Go on holiday with complete peace of mind thanks to teleconsultation

Privileged moment of carelessness, relaxation and good mood, the annual meeting with the sun is approaching! And if the departure is long awaited, it is still important to take care of your health, even on vacation. maiia from Cegedim Santé is an online digital platform that provides access to care anywhere in France and abroad!

The digital services developed by maiia have a dual purpose: to facilitate the care process for patients and to increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals.

maiia teleconsultation services

Online appointments, teleconsultation with or without an appointment, pharmacy assistance from a pharmacist, sharing medical documents … Available on the Internet or via the smartphone application, maiia provides patients with several digital solutions that aim to make their lives easier. According to the first survey between companies on teleconsultation, published in May 2022, “teleconsultation meets the challenges of access to care: More than 1 in 4 patients consulting teleconsultations live in a medical desert. Against 17.3% of the French people. “

maiia: your holiday ally

Allergies, colds, injuries, refilling prescriptions … Anything can happen on vacation. Specifically, how can maiia digital services help you take care of your health remotely?

First of all, thanks to the maiia Teleconsultation service, healthcare professionals can take care of patients without the latter having to travel. It is thus possible to continue to consult your doctor remotely, the best option for ensuring personal follow-up. This teleconsultation can be performed with or without agreement.

Teleconsultation without an appointment allows for quick support by joining an online queue. The waiting time is generally a maximum of 5 minutes. On the other hand, patients can also book an appointment for a teleconsultation at a later date. Teleconsultation is thus an effective way to continue to take care of your health with complete peace of mind.

In addition to the classic teleconsultation, an assisted teleconsultation can be performed at pharmacies. maiia has a large network of pharmacies throughout France. From the pharmacy, patients perform their teleconsultation with their doctor thanks to the assistance of the pharmacist. With maiia, the pharmacy has associated objects, such as a stethoscope or an otoscope, which greatly helps the external healthcare professional to make his diagnosis.

Maiia Agenda, in turn, is an online appointment planning tool. Very convenient during the holidays, it makes it possible to geolocate doctors in the surrounding area and to book time, via the platform, directly in their office. This service is definitely one of the most important things of the holiday! Wherever you are in France, it will be possible to find a general practitioner nearby!

Finally, posting the medical record online provides permanent access to the patient’s medical documents: prescriptions, x-rays, and medical reports. In an emergency, patients can share their electronic medical record with the doctor at their resort.

Payment and refund of the teleconsultation

The teleconsultation works in exactly the same way as a traditional consultation. The cost of a medical teleconsultation varies between € 23 and € 58.50 depending on the doctor’s specialty and practice sector.

By teleconsultation is paid by pre-admission. For all doctors who practice third-party payment, this advance will be refunded immediately. Finally, you get reimbursement according to your rights just like with a classic consultation.

Travel with peace of mind, maiia follows you everywhere!

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