Nature protection. The Territory Committed to Nature label presented in Criel-sur-Mer

The municipality hopes to achieve the area label nature-committed by the end of July.

The label Territory committed to nature (TEN) aims to present, recognize and promote action plans in favor of biodiversity. It is aimed at municipalities and intermediate municipalities, regardless of size, whether they are beginners or initiated in the field of biodiversity.

“It was a campaign promise we made,” said Alain Trouessin, mayor of Criel-sur-Mer (Seine Maritime). “We will do everything to develop green tourism, ecotourism through this brand. We put a foot in the stirrup. It was with these words that the mayor launched the presentation of the Territoireengaged Nature brand.

“These actions improve everyone’s living environment”

This commitment is part of the continuity of the actions that the municipality has carried out for several years. “We are part of this policy with the start-up a certain number of years ago zero phyto “, Explains Eric Pruvost, fourth assistant and responsible for the file. “It also has an advantage for us. All these actions improve everyone’s living environment.

Four themes

For Criel-sur-Mer, the Territory Committed to Nature brand is divided into four themes. The first is biodiversity atlas of the municipalities. It has already existed for several years and is now in an update phase. Regular town hall services add flowers, animals that have been seen in Criel-sur-Mer

The novelty is the addition of bird species. “In a lot of literature, we can see that birds are indicators of quality of life, and therefore we thought it was interesting to add them,” explains Amandine, an intern in the municipality and responsible for the TEN brand. “In agreement with watershed will be carried out for 2023. Various measures will be carried out, in the coming months, to identify the species”.

Plants by biodiversity

One of the other projects is revegetation from the city. “It is the decimpermabilization of the soil with certain plants that can help insects to colonize places. We also try to choose plants that do not require much water and that adapt to global warming, ”says the elected representative. Thus, the city no longer chooses plants according to aesthetics but according to biodiversity.

The third theme is to restore ecological continuity in a humid environment. For this, the municipality will restore some tired. “It’s continuity in wetlands. It’s everything that contributes to the circulation of water and to promoting this biodiversity.” A first project is planned between 2023 and 2024 with the reopening of the underground river behind the Château de Chantereine. A wetland and a water point are created.

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The last point concerns citizen involvement. Eric Pruvost wants the residents of Criel-sur-Mer to be involved in these projects, but also leads projects within the school. Thus they realized with the children, birdhouses to be installed in the city. He also wants to install more each year and that “residents install them in their homes. They come and pick them up at the town hall, and we will keep an inventory to see how the project progresses ”.

Actions have already been taken to achieve this brand, such as beach cleaning, insect houses, education panels and the biodiversity atlas.

Once achieved, the mark will be awarded for three years and may be renewed at the end of these.

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