Twenty-one good addresses to prepare for your bike ride – Isabelle and the bike

A trip is being prepared.🚍 Preparing for it will save you from the worries of the first days and will help you to fully enjoy your freedom. 🕯 A selection of help, agencies, guides, pages … 🚲 ⛺️ 🚉 to dare to go.

Here are a few ideas, without the slightest claim to be exhaustive.

  • Travel agencies
  • Service bureaus
  • Printed manuals
  • Websites
  • Association trips
  • Books

Travel agencies

Traditional organized travel agencies

Hiking area
France and neighboring Europe
Headquartered in Haguenau.

The green bike
France and near Europe, by bike or by bike and boat.
Headquarters in Arçais (79)

Travel to Decatlon
Multisport, fairly short courses, quite sporty enough. Works as packages, as a travel agency with a showcase in the city

Roll & Travel
I Swiss. Rental of bicycles and camping equipment as well as the organization of guided tours. To note travel initiation stays for women.

A la carte travel agencies

Great angle
Guided or self-guided tours with assistance, France and Europe
Headquartered in Vercors

Escape by bike
A la carte circuit on a pre-established canvas. Everything is possible, even the rental of equipment and the following vehicle. 8 regions in France, Sicily and the fools.

Regional agencies

Gourmet Getaway
Burgundy. Delivery of bicycles.

Original bike ride
Sydvendée and Marais Poitevin. Guided and commented bike and boat tours in the southern Vendée and Marais Poitevin around local producers and remarkable heritage. Primarily during the day, some weekends. Bicycle rental.
Headquartered in Maille, Maine-et-Loire.

Bike rides Vosgeserne
Transport of luggage on assisted cargo bike, trips with camping stops, family trips, day-to-day trips.

Service bureaus

Light bike
Delivery of camping equipment in partner reception areas.
Based on a smartphone application and aims to support the cyclist by letting him travel less loaded. Last summer, they tested their concept on a part of Véloscénie. So this year you can test them from Chartres to Mont-Saint-Michel. Start by testing their site, I had a hard time … Good advice, start by registering.

Bicycle rental on major cycle routes and decision-making aids. Highlighted here: Paulette, a bike rental service targeted at cycling vacations

Printed manuals

As the market is now well identified, the two pioneers, Chamina and Ouest-France, face competition from newcomers, which is not always recommended. If you are hesitant with the same route, my advice is to buy the latest among the experienced editions. To find them, take the keyword Guide or a place name.
About the editorial staffmy manual:

  • I talk about it with enthusiasm -> no more to say 🥰
  • I talk about it by criticizing it -> they can improve, but wait a few years 😉
  • I’m not talking about it, or more -> mistrust, to flee. 😡

Western France
The publisher is releasing two new releases and two expanded versions in the spring of 2022:
Canal des deux mers by bike
Vélomaritime from Roscoff to Dunkirk. Published in April. The maps seemed to me too sketchy to serve, replaced by lots of text outlining the route. Some biases surprised me, such as the dead end deliberately made on the bridge between Honfleur and Le Havre, and the order to take the bus without further formalities … The choice to provide only marked accommodation addresses also limits the level of intelligence too much. In short, definitely a beautiful bike route, probably an inadequate guide.
From Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel via Véloscénie

Four redesigns are also planned:
The new atlas of the most beautiful green roads and cycle routes in the great west
Tour of Burgundy by bike along greenways
Canal du Midi by bike – From Toulouse to Etang de Thau
Tour of Britain by bike. First edition in 2021, presented here: Brittany around in a month. I really enjoyed this guide.

The Chamina guides are well established, they provide the essentials faithfully, clean maps, detailed maps if needed, choice of accommodation, the most important places to notice.

When they arrived too late for this promising niche, their guides learned the lesson of their first test, too close to their other productions and therefore not adapted at all. Very well distributed they will always sell, and since their quality is now as good as that of the neighbors, it is always the prize for the greatest.


In my opinion, for both convenience and ecological reasons, it is a thousand times better to use printed guides than to rely on underwater pipes and satellites for guidance. On the other hand, the seats are a good way to prepare for trips before leaving. They can also troubleshoot along the way, especially at specific points.

France’s cycling tourism
The website for the promotion of national routes. Very clear cards.

The site of the French association of cycle routes and green roads. Its zoomable and interactive map is made with the extremely precise contours of members. The IGN card for the whole of France is a mine. See itarticle about their last general meeting.

  • Meuse
  • Luberon and Verdon
  • And many others, often created and grouped under the France Vélo Tourisme banner.

For an overview of European cycling routes, go to the Eurovelo website. There are also travel plans without a guide but with assistance, in connection with agencies.

You can complete with Geovelo to have plans with bike facilities. I usually use it before I travel and I print out the plans. Going close is not crucial and to get far it is better to use a guide app.

For guidance “apps”, do not ask me about anything and do not talk to me about them. I lived without it for a long time. When I’m really lost, I use “Maps”, or google Maps. There are many others. I also discovered the application developed by ECF, which works well: EuroVelo.

Association trips

These tours are a convenient way to travel, provided you have a group spirit and are not looking for comfort. Everyone participates in common tasks, mutual help is the rule, the good mood is always there. Beginners and slow riders are always welcome. Compliance is a requirement and it is better if it is sincere and prior. Anyway, go and see.

And all the ones I point out to you over the days. You will find most of them in the diary in July.
Dynamobile is suitable for accompanied children, CyclotransEurope and cycloCamping international even have a special “family” week, Altertour is valid for everyone.


There are quite a few books that explain how to get organized. My favorite is this latest: The Guide to Your First Bike Rides. 💕
Here are a few others, selected from the many that I present to you: 50 bike routes, another book to “make people want to” 🚲 Corsica on 100 carbon-free routes ⛰ Manual for bike rides 🚲 Enchanting bike, a book to take with you 😔 2 days in France, the book that will make you love riding 🇫🇷

My stories, as well as those in the books, can also be a source of inspiration. Enter the name of the region in the search engine or keywords such as “tour” or guide.

You can also leave without preparing anything at all, as Florence Ramel shows us in her marvelous book L’Europe à coups de pédals! She left without a good bike and without a card, she came back in good shape a few months later. 👩🏻‍🦱 👩🏻‍🦰 Aurelia also took off a bit, no matter how, on her grandmother’s bike (which seemed old to her, only lack of taste …) and her ride lasted 6 months. Read anecdotes full of bags!

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