Montceau Hospital – Jean Bouveri is dying, Codef is addressing legislative candidates

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Codef press release.

After the termination of the service cardiology, oncology is underway !

The project had been tied up for a long time, but we only learned it recently: The oncology ward will be closed from July 1 due to the work of furnishing the premises that will house a palliative ward with 12 beds. Before we move on, let’s emphasize that chemotherapy CONTINUES to be given. Currently !
We learned today (yesterday) that a note organizing these transformations has been circulating quietly internally since April! And we can not imagine that Mrs Jarrot, chair of the Board of Supervisors, is unaware of this devastating decision for the treatment that our hospital offers. And we are surprised that the board has not spoken. Maybe at the next meeting scheduled for June 17? Not even 15 days from implementation!
Faced with the seriousness of the situation, Codef has decided to inform the public by means of an open letter to the Director – General of ARS and to the qualified candidates for the second round of parliamentary elections. These letters will provide citizens with further details on the above information.

to the Director – General of ARS Bourgogne Franche – Comté;

“We learn that you intend to continue the dismantling of our Hospital Center by de facto closing the oncology ward, even though the chemotherapy activity is no doubt currently being maintained.
The closure is scheduled for early July to carry out the necessary work to install a 12-bed palliative care unit. The six beds that you assign to oncology are transferred to the pulmonary ward. Which therefore will welcome patients with common pneumopathy and those in aplasia after chemotherapy. The quality of care is not your concern.
But your disastrous project is not limited to this, as you eliminate day care for all the people who had the bad idea of ​​declaring cancer. What housing will they be offered if their state of health during chemotherapy requires hospital treatment? Local at best? In a GHT company? In any case by staff not trained in oncological care. Here, too, the deterioration of care is unfortunately evident. But what does this mean, as these services require fewer staff than in oncology and palliative care?
will improve revenue. Your accounting vision for the care offer is well known and complies with all previous Copermo orders.
But how can one not be scandalized by such a solution when a project had been developed internally by 10 oncologists and 1 radiation therapist from the beginning of 2022. A deep, professionally argued project focusing on the needs of the population. We had already experienced this for cardiology when you retested the GHT cardiologist project.
Enough is enough. Sir. CEO, we ask you to abandon your project and validate what is presented by the actors in the field who perfectly master the situation and whose clearly stated desire is to avoid an oncological desert in the eastern part of our GHT and respond to the needs of the population. We will mobilize all the organizations concerned, local elected representatives, candidates for the parliamentary elections to avoid the worst. In the hope that humanity, reason, the public interest will prevail. »

to Ladies and Gentlemen Candidates for the 2022 LEGISLATIVE ELECTION –
QUALIFIED FOR THE SECOND ROUND of the 5th Circo de Saône et Loire;

“Our association was set up in 1995 and has never stopped intervening for the survival of our health care system and especially our hospital center, whose closure continues to get worse. The current leitmotif of the national situation in our health care system is: collapse. Alas, this applies to our Hospital Center, where the supply of care is increasingly reduced to the detriment of a living area of ​​almost 105,000 inhabitants.
The responsibility for this situation is essentially due to the purely financial vision of the care offer provided by the Director General of ARS.
After rejecting the territorial cardiology project prepared by the cardiologists from GHT, he is preparing to do the same with oncology, while ten oncologists have proposed a solidly constructed project that meets the needs of the population. According to them, the measures proposed by ARS will lead to an imminent oncological desert in the eastern part of the northern Saône et Loire territory in the absence of hospitalization at CH Autun and Hôtel-Dieu du Creusot. . With the addition of an overload of the oncological specialty of CHWM, which is not able to absorb the significant activity of CHWM Montceau.
Codef asks you this week ahead of the second round of parliamentary elections to publicly commit you to say NO to the ARS project and to validate the project of health professionals, which guarantees the integrity of the CH oncology department.
Montceau. We are of course aware that our mail does not present an exhaustive analysis, but you can always contact us for further information. Waiting to hear your reaction. »

Our public hospital is dying … – a medical desert settles in our living area! – if we fail to act, we will only have our eyes to cry…. – We can not say that we did not know! ”


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