V-Rising Preview – Vampires of the Sandbox

V-Rising is the new game from the Swedish studio stunlock (Battlerite, Dead Island: Epidemic, Bloodline Champions). Available since mid-May in early access, the title in a few weeks has become a small phenomenon online with more than 1.5 million copies sold. Should we fall for this game that is currently selling at the attractive price of € 19.99? Start responding in this overview.

Test conditions: We wrote this preview after ten hours of play. The PC we used has one RTX 3060, 16 GB RAM and an i5-10500H processor.

vampire academy

IN V-Rising, you play as a vampire who, after a war against men, has become significantly weaker. When you wake up in a dark crypt, you are determined to regain your power. A quest system that acts as a tutorial will guide your first steps in the game. Getting started is fluid as long as you are not destabilized by the heterogeneous aspect of the title. Take effect, V-Rising is a difficult game to define because it mixes different genres such as sandbox, hack’n’slash, role-playing games, survival and a touch of tower defense, all in one open world.

The vampires of V-Rising are immortal, but you can succumb for a moment, sending you back to the nearest coffin (in the process, you lose all resources). The development of the avatar is played especially at the equipment level. As such, the character has no level of experience. It is necessary hunting bosses to advance in the game by gaining new skills or new recipes. You start by killing skeletons to make rudimentary weapons and armor from bones, then you will tatan some deer for leather etc.

From the start you must build your castle which will become your base and which will evolve over the hours. The first challenge is to find the perfect place to build the headquarters of your empire. The presence of other players will complicate your task because the best places are often used. Official servers can accommodate up to 40 players … that’s a lot of potential rivals!

What we do in the shadows

V-rising camp attack

The fights are pretty much the same inspired by the game Battlerite. You face your enemies by using that weapon of your choice and your skills. In the beginning, a few spells are enough to calm the most ruthless people, but they will soon become much more. You will then need to delay and develop a good build by choosing skills from the wood that best suits your playing style.

Like any self-respecting vampire, your avatar has the ability to do so consume blood (from an animal or a human). Depending on the source from which the hemoglobin comes, your vampire will receive various bonuses (increased resistance, ability to cultivate more efficiently, etc.), which are roughly equivalent to a class system. However, these bonuses eventually disappear after a while, forcing you to chase new victims.

Apart from human robbers, wild animals and other hostile vampires, your main enemy will be daylight. Although vampires are the forces of nature, the sun is still your real weak point! Within seconds, its rays reduce you to a pile of ash. So pretty quickly we understand that it is better to organize and take into account the day / night cycle.

Vampire, did you say vampire?

V-tower castle

The night will be spent exploring and fighting, while the days will be great for managing your castle and reaping resources. Because yes, you should expect to spend some time at agricultural resources, especially if you play alone. Expect to spend a few hours felling trees, breaking rocks and gathering animal skins.

Developers at Stunlock Studios, which specializes in multiplayer games, place great emphasis on interactions between players. You’re never alone V-Rising. When you create your character, you will have the option to choose a PvP or PvE server.

Even if you choose the other option, other vampires will be there (but they can not attack you) and you can associate with them. PvP mode adds difficulty because these servers are currently inhabited by fairly advanced players in the game who will not hesitate to destroy you in a few battles if you cross them. Note that the game though designed for multi, is playable solo. But at some point, some bosses seem very complicated to defeat while playing alone.

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