Tabir Sarrail, a rock and meditative journey

The Dijon group Tabir Sarrail offers an original musical journey. Between dissonance and perfect harmony, the cello, theremin and guitars unlock the doors to the imagination.

Tabir Sarrail … This name sounds like the promise of a journey.

You still have to accept getting lost on the post-rock crossroads that the Dijon band has taken. Composed of cellist and singer Malika Marchand, drummer Rémi Meilley, guitarist Brice Defonseca, bassist Nicolas Colson and Robin Mory, both guitarist, pianist and theremin player, Tabir Sarrail seeks the fragile alchemy between these instruments during long pieces (minimum 9 min), written as paths between rock and dreams.

The group gets its name from a novel by the Albanian Ismaïl Kadaré, The Palace of Dreams. In a tyrannical empire, the hero Mark-Alem is hired by a capital administration: Tabir Sarrail.

“In this book, the author describes a society controlled by a very important ministry that would control the dreams of the people, Tabir Sarrail“explains Robin Mory, who admits to having chosen the name because the novel marked it. The musical project is clearly displayed when you have this key: “Absolutely, but he does not say that.”

In fact, Tabir Sarrail’s music speaks to our unconscious. This purely instrumental post-rock hijacks academic rules.

The human voice can be guessed, but it is his double cello that speaks. Rhythm and rebellion are never far away, as in our dreams. However, it is the theremin that has the last word, sometimes in dialogue, sometimes in dissonance.

The Theremin, one of the oldest electronic musical instruments, was invented in 1920 by the Russian Lev Sergueievitch Termen. The instrument sounds fascinating when tamed, between the human voice and the electric saw.

Tabir Sarrail’s musicians met in 2018 just to play with friends, “without precise idea and without limitation of precise musical form“From drums to theremin, their sound palette is so wide that they can mix their influences. If Malika Marchand has a classical education, the other four are more from rock and are self-taught. Robin Mory, who heads the independent studio Triphon in Dijon, admits to having been influenced by the Montreal group Godspeed you! Black Emperor.

The group’s next album, consisting of four titles, will be released this fall on the Luminol Records label. Ideally, Tabir Sarrail hopes to release it on double vinyl.

Since its inception in 2018, the quintet has incorporated video projections into its concerts. With bassist Nicolas Colson, group members create poetic and enigmatic images, projected on seven screens and edited live.

With the video projections, we try to give some clues about the musical journey that we are proposing for the concert.

Robin Mory, member of the Dijon group Tabir Sarrail

“It’s a pretty long experience, quite meditative and having the picture can refocus attention on something else and bring other emotions to the stage.”

The group’s project is inseparable from the picture.

Robin Mory, co-founder of the Dijon group Tabir Sarrail

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# studio3 was produced by the France 3 Burgundy teams:

  • Instructor: Cyrille Fouquin
  • Video technicians: Jean-Renaud Gacon and Cédric Torelli
  • Sound: Arnaud Tock, Samuel Verrier, Gilles Parnalland
  • List: Hervé Coeffet
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  • Manuscript: Anne Bruynooghe
  • Infographics: Emmanuel Picaut and Cyrille Fouquin
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  • Journalist: Tiphaine Pfeiffer

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