Autonomy in the Sahara: Algeria is hysterical about Spain, while Polisario is measured

While the separatist leaders of Polisario have chosen moderation in their reactions to the Spanish government following its sovereign decision to support the Sahara autonomy plan, Algerian diplomacy has gone beyond the bounds of obscenity towards Madrid.

By supporting the Moroccan self-government plan for the Sahara, Spain has been scandalously taken to task by Algeria, to the point that one might have thought that Madrid had announced its support for the self-determination claimed by the Kabylians in Algeria. However, as a victim even during the 1970s and 1980s of the Basque separatists’ terrorism from ETA, and currently confronted but strongly against Catalonia’s demands for independence, Spain has only complied with the obvious claim that Polisario in turn advocates for violence and separatism, today constitute a danger to the stability and security of the Maghreb region, an adjacent and strategic region of Spain.

The support given by Madrid to the plan of autonomy proposed by Morocco, considering it the only serious solution to the final solution to the conflict created around the Sahara, should therefore irritate the Polisario in the first place, and not Algeria, who nevertheless shouts from rooftops that it is only an “observer” and not a party to the Sahara conflict. Did she say that if Staffan de Mistura, the new personal envoy for the UN Secretary-General, revives the format of the round tables in Geneva, she will no longer participate, on the grounds that she is not a party to the conflict?

This did not prevent the Algerian regime from interfering directly in Spain’s internal affairs, as the latter changed its position on the Sahara issue, as did the United States and several European powers. , to the point of recalling its ambassador to Madrid and threatening Spain to cut trade relations with it.

This extremist stance is the opposite of Polisarios, who has not recalled any of those it calls its “representatives” in Spain to protest the historic decision taken on March 18 by the Spanish government.

The head of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, thus confined himself to declaring that “Spain has historical responsibilities which it will have to acknowledge in the light of history,” a phraseology which he regularly repeats to pray, probably, Spain about recolonizing the Sahara … The fact that the majority of Polisario leaders hold the Spanish national naturally contributes to the lukewarmness of their reaction.

For the leader of the Polisario, Spain will one day return to the support given to Morocco, “in the event of a change of government in favor of a possible victory for the Spanish People’s Party in the next legislative election”. According to him, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, President of the People’s Party, when in power, will deny the decision made by Pedro Sanchez.

A solution that the alleged Polisario ambassador to Algiers does not really believe in, who has just stated: “We hope that Spain will change its positions on the Saharawi issue, but I know that the opposition political parties (in Spain) are adopting a politics, and when they come to power, they adopt another “.

Thus, due to Algeria’s statements itself, Polisario, which is presumed to be the only party concerned, seems more measured than the latter in its reactions to Spain’s sovereign decision. The skepticism and defeat of the separatist leaders stands in stark contrast to the violence and vulgarity of the reactions of Algerian diplomacy.

Last Thursday, and with his latest media release to date, the alleged Algerian special envoy in charge of the Sahara and Maghreb, Amar Belani, directly insulted several ministers of the Spanish government, called liars, cynics and ignorant when it comes to international law. Pedro Sanchez, Head of Government, Nadia Calvino, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Jose Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense, Angeles Moreno Bau, Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs were specifically and abundantly offended by Belani.

In a statement to the Spanish newspaper El Confidentialtaken over by the Algerian site ASD last Friday, he claimed that “the irresponsible statements of Minister Nadia Calvino and the out-of-the-cuff remarks of Minister Albares are definitely ruining any chance of normalizing relations with an unreliable government sinking into lies and leaking forward”. He claimed that something was “hiding behind this decision by Spain’s CEO” Pedro Sanchez, and that Albares “broke into diplomacy”, he added: Foreign Affairs), which claims that Spain’s radical new stance on the issue of Western Sahara respects international law, they show disturbing cynicism and blindness. “

When the official votes of a country reach such a level of modesty, it first splashes the Algerians, who themselves only ask to seek refuge in Spain to escape the shame with which their leaders cover the country every day.

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