Seine Maritime. Her cat killed by dogs fled from a farm, she fears another tragedy

Her cat was killed by dogs fleeing a farm in the Seine-Maritime. She fears another attack. (© JB / 76actu / Illustration)

“I saw him die in front of me.” On June 7, 2022, shortly after noon, Julie Thifagne heard a scream, which she described as a “fearful animal coming from her garden.” of Allouville-Bellefosse (Seine-Maritime) comes out of her house and looks two dogs around one of her two cats. One of the two dogs, a Kangal, attacks Gilou. Confused, the owner finally manages, with the help of his spouse, to get the two uninvited guests on the run.

His cat came out seriously injured. Julie goes to the nearest vet. But it’s too late: the cat will not survive its injuries. “He died when he arrived,” Julie says. On a certificate addressed to the owner, the veterinarian certifies that Gilou “shows traces of saliva in the anterior and ventral part of the stomach as well as an internal hematoma, probably in the liver and spleen”.

“Normally he never goes that far”

Julie ends up finding the owner of the two dogs, a man who lives on a farm about two kilometers from her home, in the neighboring town of Alvimare. They’re talking together. “He told me he was sorry. He also offered to pay the vet’s costs. But it’s not a question of money, it’s a matter of principle, of safety,” she recalls.

“I recognize my mistakes,” assures S. *, the owner of Kangalen, who attacked the cat. And to add: “It is a dog that I took to guard my farm. He is very young, he is only a year old. According to this cattle farmer, he must have followed a tractor and he was with the lady, outside her territory. Usually he never goes that far.

Risk of a new attack?

After the death of her pet, Julie went to the gendarmerie to lodge a complaint. “I was told I could not file a complaint because there was no human intervention. She finally lies down a railing. The Yvetot Gendarmerie confirms that a “report” has been made to the teams.

These dogs can come into my garden as they please.

Julie Thifagne

Today, Julie lives in fear of seeing the dogs return to her garden. She fears especially for her two children of 2 and 5 years, who regularly play outside. “There are no barriers at home, we have an open garden. And I have no legal way of forcing the owner to lock them in or keep them. »

A wandering dog

If we refer to the Association of Mayors of France, “it is considered to be in a state of wandering any dog ​​which, apart from a hunting act, guard or protection of a herd, is no longer under the effective supervision of its handler, is out of earshot of the latter or of any sound instrument which allows its recall or which is far from its owner or the person responsible for it at a distance of more than 100 meters.
Article L211-19-1 of the Rural Development Act specifies that it is forbidden to let pets wander. Furthermore, non-compliance with this obligation can be punished by fines. From a legal point of view, a mayor has the power to intervene and act.

S. responds: “These dog breeds protect their territory. Unfortunately, he went after this cat, but he will never attack children. Me, I can not close all my property. I can not tie my dog ​​either, because he guards my yard. And then it can make him more aggressive. I am looking for a solution, ”he promises.

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* His first name has been anonymized at his request.

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