Chilleurs-aux-Bois SPA is looking for relay families to keep kittens

It is a recurring plague. The teams of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Chilleurs-aux-Bois are often confronted with leaving animals, especially dogs, but especially cats. The vast majority of these felines are not sterilized.
“A couple of cats can breed up to 20,000 kittens in four years, warns Cécile Godeau, team leader at the SPA, along with Helena Collado, leader of the refuge. “Sterilization would be the key to fighting stray cats.”
Relay families welcome kittens under two months while waiting for their placement in an adoptive family or at the cattery. It is a way to clean up the SPA, which is especially overwhelming in the summer.

How to become a relay family? What are the conditions? Both women agreed to answer these questions.

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How to become a relay family?

It is volunteers who come forward. SPA membership is required. “12 euros a year. Of the 80 volunteerswe have only six relay families in the Fleury-les-Aubrais, Rebréchien, etc. sectors. We have no one in Pithiverais“, says Cécile Godeau. One must be able to reserve a room specifically for cats.” They can be carriers. Volunteers are really asked to be careful, especially if they have other animals. Their own cat needs to be vaccinated, ”adds Helena Collado. Of course, one must love animals.

What does it mean?

Lots of accessibility to look after cats, if just to take him to the vet, for example. “We prefer relay families so the cats can socialize too. It’s a real investment,” the manager continues.

Can families accommodate more cats?

Yes, provided they have several pieces per. siblings.

Who pays for food and care?

SPA offers everything. “Croquettes, rubbish, toys. Families just have to come to the shelter to gather everything,” says Helena Collado. To mileage costs, and on a scale some people may be reimbursed. Veterinary expenses are also covered. A voucher is given to them.

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After the two months, can cats be adopted?

Yes. “Legally, an animal can only be placed from two months,” Cécile Godeau recalls. Relay families welcoming cats will receive potential adopters. They will be able to see the animal. “If they are in love, the handover takes place at the shelter.”
Currently, forty kittens, including seven mothers, are placed in relay families. SPA would like to have more families on Pithiverais sectors.

Practice. To become a relay family, contact SPA on or via email at

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