Health in pole position in Pont-Audemer and its region

The center is adjacent to the hospital because “urban medicine and hospital medicine must communicate”. © Joce Hue

The furniture arrives, still wrapped, and the painters give their final brushstrokes. Amidst hammer blows and paint odor, the work was completed last week. After almost a year of work, the health center has off Pont Audemer came up from the ground. Gerard Platel is the one who has followed the project from start to finish. “There are still some paint touch-ups to be done, but it’s over. These 1,200 square feet supported by 92 piles will have cost 2.8 million all incl.describes the Vice-President of the Community of Municipalities Pont-Audemer Val de Risle (CCPAVR) with responsibility for inheritance. “It should be noted that local businesses were attached to the site: the wood structure and cladding from the Rocher firm, all the carpentry work from Mongrenier, and then Viamap and SRPT to the exterior and the car park.”

Com'com agent and elected officials
From left to right, Pascal Gouix, Gérard Platel and Michel Leroux. © JH

The building is named Francois Lemarchand in honor of the surgeon and the manager of the operating room, who spent more than thirty years at Risle Hospital Center adjacent to the building and died on 18 January. “He influenced the people and saved many lives, and therefore the municipal council decided to pay tribute to him”explains the president of Com’com, Michael Lerouxwhich secures the visit.

“A good tool”

“When the work ends here and soon in Quillebeuf, we have a great tool”welcomes Michel Leroux, who recalls that this nursing home is “one of the three health components in our territory”. With the medical center off Montfort sur Risle (acquired by the Community of Local Authorities) and that of Quillebeuf-sur-Seine (the former headquarters of Com’com, a relatively new building but in need of refurbishment: “In September, we break down partitions and reorganize”), they thus form the Outpatient Liberal Health Center (PSLA).

Last brushstroke
Finishing brush strokes … © JH

“PSLA is a network. The goal is to have a network of territory in terms of health care and quality care.”insists the elected, happy to inaugurate “this house near the hospital because urban medicine and hospital medicine must communicate, and in addition an effective and attractive health network to attract professionals”. Because seduce new doctors “Spoiled for choice”development of health services and expansion of the area’s medical and paramedical services is actually the goal of the operation.

Available premises

“There is a legitimate development of medical practice, the individual practice is over, today doctors will work together to intensify meetings. Therefore, a meeting room and a common break area have been set up here. We need to make them want to come here. And when we come, we’ll be back! ”

Last shovels
… And last shovels © JH

This is Pascal Gouix, in charge of financial affairs for Com’com, which sought out all the professionals to set them up in the various health centers of the PSLA. Out of fifteen professionals, he managed to recruit five doctors for six practices. In addition to the three doctors from the Pont-Audemérien office inEve Labarre Vandermeersch taking over the premises, two coming from outside the region. Two physiotherapists, including one outside, should also settle. There is still room for this specialty. “The statutes of the interprofessional outpatient care company (SISA) were signed a few days ago. We are now implementing leases by the notary, we are in the process of stopping the dates for signatures.”

Some table lamps
Some table lamps © JH

The premises are so far vacant for two dentists and a midwife. “We are in contact with two interested young dentists who are not from the region, as well as with a speech therapist who is finishing his education. » Finally, three occupational therapists will also be established to work in an office, a dietitian, a clinical psychologist and a nurse’s office. “We also collaborated with the hospital, which becomes a tenant with SSIAD (home nursing) and HAD (hospitalization at home). »

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work on the ground
Working on the ground © JH

To Quillebeuf-sur-Seine, there is no longer a single doctor in the municipality. There are two nurses who arrived in January this year and a clinical psychologist. A physiotherapist shows up, an osteopath comes in August and a pediatrician in September. The mayor of the city Carine Boquet Welcomes the fact that the mobility problems of the elderly or young people who do not have a permit have been alleviated. “Because it is not easy to get appointments for our voters. If this is not the end of the medical wilderness, it’s a good start. »

Furniture to assemble
Furniture to assemble © JH

“We must not be forgotten”

Jean-Luc Barre

“We breathed a sigh of relief when the company was acquired by Com’com.” The mayor of Montfort sur Risle regrets, however, that he “There are only three doctors left in our city with 789 inhabitants, for a living space of 10 to 12,000 inhabitants. They are overbooked and no longer take anyone.” Especially since one of them travels in December. It should be replaced. “But we need two more. I want GPs. We deserve four. The problem is that young people no longer work as before. They want to work in a group and do not want to work twelve hours a day like their older ones.” About Jean-Luc Barre welcomes the completion of the work in Pont-Audemer, “A beautiful exhibition”He would like “not to be forgotten.” Not everything has to go to Pont-Audemer. We must make the city come to life and that all this harmonizes. We are not communists, but we are communitarians. » The mayor therefore appeals to the municipal community to carry out work to expand the cabinet to receive an additional doctor, with Such a paint and reorganization. We have no money.” It is on the right track, as a statement has just been made with an architect.

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