NordVPN: 5 reasons to take a VPN on vacation or traveling abroad

Are you planning to go on holiday abroad this summer, or have you planned a business trip? If so, you should consider using a VPN service! In fact, tunnel connections allow you to not only view French content from abroad, but also to navigate much more safely at airports. With NordVPN, today we show you five reasons to use a VPN when you travel abroad!

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In our NordVPN test, we mainly tested connection speeds from our premises in Berlin. However, a VPN is also useful when traveling, especially abroad. Since it is finally possible to travel again for professional or personal reasons, we give you 5 good reasons to pack a VPN in your suitcase.

Of course, you will also enjoy the benefits of your VPN at home and get access to, for example, foreign SVOD offers at your home cinema. You can also bypass geo-blocking, which brings us directly to our first benefit when traveling.

1: See French content from abroad

If you try to access the catalogs of French movies, series and TV channels from abroad, you will often be blocked. Much online content is geo-blocked due to broadcast rights. Just as a VPN gives you access to US Netflix from France, you can also access French content directories from abroad.

The same goes for French websites that do not want to show you content from abroad.

2. Avoid censorship abroad

The benefits of geo-blocking are even greater in countries that restrict certain services or websites or directly censor content. In fact, VPN connections allow you to bypass censorship and access messages, videos and services without filters. If WhatsApp is blocked in a country, for example, you can still use messages via a VPN service and write to your family to tell them that you have landed safely.

3. Protect your personal data abroad

In addition to accessing other content, you also need to take care of your privacy abroad. If you connect to a hotel’s WiFi network, the network operator and thus also the hotel operator can see which web pages you have visited and when. ISPs, hackers, advertisers and other third parties interested in your data will not be able to track or view your browsing habits.

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NordVPN clients are available for almost all devices / © NextPit.

NordVPN also offers you an antivirus feature. This protects you from malware and phishing attacks on any network you connect to. The data to be transferred is checked to make sure it is not harmful even before it reaches your smartphone or laptop. Ads are also blocked and trackers are disabled.

4. Navigate safely to the hotel or airport

However, public Wi-Fi networks are much more dangerous for your own security. The biggest danger is “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks, abbreviated to MITM attacks. In this case, a hacker opens a kind of fake hotspot, which has the same name as the official Wifi hotspot in your location. On it, it actually gives you access to the internet, but it stores your personal data.

The North VPN app on a smartphone.

You can also use NordVPN on your smartphone. / © NextPit

As this intermediary manages the connection, it can, for example, retrieve the access data to your online bank. Login, passwords and personal data such as photos or videos can also be stolen in this way. A VPN protects you from MITM attacks and all other phishing attacks on public networks.

Bypass dynamic pricing and save money on your airline tickets

Our last reason is more about planning your trip – or if you prefer to book your flights back to your resort. Dynamic pricing is a marketing practice to tailor prices and offers to the potential buyer’s location or other characteristics. Although not officially declared as such, dynamic pricing exists mainly for airline tickets or hotel reservations.

By bypassing dynamic pricing, NordVPN offers the benefit of offering different cities for connections within the same country. So you can flexibly see if prices change in your home country or at your resort when you change places.

A 6th bonus reason: NordVPN subscriptions get a 60% discount

Do you want to try NordVPN on your next trip? In this case, you can subscribe and get a 60% discount on the 2-year subscription. You will be billed 69.36 euros for these two years instead of 174.96 euros. It therefore amounts to 2.89 euros per month (but is invoiced at once).

To try it out, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you thoroughly test your VPN provider. If you have other questions or issues using NordVPN, you can also contact a 24/7 UK customer service.

Do you ever use a VPN when traveling or going on vacation? Or do you feel safe even with insecure connections?

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