6 good reasons to hike with a guide

Trekking with an experienced guide is the best way to combine pleasure and safety throughout your trip! We explain why.

“Trekking”. This term derived from Dutch means a long hike in a sometimes rugged wilderness. More than an outdoor activity, a trek is an adventure stay a thousand miles from your comfort zone as well as a sporting and mental challenge that invites you to surpass yourself.

To best achieve this immersion in some sometimes remote and inhospitable natural surroundings, our team presents some of the indisputable reasons to hike with a guide. From then on, it’s up to you to take advantage of it and make the most of this unique experience: start!

Benefit from the support of a qualified expert

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High mountain guides, mountain guides, hiking guides … There are many diplomas and training courses that allow supervision of participants in a trek. They reassure participants about the legitimacy of the instructor, his level of experience and his ability to accompany them properly.

The guides bear a great responsibility: they are responsible for the development of the itinerary, the logistics, the group’s progress and its essential coherence. In addition, they ensure in advance the walkers’ ability to complete the route within the allowed time.

More than an adventurer or a sports instructor, the trekking guide must combine theoretical knowledge, practical skills and relational know-how to guarantee the success of the route. Trekking with a guide means taking advantage of the presence of a complete professional and moral support at all times.

The Explora Project organizes 39 “Trekking” expeditions in the heart of the stunning landscapes of eight different destinations. Some last about ten days in total, which shows the great importance of quality support!

2. Enjoy an exclusive experience

Trekking in Madeira

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Taking advantage of the presence of a guide during a long wilderness vacation can greatly optimize the experience. His in-depth knowledge of the crossed region, its inhabitants and local tourism actors is an undeniable asset in increasing the satisfaction of the hikers he accompanies.

They will be able to access unknown places, take advantage of unique activities and discover exceptional off-road routes. Going on a hike with a guide thus guarantees the participants a total authenticity … which they could not find under a classic circuit prepared by a tour operator to the general public.

The guides established in the sector have forged bonds of trust and built privileged relationships with quality partners. Explora Project has understood the importance of this local presence, which is essential to allow an 8-day adventure in the heart of the forest of Madeira or 9 days of roaming in the heart of the Moroccan atlas, for example!

Live an experience based on sharing

Trek with a guide

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During your trip you will benefit from the tips, tricks, anecdotes and fascinating information distilled by your guide. The notions of exchange and sharing are at the heart of the lived experience: Hiking with a guide allows you to acquire the latter’s passion for perfecting your own skills.

You will have the opportunity to train in survival techniques in a hostile environment. Construction of shelters, orientation, search for food, handling of tools, development of taste for rusticity … The practical benefits are numerous. They are complemented by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of this educator who will know how to make your trip unforgettable.

In addition to his own skills, the guide is actually able to consolidate the group under his responsibility by inspiring and motivating each of its members. A true leader, he wants to know how to make you appreciate every moment you spend in his company and make the expedition unforgettable in its entirety.

4. Access quality services

Northern Lights in Lapland

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Nowadays, a prolonged escape in the middle of nature cannot be improvised. It is based on compliance with strict standards and mastery of reliable technologies for obvious safety reasons. Taking a hike with a guide provides security to take advantage of the services and network that the latter has access to.

Take the professionals associated with a travel agency like Explora Project: their high quality services depend directly on the many factors that the company takes into consideration. Nothing is left to chance, from the choice of routes to the equipment provided, including optimization of comfort and support from local partners.

Tour operators specializing in this type of dedicated expeditions are therefore able to guarantee full assistance at all times. Equipment, health, but also administrative and legal coverage covers the needs of participants who want to go hiking. Whether you decide to tackle the regional nature park of Corsica, the lakes and valleys of Slovenia or a high mountain hike in Sardinia, you will enjoy total protection from start to finish. What more ?

5. Minimize its impact on the environment

MTB Explora project

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The guides are constantly evolving in a lavish environment whose infinity is matched only by its fragility. Respect for the natural environment is one of the priorities of these trekking professionals, who apply the principles of the “Leave No Trace” program. The goal ? Suggest a responsible travel model by promoting clean expeditions with a low environmental footprint.

For example, the use of resources occurs in a justified manner throughout the hike. The hikers try to respect the routes on the investigated trails and use an exemplary handling of the generated wastewater or wastewater. They respect the fauna and flora, and when the evening comes, they make sure to set up virtuous camps. These small movements, seemingly simple, greatly minimize the impact of the excursion on the ecosystem.

Raising awareness of environmental issues is at the heart of the guides’ mission. Guided hiking is therefore an excellent way to enjoy the joys of nature while preserving the environment as much as possible. As such, trekking and the values ​​it conveys are beneficial to the youngest. Do not hesitate to involve them in your next project!

6. Know your own limits … and overcome them together

Trek in Morocco

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Trekking consists of traveling ten or even hundreds of miles over several days. Sometimes this horizontal distance is accompanied by a steep fall that also strains muscles, joints and mind! A real sporting challenge, this most demanding outdoor activity is akin to a purely physical and psychological challenge. As they evolve, each participant discovers unimaginable strengths.

Very often these will allow him to dispel his doubts and overcome the many obstacles in his path. This is the role of your guide, who will be able to determine your abilities and push you to exceed them in full safety.

This qualified sports instructor guarantees your physical integrity throughout the trip. He provides advice, encouragement and possibly some care to the walkers under his responsibility. Keystone in a group to which he always ensures an honest cohesion, the guide allows him to keep up the pace and reach a common goal. What if that was ultimately the essence of trekking?

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