What are the most famous dog breeds in France?

In France you will find most dog breeds in the world in LOF. What are the French’s favorite dogs?

What are the French’s five favorite dog breeds?

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Société Centrale Canine or SCC publishes an annual ranking of the most popular dog breeds in France. In fact, it handles the registrations of dogs in LOF el Book on French origins. This great book indicates the origin of each breed (Shepherd, Terrier, Basset, Braque, Griffon, Mastiff, etc.). It also serves as a guarantee of the purity of each breed in breeding animals.

The Australian Shepherd

In 2020 and 2021, the Australian Shepherd Dog held first place ahead of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Belgian Shepherd Dog.

This Dog breed is not of Australian origin, she comes from the Basque Country. In the beginning of the 20the century, Basque settlers exported it to Australia and North America.

This shepherd proves to be intelligent in leading the herds. He is also excellent as a companion dog. This dog breed is especially suitable for sports champions. Playful and loving, this dog is also suitable for children and is comfortable with the whole family.

Many French people are very happy with this shepherd.

The Belgian shepherd

This dog breed is of Belgian origin. In the 19th century, this Shepherd developed in the cities of Mechelen, Tervuren, Laeken and Groenendael.

Know that the Belgian shepherd comes in four varieties. Each bears the name of its city of origin. The Mechelen variety is used by law enforcement during interventions. In fact, the Belgian Malinois turns out to be reactive, lively and agile. Thus, it adapts well to family life.

In addition, this shepherd is suitable for guarding. With a little exercise, he quickly develops his intelligence.

As a player, the Belgian shepherd lives well with children. Its breeding is therefore recommended.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an old race. After the Australian Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd, he ranks third in the Book of French Origins classification.

This dog breed originates from the territory of Great Britain. Before 1835 it was used as a fighting dog. From 20e century, this terrier develops in a more framed way and spreads around the world.

In 1935, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was recognized as a dog breed. Although he has an impressive physique, he remains a balanced and very gentle terrier. This English dog turns out to be close to his master. So it is suitable for children. However, he attacks and defends himself when he feels attacked or in danger.

Golden Retrievers

L ‘the origin of this Retriever remains unknown. Some dog handlers say it is descended from Caucasian dogs, ancestors of Leonberger. Other breeders claim that the Golden Retriever is the result of a cross between a Tweed Water Spaniel (an extinct breed) and a Wire Retriever.

From 20e century, this dog develops in England. In the 1930s, he arrived in France and began to conquer the hearts of the French.

This dog breed is docile. Cute and intelligent, the Golden Retriever is a pleasant pet. In addition, he is on the list of dogs that are easy to train. Due to its size and behavior, this family dog ​​is suitable for children.

The German Shepherd

Towards the end of the 19the century, the German Shepherd identified for the first time in Germany. The popularity of this dog is immediate in this country and especially in France.

Today, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds around the world. This dog actually has many beneficial properties such as intelligence, docility, etc.

The German Shepherd is a very good watch and hunting dog. In addition, he is very protective and attaches a lot to his family, especially to children.

This dog breed is easy to train, she just needs physical exercises to develop her potential. Loving, this dog gets along well with other animals (cats, other dog breeds, etc.).

Other breeds are quite common in France

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In France you will find most things dog breeds found in the world. To identify the type of dog that suits your personality, get advice from a dog handler when choosing.

The French bulldog

The French bulldog is available in two variants:

  • The Brindle Bulldog;
  • The white and brindle bulldog.

This mastiff has a small size. Kind, playful, loving and gentle, this french dog is good with children. Smart, easy to maintain. However, he does not get along well with other animals, especially with the cat.

that French bulldog has a muscular and powerful body with a large frame. Its impressive head is slightly angular. The bulldog’s skin forms more or less symmetrical folds and wrinkles.

This mastiff has an average size between 30 and 35 cm. The weight of the French bulldog varies between 8 and 14 kg.

Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel is one hunting dog very fast French. He is one of the fast continental pointers. However, it also adapts to family life.

This companion dog remains loyal to its master while being friendly with strangers.

Brittany Spaniel is a runaway. He therefore needs many exercises. Therefore, its maintenance proves to be a bit difficult.

Playful and robust, he is kind to children and remains loving to them. The spaniel is suitable for people who want to start dog breeding.

This dog has a somewhat fine, slightly wavy or flat coat. It is available in several colors: white and orange, white and brown, white and black, etc.

The average height of the spaniel rooster varies between 47 and 52 cm. A female spaniel measures between 46 and 51 cm.


The Basset Hound has short legs with a rather heavy frame. It has a strong, elongated body with a somewhat long but still proportionate head.

The basset stop is not very marked. This terrier also has a heavy, deep muzzle with drooping lips. Her soft, sad eyes make her gaze irresistible.

Basset Hound is good for children. Loving, playful and calm, this occasional dog is therefore ideal if you have just started dog breeding. You can also take it on a trip, etc. Note, however, that this dog must move daily.

The bass has an average height of between 33 and 38 cm.


Weimaraner is available in two variants: the short-haired pointer and the long-haired pointer.

This large dog has an elongated body and a slender, slightly curved neck. Braque has a developed musculature and strong limbs. Its stop is easily marked and gives it a noble profile.

With her amber eyes, Braque has an intelligent expression. He also has large, relatively long ears.

Easy to care for, Braque is the perfect dog if you have a baby at home. In addition, he gets along well with other animals (cats, other dogs such as labradors, shepherds, bouviers, vendéens, etc.).

Robust, this watchdog needs exercise to thrive.

Threaded Pointing Griffon

This Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is good with children and gets along well with other animals (cat, horse, etc.). Robust and intelligent, it proves to be able to protect. Playful and calm, Griffon is still a hunting dog.

The griffon needs exercises just like other dog breeds (Labrador, Bouvier, Charles King, Anglo French, Chihuahua, Bordeaux, Basset Vendeen, etc.). He is also sociable with Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, etc.

The Pyrenees

That mountain dogs from the Pyrenees is a very old breed of shepherds. This French dog is used in the Pyrenees to protect herds from bears.

The Pyrenees mountain is considered a companion dog. He has an impressive and impressive physique as the shepherd. Intelligent and loving, a dog from the Pyrenees remains suspicious of strangers and other animals.

The English mastiff

The English mastiff or English bulldog is a ferocious dog like the German Shepherd. The English used it for Bull-baiting. This sport died out in 1837, and the English mastiff began to disappear until hunters became interested in this breed.

The English mastiff has a very short, smooth and fine coat. The color of this dog breed is often uniform (red, fawn, black, white, etc.).

The English cocker spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is both a hunting dog and a companion dog. Its long hair makes it difficult to maintain it. Its long bangs also pick up dirt, leaves, etc.

Cocker Spaniel is available in several colors:

  • Solid-colored dogs: black, chocolate, etc.
  • Two-colored Cockers: black and white, orange and white, black and chocolate, etc.

How do you choose your French dog?

A Jack Russell sleeping on his bed / Credit: undefined undefined.

Before you decideadopt a dog, you must first select a race. Would you like to have a German bulldog, a chihuahua, a labrador or a vendéen? Note that the choice of breed depends on your lifestyle and the space available in your home. For example, if you want a small house dog, choose a Cavalier King Charles, a Chihuahua, a small Russell dog, or a Bordeaux dog. On the other hand, if you want a watchdog or a hunting dog, choose a German Shepherd, a Bouvier, a Labrador, and so on.

Also think about feeding and caring for your pet. You need a budget to give him a healthy life and ensure his well-being, regardless of his breed (Shepherd, Labrador, Chihuahua, Charles King, etc.).

In France, the search for an intelligent dog turns out to be simple. All you have to do is join a dog club to find a good breed.

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