heat records are expected on Saturday

The situation improves on Sunday, but temperatures will remain very high for the following days.

38 degrees in the shade in Nantes and Rennes, 40 ° C in Paris, 39 ° C in La Rochelle … Historical temperatures for the month of June are expected on Saturday during the paroxysm of the heat wave in France. “Absolute records can even be reached locally exceeding the maximum values ​​recorded during the summer heatwaves of 2003 and 2019”, emphasizes Régis Crépet, meteorologist at the Weather Channel (Figaro group). The 40 ° C bar was passed on Thursday in Saint-Jean-de-Minervois, in Hérault, for the first time so early on the French mainland. Saturday is expected to be the warmest day ever in June, with a day-night average of 28 ° C nationwide.

Fourteen departments have been put on red alert by the Weather Channel, and 53 on orange. The western part of the country will experience another day with oven, with possible peaks at 42 ° C, or even 43 ° C locally in New Aquitaine for example. The heat wave will gradually spread north and east and eventually overwhelm the entire territory. “The intensity of the expected temperatures caused us, in collaboration with Public Health France, to trigger heatwave alert, even though the episode only lasts 48 hours in certain regions.”, emphasizes François Jobard, forecasting champion at Météo-France. The warning is usually issued when the temperature reaches 34 ° C during the day and does not fall below 20 ° C at night, three days in a row.

Prolonged extreme heat is dangerous for the body, especially if it has not been able to recover due to the mildness of the night. But the night from Friday to Saturday was supposed to be the episode’s hottest. The day before, a temperature of 25 ° C had already been recorded in Toulouse at the coolest time, that is, at dawn.

Although there are still uncertainties, meteorologists predict a gradual end to the heat wave from Sunday. The weather cools off from the northwest from Saturday night

Health authorities recall the risk of fatigue, heat stroke, dehydration and decompensation of existing diseases, and health authorities have urged the population to be careful and protect vulnerable people (infants, children, pregnant women and over 65). A toll free number

has been set up. Especially since the heat will be accompanied by an episode of ozone pollution in Île-de-France, as well as in several departments in Occitanie, Paca and Hauts-de-France.

Heat wave: 14 departments set in red alarm

Although there are still uncertainties, meteorologists predict a gradual end to the heat wave from Sunday. The weather cools in the northwest from Saturday night. The wind picks up and the mercury will then drop to around 30 ° C in the northern and western part of the country. Still above seasonal norms, but below heatwave warning thresholds. The night becomes less suffocating than the previous ones. However, the heat should still withstand a little in the eastern and central regions, which on Monday may experience peaks of 35 ° C. The outcome of this heatwave event could be accompanied by heavy thunderstorms.“They may be virulent from time to time, but they will remain localized because the soil is very dry, which limits evapotranspiration”

The cities most threatened by the explosion in the number of days and nights with heat waves

The heat wave also exacerbates the drought of the earth and increases the risk of the fire starting everywhere in France. It also has implications in agriculture, especially for aquatic ecosystems and wildlife (in the midst of reproducing and feeding the young). Some bird species, such as sparrows, leave their nests when the air temperature is too high, leaving their young to die. While the bees exhaust themselves by ventilating their hives, thus losing strength that will not be dedicated to foraging.

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The increasingly frequent heat waves in France

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