Moroccan Sahara: Polisario Fools

LThe Algiers doll still can not stand the normalization of the relationship between Rabat and Madrid. For Polisario, the pill is hard to swallow. Especially since Spain has departed from its legendary neutrality to embrace a historical truth: the Moroccan character of the Sahara.

This was confirmed in the joint statement during the official visit to the Kingdom on Thursday, April 7, by Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government. The Iberian land “recognizes the importance of the Sahara issue for Morocco as well as Morocco’s serious and credible efforts within the framework of the UN to find a mutually acceptable solution. As such, Spain considers the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative presented in 2007 to be the most serious, realistic and credible basis for resolving this dispute ”. This great turn in Spanish foreign policy gave him genuine enmity within the Polisario.

Between intimidation and threats, the separatists do not spare words to stigmatize the Spanish government, accused of “treason”. Last week, in an interview with the Spanish television channel Telecinco, the head of the polisario, Brahim Ghali, threatened in barely veiled remarks, Spain to “get him to pay the bill” for his political engagement with Morocco. No wonder he’s in line with his puppet master. In fact, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune stepped up to the plate very early to qualify as“morally and historically unacceptable” Spain’s sovereign decision to support Morocco’s autonomy plan. “We have very strong ties to the Spanish state, but the head of government (Pedro Sanchez, editor’s note) broke everything.”, he added, not without recalling his ambassador to Spain. This verbal escalation comes against the background of economic tensions, where Algiers, among other things, use gas as a means of pressure on Spain, even extortion.

Moreover, in early May and in order to get Madrid to pay for its political relations with Rabat, Algiers decided to reduce the amount of gas it supplied to it by 25%. But to reduce its dependence on Algerian gas, Spain is turning more to the United States. Last February, and for the second month in a row, purchases of this raw material in the United States exceeded purchases in Algeria, which was the main supplier until the end of 2021.

According to Enagás, the leader of the Spanish gas system, Spain purchased 12,472 gigawatt hours (GWh) of natural gas from the United States, against 8,801 from Algeria. The weight of natural gas of American origin thus accounted for 32.9% of total Spanish imports, while Algeria came in second place with 23.2%.

Terror threat

For Algiers and Polisario, the problem is not really Spain. Their occupation is rather Morocco. This Morocco, which is under development and modernization. This Morocco has become the privileged interlocutor of the West and the Middle East. This Morocco, working tirelessly for the stability and security of the region, carrying the sanctity of its territorial integrity over its shoulder. This Morocco, which is reaping diplomatic success: On Thursday 26 May, the Republic of Suriname opened a Consulate General in Dakhla, marking its firm support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara and its territorial integrity, bringing the number of consulates open to 25 in the southern provinces ( 13 in Dakhla and 12 in Laayoune).

And it is all this that is disturbing, to the point that the enemies of the Kingdom demand that it be destabilized by committing acts of terrorism there. Last week, the so-called leader of the Polisario armed militias, Mohamed El Ouali Akik, called for “command operations” inside the kingdom, Spanish media reports.

“The war will spread to the cities (…) Dakhla, Laâyoune, Smara and Boujdour with command operations against Moroccan targets”, confirmed especially Akik, quoted by La Razón. This is not the first time that Polisario has encouraged operations on Moroccan soil. Last November, this unit and former soldiers close to the Algerian regime asked the separatists to carry out terrorist attacks on national territory in order to sow “disorder and terror in Moroccan society”.

A call that followed threats of war from Tebboune, who had accused Morocco of having “killed three Algerian nationals in a bombing raid”, promise it “Their murder will not go unpunished.” It is clear that the Algerian authorities and the Polisario want everything except peace. But the plan of the little doggie and his master is known: through unhealthy maneuvers to maintain the status quo surrounding the artificial conflict in the Moroccan Sahara in order to give themselves legitimacy and to exercise their power to continue to benefit from unnecessary privileges. Unfortunately, power is deteriorating. Makes crazy. In Algiers and in Tindouf’s camps, it is the madmen who have the power.

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