How do you care for your dog?

Caring for a dog is one of the most important cares for your pet’s well-being. These are breeds with long, medium or short hair. Discover the advice of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Nathalie Bourgeois, master of care installed in Val-de-Marne, teaches us the basic movements of maintain the coat of our little comrades.

Nathalie Bourgeois achieved the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in animal care in 2015. The special

Step 1: Filtration

Today’s client, Mia, a female Bichon havaneser, willingly indulges in our session. Nathalie Bourgeois, our expert, begins by untying her hair.

Before brushing, she sprays a filtration spray 20 cm from the animal, starting with the back. This product facilitates the sliding of the brush and prevents breakage of the hair. For brushing, she uses a card. The important thing is to separate the hair so that you can always see the dog’s skin, to brush well from the root. Otherwise, brushing would be only superficial and all the knots would remain in the hairs.

Send the card from top to bottom. After the back, brush one side of the animal and then the other. Once you have got rid of the filters, finish the filtering with a long, wide tooth comb. Continue in the same way as with the chard, starting at the root, from the skin. Repeat the operation on the legs and the rest of the body: first the spray, then the card and finally the comb. A good filtration before the bath avoids tightening the knots on a wet hair.

Step 2: the bathroom

First, moisten the hair well. To prevent it from remaining dry underneath, apply the spray directly to the skin. Use the end of the shower hose without the head for a more powerful jet.

Place a non-slip mat in the bottom of the box so that the dog does not get out of balance when you lift one of its paws to clean between the pads. Foam the shampoo well. Do not forget the whiskers, the inside of the ears and the corners of the eyes.

Finish with your head and rinse it first, taking care that shampoo does not get into your eye. Keep the dog by the goatee so that it does not try to run away. Do not hesitate to open his eyelids to remove the residue. Rinse the body by applying the beam to the base of the hairs, to the skin. Sponge as much water as possible with a towel.

Step: 3 brushing

Drying is important, even on short-haired breeds, to avoid wet dog odor. To avoid burning the animal, be very careful and set your hair dryer on medium heat.

When drying, separate the brushes to dry them at the bottom. When the root is dry, so is the tip of the hair. Brush while drying, always keep the dog in the hairs under the chin.

To clear Mia’s eyes, Nathalie Bourgeois separates the curls that fall on her eyes with a long comb. She ties them with two small elastics and makes sure pigtails do not pull at the dog’s eyelids, otherwise she would try to remove them. The hairdresser makes the final comb, which slides over the soft, silky-soft coat by itself.

After this session, Mia seems happy with her new look. No need to suffer to be beautiful when the coat is maintained regularly.

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