A spiritual journey through time and religions

This festival has undoubtedly become a true artistic and cultural institution, which has seen a number of internationally recognized artists, bearers of the values ​​of tolerance and sharing, on its various stages.

It is the spiritual capital of the Kingdom, Fez, that opens the summer festival ball for the year 2022. After two years of closure after the Covid-19 pandemic, the city of Fez is truly regaining its glorious and iconic Festival of Sacred Music, which ran from 9-12. June 2022. This is its 26th edition, which pays homage to the world’s spiritual voices around the remarkable theme of “Architecture and the Sacred”. The festival was inaugurated on Thursday 9 June by Princess Lalla Hasna, wearing a dazzling kaftan in bright and attractive colors, as part of a fantastic evening featuring the biggest national and foreign personalities from politics, diplomacy, culture and media. as a big party for the participants.

An atmosphere that threw the spectators into a journey from Fez to Jerusalem via Tibet, the Taj Mahal, the Notre-Dame Cathedral to end in Casablanca with the Hassan II Mosque. This festival impresses with a diverse musical program that represents the strongest and most valued spiritual trends. For about three decades, this festival has undoubtedly become a real institution, having seen a number of internationally acclaimed artists on its various stages, bearers of the values ​​of tolerance and sharing. As it is now a significant event on the cultural agenda, whose reputation extends far beyond the borders of the kingdom, the city’s tourist and cultural ecosystem is mobilized to ensure its success and strengthen its influence. .

Outstanding places
To return to a format that is still just as prestigious, the festival featured musical performances that showcased a unique line-up of artists and groups in unique and rare locations that pay homage to the heritage of the spiritual capital. These are Bab Makina, Dar Adiyel, the Aben Danan Synagogue or even Jnan Sbil. The program for this edition saw the presence of artistic troops from more than 15 countries, including the Sultanate of Oman, Kazakhstan, India, France, Italy and Senegal. A special tribute to the musical traditions of Fez and Meknes during an evening dedicated to Bab Makina. So many highlights with Ibrahim Maalouf and Haidouti Orchestra, Roohani Sisters and so many others.

As for the Forum of Fez, the festival’s cultural showcase, it welcomed several national and international speakers who opened up new perspectives on the theme of this edition. The president of the Esprit de Fès Foundation, Abderrafie Zouiten, who was the festival master of this festival, believes, and looks extremely pleased, that this edition was an opportunity for a trip around the world and time. , where he explores how “men of all faiths have expressed their search for the sacred through architecture. The exploration of some of the most emblematic religious buildings in the world will transport us to this long and rich dialogue between people and the divine”.

A history in which synagogues, churches, mosques and temples are not only a materialization of faith, they are also testimonies of great historical movements, such as migrations, conquests, philosophical, artistic and architectural revolutions. Considered one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, Morocco perfectly embodies this philosophy. Its history is marked by the construction of magnificent places of worship and knowledge, such as the great Hassan II Mosque, Quaraouiyine … These exceptional sites have made it possible to shape this spirit of tolerance and openness that has historically characterized our country.

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