the 4 benefits of traveling for your health

Man has at all times needed to travel. This need to escape is one of the keys to well-being. Getting out of your usual surroundings and discovering new countries is not lacking in interest in health.

One of the main benefits of traveling is the fact allow a break from everyday life. Break the routine. Above all, it is about giving yourself the necessary break take a step back and perform activities that are not necessarily part of our daily lives : cultural visits, leisure, shopping, discovering unusual places, new encounters … This break is necessary for everyone, regardless of age. When the rhythm of everyday life is intense and there are many limitations (professional responsibility, family life, children, etc.), it is important to slow down, to let go. “I advise my patients to disconnect completely. You should preferably leave without your professional laptop, avoid looking at your smartphone several times a day. It is common to check professional emails during the holidays. Gold this does not allow for real relaxation Says Camille Rochet, a psychologist at Chesnay-Rocquencourt.

During our vacations, where we are completely cut off from our daily lives, the mind can calm down. Researchers also agree: Holidays reduce stress and anxiety. They also help reduce depressive disorders. For such an effect, there is no reason to go far. ” It is necessary go with the people you love to find them in new surroundings and share unusual moments. Couples should leave without their children from time to time “, Notes Camille Rochet. In fact, fatigue is not uncommon, especially among parents of young children. Going on holiday for two allows you to regain your breath and the energy you need to juggle family, social and work life. It is also an opportunity to open your mind to new horizons.

Develop creativity

Wherever you are, vacations can be a great way to try out new activities, discover unusual “spots” or even talk to people you don’t see in life.

Let your imagination run free

Integrating news, whatever it may be, also helps to make room for dreams, for developing creativity. “ The holiday should give our brain free rein to the imagination. In our daily lives we are often preoccupied with the same topics: academic limitations, children’s schooling, administration … But our brain needs to escape. This helps us to not just live from day to day, to project ourselves into the future, ”says Camille Rochet. Sometimes it is enough to admire a beautiful landscape to find new ideas or solutions to problems that we thought were unsolvable.

Think about our needs

Getting out of everyday shackles at the time of a journey is one good way of thinking about yourself, not forgetting yourself.

Find or intensify your intimate life

“Taking a break gives time to it reflect on our deepest needs and desires. And no, only to our obligations and limitations, ”Camille Rochet recalls. For couples, vacations can also be a great opportunity to regain or intensify listening and communication. Holidays should be about personal health, but also about the couple’s health. When parents are well, children also feel deep well-being says Camille Rochet. The change of horizon also helps to better find the beloved, to promote intimate life. Holidays provide relaxation in favor of maintaining or resuming sexuality in the couple. In fact, the hectic pace of everyday life and the fatigue that sometimes accumulates over several months can constitute a n libido bremse “, Notes Camille Rochet. However, the couple’s health also depends on one fulfillment of sexuality. In addition, the holiday can be a good time to change his behavior and his lifestyle as a whole.

Adopt a better lifestyle

Taking a trip gives you the opportunity to stay active in other settings than everyday life.

Be less sedentary

Discovering a new destination actually encourages do physical activity. Visits, walks or simple walks: the effect is the same. This allows us to move, not to remain sedentary, sitting all day behind his computer.

Traveling is also the perfect opportunity to discover new sports or perform a fun physical activity, alone or with the family. On holiday, sleep is often of better quality: we have all the time we need to sleep and relax. Stress is reduced. Lifting the limitations of everyday life can also make you want to take the time to cook. This precious break can therefore be an opportunity to adopt a better lifestyle, in the medium and long term.

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