Grand Frais: ally of Beaucé, a single support for Fougères

Will the Beauséjour area one day see the establishment of Grand Frais or other brands? © The Republican Chronicle

Great Fresh is the core of a battle between Fougères and Beaucé. For months. On the one hand, Louis Feuvrier, wishing to take legal action to prevent the establishment of the grocery store in the Beauséjour area of ​​Beaucé, at the entrance to Fougères.

Faced with what he considers to be “ruthless”, the mayor of Beaucé Stéphane Idlas took advantage of a meeting in the urban area to give his colleagues a file reminiscent of the affair, with the barely hidden hope of getting their support.

What do the other 27 mayors of the Fougères metropolitan area think? We asked them all to know their position. More than half of them issued an opinion, while the others for various reasons (for reasons of neutrality, insufficient knowledge of the case) did not want to send an opinion.

A single mayor, that of Lecousse, however, Louis Feuvrier’s view defended. Anne Perrin confirms this:

“I do not support Grand Frais, I have always refused to allow an additional food trade to be established. I have regular requests and I reject them.”

Anne Perrin, Mayor of Lecousse

However, she deplores the divisions it risks causing within the urban area.

For a rebalancing of the territory

In fact, his position is far from shared by all his colleagues, especially the mayors of the municipalities north of Fougères. With a keyword used by many of them: rebalancing. Some are categorical.

“I am in favor of the establishment of the Grand Frais in Beaucé, it is in the logic of territorial balance. This part of the territory must be able to strengthen its catchment area, and it is important to respect the wishes of the mayor of Beaucé and his council ”.

Alain Paulrel, Mayor of Le Ferré

Support also from the mayor of Landéan Franck Esnault in the name “a development that should not always be oriented to the south”, ie. Loroux Jean-Claude Brard, who regrets “that we have nothing on the east side”.

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Same concern for balanced development on the part of Roger Buffet, Mayor of Monthaultwho believes that “if the brand does not establish itself in Beaucé, it will go elsewhere”.

In Fleurigné, Monique Pommereul also believes that “the sector needs development”, without commenting further on the matter. Same desire for balancing on the part of the mayor Bazouge-du-desert Joseph Drik:

“It is important for the inhabitants of the northern sector that the Beauséjour area develops. On the other hand, it balances the offer from the Fougères urban area on its outskirts ”. He also specifies: “We need to get out of this bouncy soap opera and think about the harmonious development of our territories as well as the services to the inhabitants”.

Joseph Drik

“Interference and ruthlessness”

HAVE Laigneletit is especially the attitude of the mayor of Fougères that goes badly:

“We talked about it in the municipal council, which is outraged at the city of Fougères’ attitude towards Beaucé. The Council is above all linked to the territorial balance between East and West ”.

André Philipot, Mayor of Laignelet

Without commenting on the reality of the case, the mayor has in MelleOlivier Poste, said he was “in solidarity with the mayor of Beaucé”.

A solidarity between rural areas, which is not only expressed north of Fougères. Roland Bouvet, Mayor of Combourtillé, believes that “Stéphane Idlas is right to fight. It is a question of defending the rebalancing of the territory ”. His neighbor Ball Daniel Balluais, he “admires the way Beaucé defends his cause and his courage”. He also mentions a necessary rebalancing, believing that “if Grand Frais wants to establish itself, it will find ways to do so, if it is Beaucé who benefits from it, so much the better”.

The mayor of By Laurent Legendre speaks for his part of “interference” by the mayor of Fougère in the decisions of another municipality and believes that it is a matter of “relentless”. Same feeling with Jean-Pierre Hardy, mayor of Saint-Sauveur-des-Landes which fully supports the Mayor of Beaucé. Spirit of solidarity also with Michelle Garavaglia, Mayor of Saint-Christophe-de-Valainsalthough it is less concerned due to its remote location.

Other mayors are more cautious and hope, however, that things will not escalate. Jean-Pierre Oger, Mayor of Louvigne-du-Desert, “understands that Fougères has concerns, even though it is generally the mayor of Beaucé who has taken over”, but finds that “it would have been easier to discuss it at Agglo before going to court”. The mayor of La Chapelle-Janson Alain Forêt, him, “wants a development of the zone”, but specifies:

“It is necessary to have a global vision, to know the name of the commercial signs that would be installed. The Beauséjour area must be complementary to the existing offer in the territory to avoid commercial evasion.”

Alain Forêt, Mayor of La Chapelle-Janson.


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