evil words

A disturbing message from the alleged center of the universe …

“And yet it moves.”
~ Galileo

Maybe Giordano Bruno thought it was funny … Maybe not.

He was hanged on his head, on his head, naked, in Rome’s Campo Fiori. It was February 17, 1600. A crowd gathered to watch the event.

He could not speak to them, not even asking for mercy. His mouth was gagged because of his “evil talk”. Words that had been considered heretical by the elite in the XVIth century. His views were contrary to the Catholic faith, they said.

For example, he doubted that the bread and wine received during the sacrament were truly the body and blood of Christ. He questioned Mary’s virginity and the idea of ​​the Trinity. And he maintained all his life that the planets orbit the sun, not the other way around.

But the church could not tolerate disagreement or doubt. Both had weakened his grip on society. King Henry VIII of England had severed ties with Rome. Martin Luther had led a reformist movement in the Saxon world. And Galileo was already looking carefully at the sky at the University of Padua. Later, threatened with the same fate as Bruno, Galileo denied his heresy and confirmed that the Earth was the center of the universe.

A small threat

Poor Bruno … He was ahead of his time. Too honest. Too inflexible. The story goes that in England he spied on “Catholic conspirators” by calling himself “Henry Fagot”. I wonder if he found it fun to have fried on a pile of gays.

Or whether he found it gratifying that future generations, in part because of his martyrdom, would rather listen to different-minded people than burn them. Bruno was right about the sky. Maybe he was right in other things too.

Today, the ecclesiastical elite no longer poses a threat. You can embrace the faith or leave it to others. But we must not ignore the secular elite that governs us. And they gather wood for the fire.

The power struggle promises miracles: to eradicate poverty, terrorism, to make everyone richer, to achieve more equality, to control the earth’s temperature. But so far they have fallen short. Their wars have not made the world safer. Their science is far from complete. Their false interest rates have created $ 300 billion in global debt.

The whole world is now trapped. It is impossible to return to normal because the normalization of interest rates would cause the collapse of the entire world economy. The only resort is headless bustle: living with an “inflation tax” that pushes up the prices of essential food, housing, energy and raises the ghost of chaos, revolution and hunger among millions of people.

But more and more, the “people”, like Giordano Bruno, are beginning to notice the mistakes of public policies. And increasingly, the elite want to bring him to silence.

“They make us sick”

“It’s a shame,” Elizabeth said. ‘It seems they have got the idea that it was absolutely not necessary to have. »

She spoke about the people who recently filled the star restaurants in Davos and who are still in charge in Washington DC and in the capitals of our country.

Perhaps she also meant the influencers, the decision-makers, the politicians, as today’s equivalent to the Catholic elite in power in 1600, and all those who care about what New York Times.

“All human progress is the result of conflict, competition, debate,” she continues.

“Even our bodies. We fought against animals, we defeated bacteria and viruses. Wild animals hardly attack us anymore. But we are regularly attacked by insects. They make us sick, but we come out with a stronger immune system.

Our material progress is the result of competition between companies, each of which strives to find better ways to satisfy the customer and make more money.

Technological advances are due to resistance, not obedience. Investors and innovators strive to find something better, something different. Cars came to compete with horse-drawn carriages, smartphones came to compete with postal services, central heating had to show that it was a better solution than open fire.

Intellectual progress is made possible by people coming up with different ideas and discussing them with each other. No one has the absolute and definitive truth. And it is our ability to reject bad ideas (burning witches and heretics, slavery, hatred, the myth of the superman, etc.) that allows us to develop morally.

Politically, our progress is painfully slow. But if there had not been an alternative, we would probably all worship pharaohs and lay huge boulders in the middle of the Mojave Desert to build pyramids in Los Angeles. »


Elizabeth regrets the move to ban ideas that make us uncomfortable. Civilization goes further by rejecting unpopular ideas, not by banning them, she claims. And yet, academics are being fired these days. Speeches canceled. Websites are disabled. Commentators are censored. Opposing opinions are blocked on the grounds that they are misinformation.

The idea is to create consensus, not through free debate, but by blocking alternative opinions. Those who do not follow the movement are branded as white supremacists, Russian henchmen, deniers of science or just “regrettable”.

Elizabeth concludes:

“Current elites behave like the Catholic Church during the Inquisition. They believe they have the absolute and definitive truth that science is established and that opposing opinions have no place in public space.

But at least they did not burn dissidents on the fire, as Bruno did. At least not yet … “

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