Rejective spray: which one to buy?

Do pigeons have a habit of defecating on your windows? Tired of dogs peeing against your gate? Choose a repellent spray now. Radical and non-toxic to animals and the environment, this solution will change your life.

Between the dog spray and the pigeon spray, there is something for everyone. Simply spray a few jets of the product on the area that the animals are targeting. Some dogs like to pee in certain places, whether it is for comfort or to mark their territory. The repellent spray is usually made with natural ingredients, and gently discourages the animal from doing it again. This product leaves no unpleasant odor for humans. Does your little cocker spaniel keep raising its paw against your favorite chair? You love your hairball, but it’s still painful! Fortunately, you now know that there is a solution to this annoying problem. Now browse the selection of rejection sprays for dogs that we have selected for you. Your dog will quickly change his habits!


  1. The most natural
  2. The most effective
  3. The most practical
  4. The most odorless

M’Ma Pets deterrent spray, non-irritating

This spray is intended to repel dogs and cats that have a habit of marking urine in the wrong place. You can use it both inside the house and outside. Non-alcoholic, this product does not contain parabens, dyes or propellants. Ready to use, this repellent spray is packaged in a 500 ml bottle. To use it properly, first clean the area, then spray the product at a distance of approx. 20 cm. Repeat the process every day for a week, then every other day.

RepellShield rodent spray with citronella oil

This rodent repellent product is completely natural and vegan. It is prepared with ingredients of natural origin, such as lemongrass oil and thyme oil, and leaves a pleasant vegetable scent. Completely harmless to humans, as well as to the environment and to animals, this spray can be sprayed outside but also inside (eg garage or ceiling). Since the bottle has a spray system, it is easy to direct the jet of product into small spaces that are difficult to access. This anti-rodent solution is made in Germany.

Tecno Prodist Tecnostop Pipican repellent spray, for indoor and outdoor use

This product effectively repels dogs and cats that have a habit of peeing in a certain place, whether it is a wall, a gate, the wheels of a car or even the feet of a sofa. It can actually be used in a house as well as in the garden and on the street. Before application, clean the surface with water and then spray the solution while staying about twenty inches away. Be careful not to put it on the plants! You can repeat the operation every day.

PetSafe spray for dogs and cats with motion sensor

This repellent system includes a motion detector that operates via infrared. When a dog is less than a meter away, it emits a spray of product that is non-toxic to the animal and to the environment. Each bottle can produce between 80 and 100 sprays, and the motion sensor works with four AAA batteries (these are not included in the package). The ideal is to place this deterrent spray next to the trash can or flower pots that the cat likes to scratch.

Why use a repellent spray?

The repellent spray is an easy solution to put in place and very effective at repelling certain animals. You can use it to deter your dog from peeing along the garden wall or to deter your cat from digging in flower beds. There are also repellent sprays to get rid of overly intrusive pigeons or to ward off the family of rodents that live in your attic.

Generally made from natural ingredients, this type of spray is not harmful at all, neither to the environment, animals nor humans.

In addition, the repellent spray does not disperse any bad odor to us. It is only uncomfortable for the animals as the goal is to keep them away! Of course, this system has no bearing on their health.

With a repellent spray you can repel cats, rodents or even pigeons gently without harming them.

How does a repellent spray work?

To use a repellent spray, simply aim the nozzle at the area to be protected and then press the button. The bottle then sends a jet of product in the indicated direction. Before application, clean the area to which you want to propel the solution.

It is the odor that then impregnates the area in question that repels the animal. For example, some solutions contain citrus, an odor that cats especially do not like. The repellent spray guarantees several days of effectiveness.

Caution: Do not push the product into the eyes of an animal or human. This can cause severe irritation!

If you have selected a repellent spray with motion detector, it will be triggered as soon as the animal passes by. On your part, you should therefore simply check the batteries from time to time, as well as the amount of fluid remaining.

What are the different types of repellent sprays?

There are repellent sprays to repel dogs, cats, rodents and various types of animals. The composition of the product therefore varies according to its destination.

The main difference between the different types of spray is found in the ingredients used for the preparation. There are both chemical repellent sprays and natural repellent sprays. It is up to you to test both types of products to find out which one is most effective on that animal.

Generally, no matter what type of spray you choose, you can use it inside the house as well as outside. However, make sure that the manufacturer has not indicated any contraindications on the packaging.

You can also make your own repellent spray. For example, mix 500 ml of water with a few drops of essential lemon oil to keep cats away. As for rodents, they do not like the smell of bay leaves, sage and mint at all. You can therefore loosen them by placing a few fresh leaves in strategic places.

What are the benefits of repellent sprays?

Rejection spray offers many benefits. First of all, they are small bottles, easy to hold and use. Plus, you can use it with one hand! It is very convenient if you use your other hand to prevent your dog from toppling over in the trash.

In addition, the repellent spray does not damage the surface on which it is sprayed. You can safely use it to protect the back of your favorite chair.

In addition, this type of spray is not very expensive. It is an economical solution to gently change your pet’s habits. Change your life at a low price! Each bottle guarantees several dozen deterrent sprays. So you can use them for several weeks.

Finally, repellent sprays are available in many compositions! No matter which animal you want to keep away, you will therefore easily find the ideal spray for it.

How often can repellent spray be used?

You can use the repellent spray every day without posing a danger to the animal. In order to ensure optimal efficiency, it is actually advisable to apply the product daily on the area in question. This way, the scent stays strong every day. Even if you have a patient dog waiting for her to say no, he will still be bored!

Of course, as soon as your pet understands that it should not go there, you no longer need to use the spray. If you use it every day in the beginning, the frequency of use will quickly decrease!

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