Isère Santé: The ward is increasingly committed to the health of Isère residents

Ahead of the public meeting on Friday, June 24, Jean-Pierre Barbier, Chair of the Department, accompanied by Annie Pourtier, Vice-Chair of Health, and Patrick Curtaud, Vice-Chair of Culture, Heritage, Remembrance and International Cooperation, press conference, several reports which will be put to the vote in the Chamber Assembly, including the report on Isère Santé.

Isère Santé: Isère doctors develop …

In 2017, the department launched an innovative and proactive system that worked upstream with professionals: Isère Médecins. The set goal? attract 60 doctors to municipalities in a “medical desert” situation, to facilitate access to health care for Isérois, no matter where they live. The goal has been exceeded: 92 new doctors are established in Isère thanks to this system.

Isère Santé sets a new course : reach 80 new fellowship holders by 2028 (expiry of current mandate).
The system also changes: If obtaining a grant of € 56,000 continues to oblige medical practitioners to then practice for at least 570 days in a city in a “medical desert”, assistance for the installation of € 10,000 will no longer be conditional on to settle in a priority municipality. The compensation of € 750 for general practitioners who want to become university internship supervisors (MSU) will also no longer be conditional on where these doctors have to practice as MSU.

The competition is currently such to attract doctors that our goal has been extended to include the installation of doctors in Isère. It is clear that in medical deserts, which still number 421 out of 512 municipalities according to our estimates, it is better. And therefore we continue to support the creation or renovation of nursing homes by financing (100,000 euros) and supporting their structuring. But in Isère it is already good! In the same idea, the development of internships throughout the department will give young interns the opportunity to discover the health structures and practices of general medicine in our department, but also more easily project themselves into rural areas. “, Emphasizes the Vice President of Health, Annie Pourtier.

The department already did this, but it will now be systematized: coordinate with other communities and partners the personal support for the life project of medical practitioners and doctors. An example: to offer accommodation to medical students who are going to do an internship in Isère.

Current balance

• 92 new doctors in Isère
• 80 scholarship holders, including 28 completed (with the € 56,000 scholarship, which obliges general medicine trainees to practice for at least 570 days in a “medical desert” in Isère);
• 86 installation aids, including 22 scholarship holders (with installation support up to € 10,000 for the purchase of equipment when this installation concerns an area with a shortage of doctors);
• Funding of 25 Interdisciplinary Health Centers (MSPs), 1 health center and 2 centers
health (€ 100,000 financial support and structuring support);
• 6 compensation funding to become a supervisor for university internships (with a compensation of 750 € to welcome and train interns in general medicine in the field).

… And expands…

The experience gained by the department with regard to local care services in Isère, as well as meetings with the main strategic actors in the sector (health professionals, ARS, CPAM, the Order of the Doctor, the Order of the Dentist, the Auvergne region-Rhône-Alpes, other departments, etc.), made it possible not only to develop the existing system, as mentioned above, but to open up the system to help meet Isérois’ health needs.

Regarding general medicine, the department will remunerate 6 new doctors who will practice in the most exciting areas and perform home consultations with the most vulnerable patients. They will be installed in 3 health centers (2 per center), which the department will set up for a total operating cost estimated at 600,000 euros per year. The assembly will vote on the principle on Friday, the terms will soon be defined.

The implementation of 3 teleconsultation stands within Multiprofessional Health Centers (MSP) and the development of teleconsultation kits for coordinated teams will also be tested.

… For nurses

With the prolongation of life expectancy, chronic pathologies develop. Nurses in advanced practice specializing in “Stabilized Chronic Pathologies” can provide support to physicians within their specialty. That is why the department is creating 30 scholarships of € 22,500 each for liberal nurses who want to become nurses in advanced practice (IPA) specializing in “Stabilized Chronic Pathologies” or “Mental Health”. They will be awarded over 3 years and the total amount for the fund will be € 675,000.

These scholarships will facilitate access to training of APNs and the spread of this new profession in Isère to free up more time for doctors already in practice. Currently, self-employed nurses can benefit from ARS funding of up to € 22,500. The ward scholarship will double this support, allowing these nurses to learn without having to practice living and paying the cost of their practice. In return, these nurses have to settle for 2 years in an area of ​​Isère that is understaffed among doctors with a coordinated training structure.

… For dentists

Based on the model from Isère Médecins, Isère Dentists aims to compensate for the growing lack of dental care in Isère. This new device allows you to:
• create a scholarship of € 35,000 for students from dental faculties with the aim of creating 10 scholarship holders as private dentists for this mandate. This scholarship will be accompanied by a 2-year training commitment in Isère, in an area of ​​under-resources. The institute will in particular work with the faculty of Lyon, the Council of the Dental Order and the future antenna of the faculty, which will be established in Grenoble;
• develop the workforce of dentists by setting up health centers, the only legal entity with MSPs that can pay health professionals;
• set up a dental bus with the help of the association Solident and / or with dentists employed in the department.

Isère Santé aims to meet the needs of the residents of Isère in terms of providing care, knowing that we do not solve everything. This unit is just a brick brought to the building. It has shown all its effectiveness because it has been worked with partners and professionals in the sector. They are the ones who know best where we can help make our department more valued, and to attract doctors and today nurses and dentists! », Emphasizes Jean-Pierre Barber, the chairman of the department.

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