A general practitioner, employed at the hospital in Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme), has been consulting since the beginning of June

On the ground floor of the former maternity hospital in Ambert, Dr. Alexandre Chuffart’s small office taking shape. The boxes are unpacked, the human skeleton is placed near the examination table, and the stethoscope is ready for use.

Since June 1, the general practitioner has started his consultations just like a traditional attending physician. But with one detail: he is not liberal, but well paid by the hospital center in Ambert. It is this choice of life and status that Alexandre Chuffart wanted.

Request for shared positions, recruitment assistance … Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital supports Ambert Hospital (Puy-de-Dôme)

Consultations for residents and in nursing homes

For him, it is first and foremost a return to Livradois-Forez. It is already well known by the inhabitants of the Amber Basin. After his internship in Clermont-Ferrand, the now 40-year-old doctor practiced for five years in Olliergues, then for two years in Vertolaye until 2020, “before traveling to Oise for personal reasons”, he states. There he experienced this new way of working, in a public hospital. “I was a general practitioner, but employed at the hospital. I would like to return to the territory, but as an employee, ”he explains. Dr. Chuffart practices in the former premises of the maternity hospital in Ambert.

If he was wondering about the interest in becoming a member of the ward’s health center, set up by the ward council in Puy-de-Dôme in 2021, and which also offers salaries to doctors in areas facing the medical desert, he preferred to knock on the door to hospital in Ambert, who approved his project. From now on, 60% of his working time is set aside for general consultation, by appointment only.

I consult Monday all day, and in the morning from Tuesday to Friday, as well as one Saturday morning a month

He specifies to follow the patients “from baby from the maternity ward to the elderly and I also do sports medicine”. Four seats are open for emergencies every day. The rest of the time, on weekday afternoons, Alexandre Chuffart will dedicate her time to caring for residents at the Vimal-Chabrier nursing home, which is managed by the Ambert Hospital Center.

Focus on medical

With the salary, the doctor especially wanted to “get rid of the paperwork and management, which took up 40% of my working time”.

There is 90% of my time dedicated to medicine, I no longer have any administrative burden or financial relationship with my patient.

According to him, the salary of doctors is the future of the profession, “the liberal model creates medical deserts, it is dead, we have to invent something else”, confirms Alexandre Chuffart.

The health staff also points to the patient’s interest in being in the immediate vicinity of the hospital: “The technical platform is next door, we are surrounded by specialists if we have to call … And I appreciate doing a minor operation if I need to do technical care, I can quickly upgrade. »

Livradois-Forez remains a medical desert

The GP, however, makes it a matter of honor not to be “a competitor but a supplement” of the other GPs who practice as liberals in Ambert, and in particular with the upcoming multidisciplinary health center.

Faced with the medical desert, the village of Olliergues (Puy-de-Dôme) wants to hire two doctors

This resettlement in the territory is good news for many Ambertois, who no longer had a doctor due to lack of general practitioners. Although the trail is still long to get out of the medical desert, Livradois-Forez has been classified entirely as a priority intervention zone for general medicine by the regional health agency since January.

Practice. For appointments contact Slots on Doctolib may open in the coming weeks.

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