all the players for this fantastic match, a big thank you to Eric Bienvenu for the referee on the sidelines and to all those present today. Congratulations on the birthday of Thomas Piffret and congratulations to Alexis on these two penalty kicks.

U18, R2: FCPA – FC Evreux 1-6

In this last match and like the season, the men from Mehdi Afif and Loïc Buisson delivered a good performance against the U18s in FC Evreux, which in training is the best at regional level. Brave and determined Aiglons who especially in the first half gave a hard time to the second of R2 who came to Foisy with a fantastic team. Two of them played against PSG a few weeks ago on the same lawn. But courage and contempt were not enough. After a start in favor of Evreux, Maxence Marie equalized from the penalty spot. The Aigleans then had good opportunities, especially through Noah Goncalves, who was very restless on his left side, but the visitors took the lead before the break, confirming their superiority in play and percussion.

Second period is unbalanced, Ebroïciens adds four new goals. The U18s end their R2 championship with an honorable record (six wins, seven draws and twelve defeats) and above all, they have never failed or given up. All the players have moved on to big teams and bigger regional clubs. Congratulations on your trip.

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