Legislature in Eure: an outbreak of the far right

In 2017, the presidential majority won all the constituencies there. Failure of Eure in 2022: all the Together candidates were beaten in favor of a national rally that won four of the five duels that were played in the department in this second round of the parliamentary elections on Sunday 19 June.

Voters’ dissatisfaction with the government or real support for the ideas of the far right party? After being the only Norman department to place Marine Le Pen at the helm of the first round of the presidential election, Eure is now the first to elect RN deputies.

Christine Loir in 1st constituency (50.62%), Katiana Levavasseur in 2nd (51.10% of the vote), Kévin Mauvieux in 3rd (54.05%), Timothée Houssin in 5th (50.63%) … Four lepenist candidates from Eure drove forward. to the National Assembly, after a particularly strong RN vote in the small towns and marked by a gap often of only a few hundred votes. Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe, Séverine Gipson, Fabien Gouttefarde, outgoing Macronist deputies, well known to the Euro, have all been beaten.

An exception to this strong push from the far right: the victory in the 4th constituency Eure (Val-de-Reuil, Louviers, Gaillon) for the socialist candidate from Nupes, the magistrate Philippe Brun (50.44% of the vote), where his opponent RN had come out on top in the first round. “We won by a hair’s breadth,” admitted the only left-wing deputy from Eure after his victory.

RN elected opposition or unknown deputies

In the first constituency Eure (Breteuil, Damville, Évreux-Est, Évreux-Sud), an area historically marked to the right – constituency previously won by Jean-Louis Debré and Bruno Le Maire before his appointment to the government – is an almost unknown RN- candidate outside her territory who will sit on the benches of the Palais-Bourbon: Christine Loir, 45-year-old nurse, from Verneuil.

In the second constituency (Évreux, Le Neubourg, Brionne), the RN candidate who will represent the territory of the Assembly, Katiana Levavasseur, a maintenance worker and opposition municipal councilor in Neubourg, has been a member of the party since 2014, campaigning for his affiliation with France. “who gets up early”: “I do not live by politics. I know what it is to work!”, she confided in Paris-Normandy on June 8.

For the 3rd constituency (Bernay-Pont-Audemer), RN Kévin Mauvieux was elected with a much larger gap. This insurance adviser is also an opposition municipal councilor in Pont-Audemer. In this constituency, ARS’s closure of Bernay’s maternity hospital in 2019 gave the outgoing deputy to Together, Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe, many criticisms. About thirty elected officials from this area had publicly called for blocking the RN by voting for it in the second round.

But it is probably in the 5th district (Vernon, Gisors, Les Andelys) that the defeat of the majority has a particularly bitter taste. The ensemble candidate and various right-wing mayors of Vernon, François Ouzilleau, a very close friend of the President of Eure and the Minister of the Army Sébastien Lecornu, were beaten by Timothée Houssin, head of the RN in Eure. Unlucky candidate for the 2017 parliamentary elections, this 35-year-old Nordic regional councilor who wants to “curb immigration, incivility and serious crime” could be more present in the media than his Euro-comrades, much less experienced than Hi M.

The same campaign themes

In this rural department, the first medical desert on the French mainland measured in the number of general practitioners per per capita, the various candidates campaigned on the same themes: the distance from public services, the insecurity of access to care, the lack of compensation for doctors retired, but also on the purchasing power and difficulties of farmers.

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