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Epic Games does not leave the creative mode, on the contrary, as it follows the evolution of the Battle Royale mode. Many fixes have been applied to this update and some new things can be found. For example, the wildlife generator makes it possible to spawn wild boar or wolves, and ride on them, as in battle royale. The Grappler glove is also on the way, as are the new weapons recently introduced.

You can find below Fortnite Creative Mode update 21.10 patch notes. As for the Battle Royale mode, the details can be found here.


Roam freely in the wild with the addition of wildlife to ride in Fortnite Creative mode! Just imagine: a Deathrun on the back of a wolf!

Configure the setting in the wildlife generator customization menu Ride on wildlife on Yes to allow players to ride wolves and boars in your game.


You can now enable the recruitment of guards in your games! Assigned to the same team as the player, guards follow him around and attack opponents on sight. You can even customize the name of the guard to give it more personality.

Configure the setting in the shift generator customization menu Can be recruited on Yes to allow players to recruit guards for your game.


Have you ever wanted to put a weapon or key card in your game in a more discreet way? Then the Object Setter device is for you! All you have to do is drop a weapon or consumable on the item dropper and the item in question will appear on a table or be installed on a wall. With customizable interaction text and the ability to set whether the topic falls to the ground, the topic setter adds a new level of immersion to your islands.



  • Added gripper glove in creative condition. Drive yourself by clinging to decorative objects!
  • Added Hammer Assault Rifle (typical, atypical, rare, epic, legendary, mythical).
  • Added double-shot rifle (typical, atypical, rare, epic, legendary, mythical).
  • Added Marksman Rifle (typical, atypical, rare, epic, legendary, mythical).


  • Added a new cube and a flat card to the galleries with primitive shapes A and B.
  • Added new wood, brick, concrete and marble materials to the Primitive Shapes B gallery.
  • Added a diamond, a rhombus, a square and a trapeze in the Glass Gallery (props).
  • Updated glass materials with visual improvements, more vibrant colors and two new material types (frost and ethereal). Remark: if you preferred the previous glass style, choose Ethereal to get the same result.
  • Added Lotus Flower and Floating Lotus Flower to Festival Gallery.
  • Added nine modular mountain and rock galleries that can be built and not destroyed.


  • Added new options for physics wood and stone.
  • Added new escalation capabilities to the Inventory and Party Settings unit and the Class Designer unit to allow high gravity escalation.
  • Removed occurrence limit per. island from cabinet maker and guard spawner (the limit was previously set at 20 per island). The AI ​​spawn limit is not affected by this change.


  • Fixed an issue with visible gray geometry for pool props in Props – Invasion Gallery.
  • Fixed an example of volume size in the Tilted Towers gallery (props).
  • Fixed an issue with items that popped up outside the Festival Gallery preview volume.
  • Fixed an issue where content was corrupted when building on IO Airship Prefab.
  • Fixed an issue where several contents were destroyed in the fortress prefabricated due to the addition of ground supports.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the roofs of Chonkers Circuit Restaurant prefabricated to provide the wrong resource.
  • Normalized and increased playback distance for the contents of My Cart Gallery.


  • Fixed an issue where using the stopper mover to move flowers would cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where device release menus could not be used with touch controls on Android.
  • Fixed an issue that caused creatures to kill options to transfer between islands.
  • Align the guard value of the guard generator with that of the players.
  • Removed occurrence limit per. island from cabinet maker and guard spawner (the limit was previously set at 20 per island). The AI ​​spawn limit is not affected by this change.


  • Added billboards in the lobby by the lake, flying lobby and flat lobby with grid to show where is the front and where is the back.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all Tilted Towers islands to not fit in the island volume.

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