Top 15 cutest animals in the world

Nothing like pictures of cute animals to light up in a day. Here is a list of the 15 most adorable animals in the world.

Do you fall in love with the image of a cute kitten, a baby dog, a fox, a panda or even a red squirrel? The images and information in this article may cause you to melt. From forest animals, jungle seas to pets, the whole world is full of adorable animals.

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The 15 cutest baby animals in the world

We melt in front of the pictures of almost all the baby animals. The following collection is therefore necessarily arbitrary. Any baby animal would have a place on this list. There are adorable animals in every country in the world. We have therefore opted for this list of baby animals that are unanimously accepted as the cutest animals. Do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments if you would have preferred to see others!

The cutest pets


One of the most popular pets, the rabbit is one of the cutest animals. His big ears and protruding teeth give him a funny look, so much so that he is sometimes caricatured as a funny animal in some children’s cartoons. One thinks of the design of the Buggs Bunny. All rabbits have black or brown eyes, but their fur colors vary. A rabbit can be red, white, blonde, gray, black or even a turtle, just like some cats. It is one of the most widespread domestic animals in France, after the cat, the dog and surprisingly the hen. Rabbits are also found in the wild. It is an animal that lives in warrens. In the forest or in the dunes you can easily identify rabbit excrement, small and round. This is because the caves of wild rabbits are not far away. The rabbit is a herbivorous animal. It is a prey animal and not a predator, it does not even eat insects. Baby rabbits are the fox’s favorite target, one of its most important predators.

Cute baby rabbit / credit: Shutter Stock

The cat and her kittens

We almost all have the same opinion about baby cats: they are undeniably among the funniest and most adorable animals in the world! We melt in front of the picture of the kitten below. Cats have been domesticated for 10,000 years, while dogs have been domesticated for 30,000 years. This may explain why cats tend to be wilder than dogs. Cat babies, kittens, are not only cute but also often funny. In fact, these very playful pets find themselves in making fun pirouettes every day. Quite often, a playful kitten seems straight out of a cartoon or a clown show.

Sweet Kitten / Credit: Shutter stock

baby dogs

We melt in front of the picture of this baby dog. And with good reason, puppies are among the most popular pets and without a doubt among the cutest. Dogs and puppies that have been emptied for over 30,000 years have a well-deserved reputation as man’s best friend. Take effect,

Cute Baby Dog / Credit: Shutter Stock

In the drawing, the puppy is no less cute than in the picture. The picture below, taken from the book Animals elect a president will win the hearts of all animal lovers. In this very funny tale for both children and adults, the animals choose a president from among nine candidates. The dog is presented as a loyal and trustworthy candidate, loyal to any animal in his world that he promises to serve “as if it were his master” if elected. This story of animals that are as cute as they are funny is available through the store at a flying cemetery.

Picture of cute animals with dog / @un_cimetiere_volant

The red panda

In Chinese, the name of the red panda says “xiao xiong mao”, literally translated as “little cat bear”. A name that suggests the adorable little animal, which is the red panda. Half young, half fox, this big bamboo lover can only be found in one place in the world: in the Himalayas. You can still meet them in zoos, and even in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris! From the front, the colors from white to red distributed around his eyes often form a kind of mask. The red panda is an endangered species whose number has dropped by 40 percent over the last fifty years.

Cute Baby Red Panda / Credit: Shutter Stock


These little baby foxes seem to be watching the arrival of a rabbit on the horizon. Though extremely cute, the fox is truly a formidable hunter. Even still a baby, a fox can attack a chicken, a rabbit or any other rodent. Among its preferred targets are field mice, mice and even shrews. The fox lives in the forest, but is quite difficult to meet. These small red animals with black eyes and pointed ears are wild and tend to flee from human presence and sleep instead during the day to live at night.

Sweet baby fox / Credit: Shutter stock

red squirrel

The red squirrel is an extremely sweet animal found in the woods and sometimes even in our gardens, to keep an eye on near the hazelnut trees. It is a clever animal and a lot of fun when jumping from branch to branch. The squirrel is a species found all over the world, and it multiplies especially in North America and in all European countries.

Sweet baby red squirrel / Credit: Shutter stock

Baby tiger

Baby tigers easily find their place on this list. These giant cats are without a doubt among the most adorable animals. We melt in front of the picture of this one, which should be a few months old. Tigers are funny cats with rounded ears like bear ears and amber eyes. This big cat lives on only one continent in the world, Asia.

It’s sad to see, but this adorable animal is very clearly an endangered species. In fact, there are no more than 3,800 tigers in the world today. The number of these wild animals has thus decreased by 95% since the 19th century. This is largely due to poaching and illegal hunting. It must also be said that the tiger has lost 93% of its natural habitat due to agriculture and urbanization. Its hunting surface is diminished, making its prey rare.

The World’s Sweetest Animal / Credit: Shutter stock

Koalas and their babies

The koala is a small mammal that lives only in Australia and the islands of Polynesia and New Zealand. With its round ears, its dense fur in colors close to gray and white, its somewhat thick body and its cute little brown eyes, the koala is a fun character that one can meet in the oceanic forest. Unfortunately, this adorable species is endangered: 53% of these wildlife have disappeared in the state of Queensland, and on the Koala coast, near Brisbane, about 80% of the population of this species has disappeared. . It is about the destruction of the eucalyptus forest, its natural habitat.

The koala is one of the marsupial family, like kangouo, wallaby or wombat. A marsupial is a mammal whose embryo develops inside a pocket called a marsupial. It is very visible in kangaroos and wallabies. Most marsupials are found in Australia and other islands in Oceania such as Tasmania. Tasmanian devils are also marsupials. But marsupials are also found in South America because opossum is also part of this species.

Baby koala and its mother / Credits: Shutter Stock

Fawns, among the cutest animals in the world

Both wild and endowed with a tender gaze that makes them seem so close to us that fawns have what it takes to make us crack together. Babies of deer, roe deer and roe deer, these adorable animals live in the forest and are quite difficult to see.

Baby fawn among the world’s cutest animals / Pixabay

Lions and their babies

Although a predator, the lion and its young are extremely cute animals. The lion is a species whose numbers are declining in the world, although it is not yet endangered.

Funny baby lion cub with his mother / Pixabay

We hope you were touched by the beautiful eyes of the animals on this list. Do you have a favorite cute animal? Give us your opinion in the comments! Of course, many pets and wild animals are missing from the list as there are adorable little babies with soft fur. In any case, we hope to have given you the urge to change your wallpaper to include a picture of a cute animal.

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