How to choose an anti-freezer bowl for your dog?

The antifreeze bowl is a specific bowl model, which aims to slow down the dog’s ingestion rate. It makes it possible to lower the food intake of voracious dogs and obliges them to bypass obstacles or open different spaces to feed themselves. There are several types of anti glutton bowls available and it is not always easy to choose the right model. Let’s go around the issue in this file.

Anti-gluton dish: what principle?

As the name suggests, an anti glutton dish has the principle of slowing down the rate at which the dog ingests its food. It is equipped with specific elements which, placed in the middle of the bowl, will act as an obstacle and make it harder for the doggie to access food. The dog is thus prevented from swallowing his meal quickly by large bites, which facilitates digestion and avoids possible disorders. In addition, he is intellectually stimulated as he is forced to think of a way to access food.

There are several varieties of anti-glutton bowls that have different levels of complexity.

  • Standard anti glutton bowl : this ceramic, stainless steel or silicone bowl consists of obstacles located in the center or on the inside edges of the bowl. It can be a relief bone, a spiral, buds, etc.
  • The antifreeze bowl on a tray : this bowl-shaped bowl has rounded rivets all over the surface to make it harder to reach the croquettes or bog. Also called candy mat, this type of non-slip bowl is very interesting for the animal that regularly consumes moss.
  • The anti-freeze slice bowl : this device in the form of a slice pierced with holes is placed on the dog’s classic bowl to slow down the rate of its food intake.
  • The legendary anti gluttons toast : this type of bowl is more like a play. It has several compartments that the animal must open to access the food stored there. In addition to slowing down the dog, it stimulates him intellectually by making him think about food.

Anti freezer bowl: for which dog?

The antifreeze bowl is not interesting for all dogs. Above all, it is intended for doggies who tend to swallow their ration in large chunks, without chewing too much and too fast. However, dogs that eat so fast often suffer from digestive disorders and are at risk of going the wrong way.

It is a good idea to invest in an anti-gluton bowl for dogs that eat too fast to almost suffocate, that easily get their food up after the meal, or that swallow air and then suffer from bloating, gas, even them, who are exposed. to the risk of stomach upset, a real danger of being treated in an immediate emergency.

Why can the dog become a glutton?

Many dogs consume their ration in less than three minutes. This phenomenon should not be overlooked because of the risks it poses to their health, which is why the anti-glutton dish can be an interesting solution.

This need to eat so quickly can be explained by several reasons. It is possible that the dog suffered from malnutrition or malnutrition when it was very young, for example that it was forced to fight to breastfeed its mother or to gain access to a bowl, or that it has not been able to to receive feed adapted to his needs and of sufficient quality.

The dog may also develop a fear of missing something, forcing him to consume his ration as a precautionary measure. But there are also greedy doggies who tend to eat too fast.

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian or a dog behavioral expert to identify the cause of this disorder and establish appropriate support.

Keep in mind that eating too fast can have serious consequences that should not be overlooked, especially:

  • digestive disorders (bloating, flatulence, vomiting, stomach irritation, etc.);
  • the risk of going the wrong way, which can lead to the dog suffocating;
  • gastrointestinal dilatation syndrome, a serious condition that requires immediate veterinary consultation and prompt surgery to prevent the death of the animal, which can occur within a few hours without adequate care.

How to choose an anti-freezer bowl for your dog?

We have seen that there are different models of anti-boys dog bowls. In order to choose the right one for your little companion, it is important to consider certain criteria.

The size

It is important that the size of the anti-freezer bowl is well adapted to your dog. You must pay particular attention to the space between the obstacles or between the obstacle and the inside edge of the bowl.

In fact, if your doggie is too small for it, the obstacles will be too far apart and his little muzzle will easily sneak around. The antifreeze bowl will therefore be of no use as it will not be able to slow down its food intake. Conversely, a dog that is too large for its bowl will not be able to use it. The goal is not to prevent him from eating, but to slow down his food intake.

It should also be noted that your dog’s feed ration must of course fit perfectly in the anti-boys bowl. It must therefore be the right size.

The material

You will find anti-foam bowls in plastic, ceramic, glass, stainless steel or silicone. We do not recommend choosing plastic, a material that retains bad smells and bacteria.

Select a material, ie easy to clean due to the obstacles it contains (these must not retain leftover food), or even as ideally dishwasher safe. In fact, be aware of obstacles that can interfere with washing. There are models where these elements are removable to facilitate cleaning.


It goes without saying that the bowl should be heavy and stable enough to prevent your dog from tipping it over with a kick or snout. It is not a question of encouraging him to empty his contents on the ground, but of slowing down his food intake and / or intellectually stimulating him in the pursuit of solutions to eating.

If possible, choose a heavy-duty anti-gluton bowl with a non-slip device.

Where to buy an anti glutton bowl for your dog? At what price?

You can buy your dog’s anti-boys bowl at a pet store or online.

Depending on the size, material and design of the chosen model, you will need a budget of between 10 euros for a simple bowl and up to 40 euros for a sophisticated bowl.

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