Here are the concerns of Algerians abroad

Algerians living abroad are constantly shouting that they are tired because of the many obstacles they face in finding the country, especially during the summer season. Concerns that many members of the APN each time try to convey to the public authorities, through questions addressed to the government, but also through interventions via media and social networks.

Since the partial reopening of air and sea borders in 2021, after two years of closures due to the health crisis, many Algerians abroad, especially those living in France, have only one project: to buy a ticket plane or a boat to Algeria to spend a few days there with the family. A project that is unfortunately inaccessible to many Algerians abroad for various reasons.

First and foremost, a reduced supply of air and sea services to and from Algeria. A situation that has created high demand, which has resulted in a sharp rise in ticket prices, especially with aircraft. An increase in prices that Algerians abroad constantly condemn, especially when comparing the prices displayed by foreign companies serving Algeria with those practiced in neighboring countries, Tunisia and Morocco.

With the announcement by the Ministry of Transport of a new program for flights and maritime services, in anticipation of the summer season, many Algerians living abroad did not hide their joy. For them, this new program will finally live up to their expectations for their travels to Algeria this summer. But their joy was short-lived when they discovered that the supply of aircraft and services, especially to and from France, is far from their hopes.

“Return to the program for flights and maritime services before the pandemic”

Due to the insufficient number of flights planned for the summer departing from France to Algeria, Algerians established in France have also encountered the insufficient number of maritime scheduled flights from Marseille to the four Algerian ports; namely Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Skikda. Even worse, since the opening of the reservations, the Algerians established in France have experienced an endless ordeal to afford a hypothetical ticket with the company Algérie Ferries due to the limited number of seats put up for sale.

Faced with this situation, several voices, especially among emigration deputies, have called for a total reopening of borders and a strengthening of air and sea services to Algeria. In an interview given on May 25 to the Echourouk News channel, MP Tawfik Khedim confirmed “the need to return to the program of flights and maritime services before the Covid-19 pandemic”. The deputy also called on the government to “intervene to reduce the crazy prices of tickets and protect the Algerian community from the greed of these companies”.

“Rental of aircraft and boats” to meet the strong demand from Algerians abroad

While challenging the public authorities regarding the need to “strengthen” the program for flights and maritime services, the APN representative also proposed “rental of aircraft and boats” to meet the high demand from Algerians abroad this summer season. Tawfik Khedim also asked officials in charge of the transport sector “to deal with reservation problems remotely to avoid corruption and degrading images of queues at agencies”.

For his part, MP Abdelouahab Yagoubi in a statement published on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, summed up on his Facebook page what he describes as “urgent concerns for the national community abroad and what it expects of the government abroad.” He first calls for “immediate opening of online ticket sales” for the new program and for “applying the highest-level price revision measures”.

“Strengthen maritime services from Spain and reopen borders with Tunisia”

The deputy also asked for “programming of flights to airports still closed inside and for those not served outside” and “opening of shipping companies from Spain”. For Abdelouahab Yagoubi, this will make it possible to “meet the expectations of hundreds of thousands of Algerians living in southwestern France, most of whom are from western Algeria and used to enter the country of Spain”. Furthermore, he made a point to clarify that the number of services to Algeria was 50% from Marseille and 50% from Spain before the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his communication to the public authorities, the same deputy calls for a “real opening of the maritime and air transport market”, he also called for the reopening of the land borders between Algeria and Tunisia by inducing “the right constitution for the free” Movement of Persons ”. A claim repeatedly expressed by the citizens of the two neighboring countries, especially with the improvement of the health situation.

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