animal protection defended by an influencer from Montpellier

In Montpellier, Romy, the star of social networking, has just partnered with PETA France. The association fights to protect animal rights. Their latest campaign, shown here exclusively before its official release: a shocking video to condemn cosmetic experiments on animals.

A little red on the lips, glitter on the eyelids or a touch of redness, so many movements that may seem insignificant. But behind these cosmetics, for some brands, a lack of respect for animal welfare continues.

Since 2009, animal testing has been banned in Europe. But the law is not yet fully respected. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), based in Finland, still requires certain ingredients to be tested on animals.

Influencers who are involved in animal welfare are multiplying, like Montpellier residents Romy or Rémi Gaillard.

Hundreds of animal welfare associations have launched a campaign to put an end to this use. Among them PETA France (Humans for the ethical treatment of animals). The association is releasing a video to raise awareness about what may be hiding behind a tube of mascara.

We see Montpellier influencer Romy apply makeup with a tube of mascara, which with each application suggests the ailment of mice, rats and rabbits undergoing cosmetic tests. With her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, she hopes to repeat the case in her community.

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PETA France is releasing a video to raise awareness about animal cruelty that may be hiding behind a tube of mascara.

© PETA France

It is inconceivable that rabbits and mice continue to be tortured here in Europe to test ingredients that have been known to be safe for decades – all for our mascaras, our lipsticks or our shampoos.

Romy, influencer in Montpellier

About sixty substances are currently used on animals, while their marketing has been banned since 2013. Anissa Putois, communications officer for PETA France, does not understand this step back: “For each ingredient, a large number of wildlife is sacrificed. The European Agency justifies these tests for the safety of workers on the production line. But that is not logical, because they should be withdrawn from the market under European rules.

PETA France mentions, among other things, the Draize eye irritation test, a practice that could blind some guinea pigs and “when the experiment is over, the rabbits are killed.

To demonstrate this desire to change the law on animal testing, associations and certain brands (The Body Shop, Dove) are supporting an online petition on “Cruelty-free cosmetics.The European Citizens’ Initiative contains three major demands: “Guarantee and strengthen the ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Reform EU chemicals legislation. Modernization of science in the EU.

The cosmetics industry is not transparent. Romy is the person we needed to get this message across and ask her young and very active community to get involved.

Anissa Putois, PETA France

Rémi Gaillard, one of the first influencers made in Montpellier, no longer believes in this method of defending the cause: “In the beginning, I also made videos with the associations. But by doing this in the name of animal protection, I realized that the associations took the opportunity to promote themselves rather than come together for the cause.

In 2016, Rémi Gaillard, in the same way as Romy, participated in a video by Peta France to condemn animal cruelty in circuses. Since then, he has taken a step back and chosen a different method.

My way of using my community is a people’s court. With the notoriety I have, I use social networks primarily to challenge politicians and more to really create awareness.

Rémi Gaillard, influencer in Montpellier

Today, every influencer has their own method. The collaboration between PETA and Romy has already resulted in 615,000 signatures out of the million expected by next August.

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