Annecy 2022 – Arte France, a long-standing partner in the sector

Release Date: 17/06/2022 – 08:11

The channel is very active in animated shorts and commits to a single feature film project each year, drawing its strength from its commitment along with unique works.

Although Arte is certainly not the largest financial contributor to the sector, far from it, its involvement in projects that sometimes carry radical imagination proves valuable, as evidenced by its presence this year in the competition of the feature film by Pierre Foldes, Blind willows, sleeping womanaccompanied by the string.

Three other animated feature films in production are on the line-up of the Franco-German channel: Silex and the city, directed by Jérémie Hoarau, in which we find the Dotcom family, still stuck in the Paleolithic, for a funny critique of our society seen through the prism of the Stone Age, in an original story. A co-production: Haut et Court TV and Arte France Cinema; planets by Momoko Seto science fiction story without dialogue or voiceover that mixes live action and 3D animations depicting the planet Earth’s disappearance. An Ecce film, Miyu Productions and Arte france Cinema co-production; animal Christmas presenting itself as the first youth film presented by an international collective, consisting of Camille Alméras, Caroline Attia, Ceylan Beyoglu, Oley Shashchukina, Haruna Kishi and Natalia Hernysheva. A production of Les Valseurs and Arte France Cinema.

But the channel is of course very present in the short film, highlighted in its program Court-Circuit, which is broadcast every Saturday afternoon and on This offers selection of short films (fiction and animation) as they decipher behind the scenes of creation through different sections. A sign of the channel’s popularity in the sector, Share with Arte on June 15, organized by Hélène Vayssières and Camille Baron, was full of new entrants who came to discover the channel’s animation policy.

Arte thus puts up a significant number of short films in official competition at Annecy: Bad links by Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye, Best sex lifeby Urška Djukić and Émilie Pigeard, letter to a pig by Tal Kantor, Pachyderm by Stephanie Clement, weight by Joseph Pierce, Incognita Terra by Adrian Dexter and Pernille Kjaer, Steak House by Špela Čadež and Yugo by Carlos Gomez Salamanca.

She is also present in Annecy with a TV movie in the competition Cherchez la femme: Ida Pfeiffer, series by Julie Gavras, Mathieu Decarli and Olivier Marquezy, two commissioned films “Prince of Darkness” Shortcuts by Caroline Cherrier and “The Red Circle” shortcuts by Julia Voitova.

Committed for a long time to virtual reality, as one of the pioneers in this direction, the channel also accompanied two works, presented in the Bonlieu creation space. Marco and Polo walk arounddirected by Benjamin Steiger-Levine, a surreal love story, to discover in virtual reality and in 16/9 formatth and The morning you wake up (to the end of the world) by Mike Brett, Steve Jamison, Pierre Zandrowicz and Arnaud Colinart, a documentary about the chaos that gripped the island of Hawaii when its residents thought they were under impending nuclear attack in January 2018.

And the channel also accompanies digital fiction series such as Hi goodbye Boomer by Judith Duportail, currently under development. “Lou and Sona, two women who are complete opposites, have been detained for two weeks in an impersonal hotel at Charles de Gaulle Airport when they were going to Kathmandu. Each of them was hoping to find peace during their journey; they will discover that the answers to the questions they ask themselves lie in the secret that unites them “; or samuel by Emilie Tronche. “A diary from the 2000s, all in false naivety, minimalist 2D animation, music and strong emotions”.

And two new anime card series have also been released. Season 3 and 4 ofAthleticus, by Nicolas Deveaux and Grégory Baranes, produced by Cube Creative and Arte France. “The animated series in which wild animals, larger than life, re-acquire our behavior, this time taking over parks, esplanades or business districts. After two seasons devoted to Olympic sports and winter sports, it’s time for urban sports for the animals in Athleticus.”

The second is anonymous mothers, directed by Hélène Friren based on graphic novels by Gwendoline Raisson and Magali Le Huche published by the Dargaud edition. A traditional 2D digital animation series in 30×3 ‘format co-produced by Folimage, White Star and Arte France. “Overwhelming mothers, often on the verge of a nervous breakdown, meet to try to free themselves from the codes of motherhood. Etienne, a new father, joins them.”

According to the intention note of the project, it is a question of “showing how stereotypical representations of motherhood symbolically exclude men from the sphere of parenthood. And how this over-investment of women in education and care for children consequently condemns them to remain socially dependent on men”. Its authors, however, intend to “address these themes, favoring imagination, energy and other degree. This choice of humor and scorn does not imply deleting the dramatic and tragic aspects of the aforesaid. Let us laugh at all that, but at condition that we are taken seriously. ”The broadcast on Arte is scheduled for September 2023.

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