Plastimo is on its way to Morocco!

The French manufacturer of boating and yachting equipment is strengthening its presence in Morocco and highlighting it at the start of Globe 40, the first double-handed race around the world in Class40, a fantastic race that will be inspired by the Ocean Race. …

Lorient and Tangier have many maritime activities in common, including professional fishing and
pleasure. There were already commercial connections between Plastimo and Morocco, connections that take
a new dimension on the occasion of the GLOBE 40 race, which leaves Lorient for Tangier on Saturday the 11th.
June: a race that becomes a true link between the Lorient brand and the activities
professional maritime and offshore racing in Morocco.

The first edition of the GLOBE 40 is firmly rooted in Lorient: taking advantage of the infrastructure, the technical center for training and preparation of the boats, the proximity to the suppliers operating on
Lorient La Base, in a nutshell … taking advantage of the excellence of Lorient Sailing Valley, accustomed to managing international teams, moored the GLOBE 40 at the Lorient pontoons.

For the 12 Class40s (12m mono hull) and their double-handed crew, it all starts in Lorient with the Lorient-Tanger prologue, which starts on Saturday 11 June.

And it is also in Lorient that the 9-month adventure around the world ends, ie 16 departures and arrivals in 9 months, where Lorient opens and completes the loop.

Expected return to Lorient in … March 2023 !!

Tangier will give the start of this two-handed journey around the world on June 24, 2022: There is no doubt that the course will give sailors the opportunity to combine sporting achievements, adventures and travel. Among the unprecedented events, let’s mention the first start of an offshore race on African soil.

Plastimo, the French manufacturer of accessories and equipment for sailing and yachting, was very present for many years on many class 40 boats, and during the preparation for the race in Lorient had the opportunity to get closer to international crews to ensure their safety
on board.

More specifically, there was a close collaboration on safety equipment between Plastimo and the Moroccan crew consisting of Simon Boussikouk and Omar Benseddik, engaged on the boat IBN BATOUTA TRIBUTE 2022 (n ° 133).

Plastimo’s marketing and export team is thus present at the start of Globe 40 and at the racing village in Tangier together with its new exclusive distributor. Moroccan Marine Engine Service.

Highlights are planned as the percussion of life jackets and life rafts to
raise even more awareness of maritime safety among seafarers and seafarers, as well as professional fishermen and naval administrations.

As part of this collaboration, two lifejacket inspection stations have already been opened in Morocco: one in Agadir and the other in Casablanca.

Once the technicians have followed and validated a technical training course in the ISO9001 environment at the Plastimo plant in Lorient, they will also be able to inspect the life rafts. Thereafter, other stations will be deployed on the Moroccan Atlantic coast.

Since 2021, Plastimo has developed a close collaboration with Morocco, especially by equipping everyone
the country’s fishermen in life jackets. Pilot Pro 180 vest, extremely resistant and
meets very specific professional criteria, was selected by services of the Department of
Moroccan deep-sea fishing.

Yann Cornec, CEO of Plastimo, explains this strategy at ActuNautique Yachting Art: “ After several exchanges between our technical departments, Kamal Sabri, an operator in the fisheries sector in Morocco, honored us with his visit to our factory in Lorient. It was an important step that enabled us to quickly achieve technical adaptation and a relationship of trust, key elements for lasting cooperation in the world of professional fishing in Morocco. The potential for the professional and yacht market in Morocco adds to the 80 countries where Plastimo is already well established. “

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