top 5 of the cuvée’s leaders, even if they are few!

Tick, tick, tick, tick … 2022 NBA Draft is fast approaching, only six days left to wait now! If we find that this year’s vintage is quite rich on most gaming stations, there is one where there are fewer resources. It is on a par with the lead that the pool in 2022 is less tight, but there is still talent. So if your franchise needs a 1-position as soon as possible, here are the top five gold nuggets that Draft 2022 has to offer.

1. Dyson Daniels – G League Ignite – 19 years – 2m01 – 90 kilos

It’s been two years since the NBA Global Academy campus in Canberra has challenged leaders ready to rock the NBA. Last year, Josh Giddey was the first to reach the league, and this season it’s Dyson Daniels who decided to follow in his senior’s footsteps. He did not select the NBL to improve the year for his 19 years, but the team in the G League Ignite. The point guard was the star of this development team, with which he had a successful season 11.3 points on 44.9% shooting, 5.9 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.9 steals on average in 31 minutes of play on average on the season. Often compared to Derrick White for his side Everywhere, position 1 with the first name of the vacuum cleaner brand is one in the defense. His rigor in one-on-one opposition allows him to steal a lot of balls from more experienced opponents. In attack, Dyson Daniels is complete. Its playmaking is excellent whether it is on transition or placed play. He knows how to end his drives on contact or find his teammates 3-point behind the arc for the assist. Aside from him shooting from the parking lot, it’s not really his hobby. With a long success rate of 25.5%, it clearly needs to improve. But if we are to believe the videos of his various training sessions, the point guard has moved on and is now ready to investigate in catch-and-shoot. US experts expect the Australian quite high: according to the latest mock draft from ESPNhe could be selected by the Blazers in a seventh position.

2. Ty Ty Washington Jr. – Kentucky Wildcats – 20 years – 1m93 – 90 pounds

We were expecting Kentucky at the turnaround this season in the NCAA. The team list was enticing, expectations were high, as great as the disappointment at the end of the season. When at the same time you are eliminated by a little thumb, when you are one of the favorites for the title, it stings a little in the buttocks. This season, novice TyTy Washington is lined up alongside the future best player Oscar Tshiebwe. And as every year in Kentucky, a leader is underutilized when he clearly has more potential. With its 12.8 points on 45.1% on shots including 35% on 3-pointers, 3.5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.3 interceptions on 29.1 minutes of play on average over the season, position 1 has the shoulders to become a much better player in the NBA than he was in college. On the offensive side, TyTy masters pick-and-roll very well, especially if it is Sylvester who sets the screen. His midfield shot is excellent, and when he does not have the ball, the point guard knows how to read the game and cut in the right timing to receive his teammate’s caviar perfectly. But even though he is only a beginner, TyTy still turns 21 by November, which is a junior age. So to perfect his offensive qualities, position 1 must also work on his drives so he can finish just as easily in the circle in the NBA as in the NCAA. After squatting in the lottery throughout the season, the Wildcat has come down well in the mocks: according to the latest from kl. ESPNhe could be selected by the Nuggets in the 21st position.

3.Kennedy Chandler – Tennessee Volunteers – 19 years – 1m85 – 78 pounds

After TyTy and Sylvester, here’s the next Looney Tune: Speedy Gonzales. Yes, for his freshman season in Tennessee, Kennedy Chandler surprised everyone with his simply amazing speed. Facing defenses bigger than him, running at Flash speed has saved him the day over and over again. Member of the Second Team All-SEC – his conference – thanks to his 13.8 points on 46.4% shooting including 38.3% from distance, 3.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.1 steals in 30.8 minutes of play on average over the season, the captain has been able to put his qualities as a defender to work in a strong conference. He is excellent in direct opposition on the ball carrier and his interception average shows that he is greedy in relation to stolen balls. Kennedy Chandler’s passing game is promising and complements his very aggressive drive play. The small post 1, however, finds it difficult to end up in contact with great revolutions, and does not necessarily manage to make the right decisions in these cases. According to the latest mock draft from ESPN, Kennedy could be selected by the Grizzlies in 22nd place. Not bad addition in the backup of Ja Morant.

4. Dalen Terry – Arizona Wildcats – 19 years – 2m04 – 88 kilos

The Arizona Wildcats were also favorites for the national title. Although the project did not succeed, the collective was no less exceptional. Alongside the potential lottery pick Bennedict Mathurin (back) and pivot Christian Koloko, point guard Dalen Terry was the conductor of this enticing list. Looking at his season stats with 8 points on 50.2% shooting, 4.8 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.2 steals in 27.8 minutes of play on average, we understand that position 1 was not the first offensive opportunity for Arizona in its second season. The point guard, who turns 20 in July, is best known and much appreciated for his defense. Its large size and mobility allow it to defend itself just as well on the small point guards as on the slimmer wingers. His attacking play is unfortunately limited. Although his outside shooting has improved over the season, his drive play is not developed enough. To counteract this, the American knows how to create shots for others. According to the latest mock draft from ESPNcould he be selected by the Heat in a 27th place, a franchise that already has a lot of leaders in the ranks.

5. Trevor Keels – Duke Blue Devils – 19 years – 1m96 – 100 kilos

In the final season of Coach K’s career, the Blue Devils pulled all the stops so the Duke legend could finish in style. Between Paolo Banchero, AJ Griffin and Mark Williams, the former Team USA coach was quite spoiled. Next to this very talented front line, it was necessary to strengthen the lead. And it’s Trevor Keels who has been the most featured this season. Although he was used more in a sixth-man role, the combo guard was still the third most played on average on Duke’s list this season. Without being a part of the first offensive opportunities, he ends the season 11.8 points on 41.9% shooting, 3.7 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.2 steals in 31.4 minutes of play average. Trevor Keel’s body is unique. He is very strong, especially in the upper body, which allows him to finish strong in contact with the interior. Its rather significant weight for a position 1 nevertheless prevented it from being as aggressive towards the circle as its competitors. But it seems that the problem is being solved: In the last pictures we have been able to see of him, it seems that Mr Keels has melted since the end of the university season. In terms of playmaking, Trevor has the instinct to be able to put his teammates in the best of relationships. On the other side of the field, position 1 is a starving man who does not allow himself to be defeated and who will always be there and try to steal a few balloons. According to the latest mock draft from ESPN, he could be selected by Magic in a 35th place. Behind Cole Anthony of rival University of North Carolina, it may well be teased in the locker room.

The leaders of this 2022 vintage are mostly recognized for their good defense, on or off the ball. And while it’s not very rich at position 1, any franchise that would not say no to a guard with an organizing and defensive profile could potentially find happiness in the Draft next Thursday.

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