The Mélenchon-Le Maire showdown, Macron’s trip to Kiev, Sarkozy’s divorce

Two days before the second round of the parliamentary elections, the very long election marathon – more than eighteen months of campaigning! – ends in an unresolved sprint.

Macron criticized after his appearance on TF1

Emmanuel Macron has an advantage that other political leaders do not have: he is president. His trip to Ukraine logically gives him the opportunity to get in the center of the media. And he does not deprive himself of that, with a post in the TV news on TF1 on Thursday night. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the “rebellious” leader, was affected by it in a message posted on Twitter:

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“So the president has TF1 at 20:00 in addition to the official asphalt. And me? In addition to social networks, do I also have access to TF1?”

On TF1, Emmanuel Macron pretended to reject all questions about the parliamentary election and said he did not want to do so. “political comment” : “As a matter of principle, I made sure to do it from French soil. » But still, you do not have to push him much to make his comment very political: “I want us to measure the moment when we have to make this democratic choice: Two and a half hours by plane from Paris, there is war. It is not an abstraction, the whole region is destabilized. This war, we do not know where it will end or when it will end. »

The rising prices are a consequence of this war. […] We must be strong for ourselves, carry our values ​​and be credible abroad. »

The French president traveled to Kiev on Thursday with German, Italian and Romanian leaders to show European solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. During a press conference with his colleagues, Emmanuel Macron assured that they were all in favor of the grant “immediate” Ukraine with the status of official candidate for membership of the European Union.

The battle for numbers between Mélenchon and Le Maire

»The government will earn 80 billion [d’euros] savings to reduce the deficit to 3% [du PIB]. He confessed to 40 billion. Where do you take them? And where did the other half of the promised savings go? And with such a austerity cure in the form of a cure for killing a horse, how are you going to prevent the French economy from suffocating? Now it’s your turn to answer.

– Give me time to deal with the morning emergency situations in Bercy, and I will respond to your open letter. Patience and time are more than strength or rage. »

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This is where the distant arm pass between the leader of La France insoumise (LFI), Jean-Luc Mélenchon, by Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire on Thursday night was on social networks. Since the eve of the first round of parliamentary elections, the left and environmentalists have accused the president’s majority of secretly preparing a VAT increase to reduce deficits. A “fake news”, swept Bruno Le Maire, who on the contrary proclaims his desire to lower taxes. But the arrests between the two men continued. Next on Friday?

“Where did the other half go?” “: Mélenchon and Le Maire have been dragged along on social networks about the VAT increase

Attal, Autain and Bardella are on a set …

While waiting for Bruno Le Maire’s response, economic issues were at the heart of the debate, which on Thursday night on BFMTV was against Gabriel Attal (Together!), Clémentine Autain (Nupes) and Jordan Bardella (National Rally, RN). Without a representative of the party Les Républicains (LR) … The new Minister of Public Accountants Gabriel Attal wanted to demonstrate that the Nupes project he had studied would lead to “ruin of our country” and to ” increase the tax on the middle class, with, for example, the planing of tax deductions for jobs in the home or the abolition of the family quotient. On the contrary, the LFI deputy for the Seine-Saint-Denis Clémentine Autain boasted a priceless program with the creation of “14 tax classes” – “those earning less than 4,000 euros become winners” – and “tax on crisis profiteers” like Total.

What funding in particular is the increase in the minimum wage promised at 1,500 euros? Jordan Bardella does not believe it: “All this has a cost”, is against the interim president of the RN, posing as a defender of very small businesses. Another point of contention: pensions. Here, too, Gabriel Attal mainly read the Nupes project: “It will be financed by an increase in the old-age contribution of 0.25 points. For a person earning 2,000 euros, it is 300 euros less during the year “, he assures. Maybe, but everyone will be entitled to a minimum pension at age 60 and wages will increase, Clémentine Autain replies. How ? “We have to start a negotiation process. » The “rebels” recall that during the debates on pensions in the first half of the previous five-year period, “we did not hear the voice of Marine Le Pen’s voice”.

Is Nupes’ financial program really serious?

By the way, we heard The RN representative thought for once that the main problem might not be immigration: “The climate challenge is perhaps the biggest challenge our generation faces. » We also did not surprisingly hear Jordan Bardella accuse Nupes of being anti-police and “pro-Burkini,” to which Clémentine Autain responded by worrying about the chases between police and youth in certain neighborhoods. Left-wing program on this topic? Local police and disarmament of BACs. The only point there is agreement between the three: neither of them wanted to answer the question from BFMTV journalists about the choice they would make between the other two candidates if they were against in another round.

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Sarkozy accused of treason

“Shabby. Unworthy.” It’s like going back fifteen years, to the time Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister, then president, was adorned with bird names by his opponents on the left. Except this time the insults are coming from the right!

It already smelled of powder when Nicolas Sarkozy had multiplied support movements for Emmanuel Macron. The only thing missing was a spark. There she is. According to “le Parisien”, Sarkozy received on Wednesday morning in his offices Astrid Panosyan-Bouvet, the opponent of the outgoing LR deputy, Brigitte Kuster, in the 4th.e constituency in Paris. And yet, Kuster supported Sarkozy’s campaign in the 2016 right – wing primary.

“Traitor”responded Mayor LR of 17e arrondissement of the capital Geoffroy Boulard (he is also the author of the qualifications already mentioned above). “I am ashamed on my behalf of such a betrayal”for her part, Brigitte Kuster declared herself calling “amazed”.

Jean-François Copé, Eric Ciotti, Michel Barnier, Rachida Dati, Gérard Larcher all renewed their support for the outgoing Member of Parliament. Among the most notable messages, the one from Senator Pierre Charon, a very close friend of Nicolas Sarkozy. He clearly distanced himself from his old friend: “When we’re lucky enough to have this deputy, we’ll keep her.”

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Already during Valérie Pécresse’s last campaign meeting, Sarkozy’s name had been whistled by LR activists. The divorce between the “ex” and his former troops is now consummated.

A “nausea climate” among the French in Israel

In a campaign, there are things you can not. It says the election law. But the candidate who came first in 8e constituency of French people living abroad (which includes Italy and Israel in particular) seems to have forgotten this … Meyer Habib, outgoing deputy and candidate for the right-wing UDI-LR (28.8% in the first round), is said to have planned to charter buses to mobilize its constituents, according to a note from the French consulate, which believes that the candidate “engages in practices whose legality may be questionable”. The memo was unveiled Wednesday by “le Canard enchaîné”.

Meyer Habib on Thursday went on the counterattack, accusing the consulate of not opening enough polling stations. “Why? Anti-Zionism? Anti-Semitism?”, wrote on Twitter this close friend of Benjamin Netanyahou, the former Israeli prime minister tried for corruption. He becomes opponent in the second round in a close duel with Deborah Abisror-De Lieme (LREM, 27.8% of the vote), who in turn condemns “a nauseating climate”.

The CFDT very clearly calls for a blocking vote

One is almost surprised. Disappointed, at least, by being alone in recalling what was once still obvious: we must “blocks far right” by voting for the candidate or the candidate in the camp to whoever he is and without it binding us to his program “, declared Laurent Berger, CFDT’s number one, during his union congress this week in Lyon. A clear password, a thousand kilometers from the hesitation of political parties.

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To Emmanuel Macron’s attention, Laurent Berger recalled what the President of the Republic himself owes the Republican front: “When one is elected to the presidential election, thanks in part to the votes of voters blocking the far right, it commits. This forces us to be very clear in the second round of parliamentary elections by calling for votes for candidates as opposed to the far right, whoever they may be. »

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And to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s attention, Laurent Berger warned: “To say we should not give a single vote to the far right, we have already heard it in 2017, and after the first round of the 2022 presidential election, it is good, but it is insufficient…”

“A little courage! Towards the far right” Laurent Berger’s CFDT hammers its values ​​”

The far right may have between 20 and 40 deputies by the end of the second round, according to the latest estimates from polling stations. And then for the first time since 1986 to form a group in the assembly.

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