Annecy 2022 – Mediawan kids & family sets their ambitions

Release Date: 17/06/2022 – 08:16

If the Mediawan group had already held a press conference last year in Annecy, it’s the first time it’s intervened under their new label Mediawan kids & family.

The pillar of Mediawan kids & family therefore consists of Method Animation along with four other production brands: ON Classics, Joann Sfar’s Magical Society, but also the 2D animation brand Somewhere Animation and the child fiction studio Elliott Studio. And Mediawan Children and Family Distribution manages the catalog of 2,500 half-hour programs produced in the group.

Julien Borde, executive vice president of the Mediawan Group, detailed for the occasion a line-up representative of the ambitions of the new entity, starting with Astroboy restarts (Photo). Method Animation and Shibuya Productions (Cédric Biscay and Kostadin Yanev) have teamed up to produce a new animated series (52×26 ‘) adapted fromAstro boy, Osamu Tezuka’s cult work. The production will be handed over to Thomas Astruc, creator and director of Miraculously: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir who presents himself as a big fan of Osamu Tezuka “an artist who had a strong influence on my work”. This new series will carry the values ​​of the original character, the first from 1963, but also several important topics in the current society.

Another universe with high heritage value, that of magic carousel, created by Serge Danot in 1964, which will be reborn in the form of a new series of 52 11-minute episodes, intended for kindergartens aged 3 to 5 years. It is co-produced with Magic, a production company founded and directed by Jérôme Brizé, who manages the rights of the Danot family, and produced by Camille Oesch, head of original and international productions at Method Animation.

With more than 500 episodes broadcast in more than 60 countries, adaptation in 30 languages, The magic roundabout is one of the most popular children’s titles. He is considered one of the first strong traits in the early childhood television history, having traveled the world.

Mediawan’s children and family then decided to collaborate with youtuber Kevin Tran, known as Le Rire Jaune and author of the manga Ki & Hey to draw a series. “The story of two crazy brothers who go all the way to the smallest village in a panda-shaped kingdom. The first is tall, fat and loves to torment the second, small, skinny, but ready to do anything to get revenge on the cunningest possible way! “. Series Ki & Heywill be presented at the next comic book forum.

On the animation side for adults are three projects in different stages of progress, starting with The comments, which will be released on June 17 on Prime Video, a documentary in five half-hour episodes dedicated to Paul Pogba, each opening with an animated sequence. will come next time The junglea very personal vision of the world of work, written by a former lawyer, the first images of which were revealed in Annecy, then a project on music, Life on track, as each chapter will be produced by great animation talents. But their list will be revealed later.

Other children’s series have been presented as Petronix Defenders, where Matt, Jia, Emma and Tom travel the world with their little companions to rescue endangered wildlife. Not to mention the return of Miraculously: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir for a 5e season, The Little Prince and his friends, The 3 Musketeers (who is now 3 daughters), Pirate Academy, Robin Hoodor Mister Crocodile.

On the feature film side, two films are in preparation, starting with the transposition of the universe of Miraculously: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to the big screen, led by Jeremy Zag. Change of universe with the biopic about Marcel Pagnol, who will be directed by Sylvain Chomet, the latter returns to the cinema after 10 years of absence. “See you in three years” Aton Soumache said in conclusion.

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