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This Tuesday evening at the Charlie Chaplin Cultural Center in Vaulx-en-Velin and on the occasion of a partnership between USEP by Vaulx-en-Velin and UFOLEP Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, the Ambassadors of the 2024 Olympics highlighted a show around noon. the trip.

Pupils from Makarenko B primary school in Vaulx-en Velin were the stars of this performance to show the diversity of countries through dance coordinated by Maïssa Barouche, choreographer from Vaud and Paris 2024 coordinator at UFOLEP AURA.

Working around travel is the will of the teachers of Makarenko B’s primary school. Five primary classes were honored this year, including four CE1 classes and one CE2 class. The first part of the show was delivered by kindergarten students. This year, the ambassadors who promoted the breakdance discipline at the 2024 Olympic Games were responsible for the choreographies and their teaching to elementary school students. The entire show was coordinated by Maïssa Barouche, the Paris 2024 coordinator at L’UFOLEP AURA. The Sports Federation had already worked specifically with Langevin Primary School in Vaulx-en-Velin with a 50-minute show in the Les Amphis cinema with 75 children. This show condemned both racism and discrimination. This time it is a trip around the world presented by his 75 other students around living together.

Show diversity through dance

India, Japan, Cuba or even Tanzania were on the agenda this Tuesday night at the Charlie Chaplin Cultural Center in Vaulx-en-Velin. Showing the diversity and beauty of countries in dance with a hip-hop energy was the main challenge of this show. “ We wanted to look for different countries with different colors, cultures and architectures to show all this incredible diversity., explains Maïssa Barouche. Represent and show that the landscapes and cultures around us are beautiful and “With the images we projected on the back, we wanted to travel. The goal was to take the spectators, but also the children on a journey through the discovery of dances from around the world., announces Maïssa. “Dance has actually followed our lives since the dawn of time, whether it is to communicate, celebrate an event, rebel or show off”, a transmission that we have preserved to this day, a true legacy. “And finally, we notice a lot of common points between these dances, the boundary is very light: Hip hop is inspired by all the world’s dances and also inspires its latest to bring them up to date”.

During the show, the passage of time was also highlighted via means of transportation such as the train, the boat or even the plane. “We wanted to create a sound and visual atmosphere around the trip to give the public the impression of being on a plane with us, the various messages from the purser and the dialogues are written by the kids.” she concludes. Nacer Denfir, director of the Makarenko B primary school and president of the USEP in Vaulx-en-Velin, also wants to highlight certain key points that need to be maintained. “The fact that boys can also dance, that we work for equality between girls and boys, that we show a skill that is not necessarily acquired by everyone. it’s incredible. And it’s a notion of sharing and solidarity. It represents many things in these neighborhoods, and it needs to be highlighted ”.

A partnership between UFOLEP and USEP

After UFOLEP received a call for projects about the Paris Olympics 2024 by promoting new disciplines (breakdance, surfing, skateboarding and speed climbing), Nacer Denfir invited Maïssa Barouche to establish this project with the students and ambassadors. These ambassadors represent the second generation working with USEP at both schools. “It’s a partnership, it’s a bit like the big sister and the little sister between ufolep and us. That is what is pleasant, and being able to work with competent people provides extraordinary added value “, announces Nacer Denfir. “And we succeeded, everyone welcomed the show” he will be finished. “With my background as a choreographer and dance teacher, I was able to help the ambassadors design the show.” explains Maissa. It was the agreement every Tuesday with each class for 1 hour, the ambassadors taught the children of the primary school the choreographies. A way too to share their passion and learn it.

UFOLEP AURA is currently recruiting new ambassadors in urban dances for the 2022-2023 season.

Contact Maïssa Barouche for more information: m.barouche@ufolep-aura.com

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