Robot vacuum cleaner test with Trifo Max PET surveillance camera

We already have several robot vacuum tests in honor of the domo lab, but not yet a robot integrating a camera. This new Trifo Max is truly a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner, specially designed for houses where animals are inhabited. Until then a robot that we do a lot now, but the latter has another interesting feature, it also has a camera on top. Let’s see what this new intelligent and connected robot vacuum cleaner with a camera is worth under the € 200 mark.

This trifo Max Pet, as the name suggests, is made to clean a house with furry animals (dog, cat … or rabbit!) Therefore, it contains several elements that have been specially researched for this purpose and should have a much better handling of brushes than other robot vacuum cleaners. It must be said that hair and hair is one of the pets of robot vacuum cleaners. Comes with the necessary accessories for proper operation, it is not even usual for a latest generation robot to be an autonomous robot, without a suction station, and this is directly reflected in the price of the latter. This is still an option reserved for advanced robots, though this Trifo Max Pet has options worthy of an advanced robot, starting with this famous camera.

Total interaction with our little fur animals

This Trifo max PET is a connected robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with a surveillance camera to monitor animals in your absence. In addition to being specifically researched for good handling of animal hair, the latter actually goes further in this cohabitation as it offers a means of audio and video communication. Like indoor smart IP cameras, this robot has a microphone and a speaker to interact externally in addition to watching the video stream. Then see this robot as a walking connected IP camera that allows you to monitor your animals in your absence and even talk to them.

It is therefore not a camera used for more intelligent navigation, but a mobile surveillance camera that both knows how it both allows you to go and clear up any doubts in a room in the house after e.g. an increase in the alarm! But also to inform you about movements in the house in your absence. We will see this video part in detail a little later.

Pet-friendly brushes for better hair care

This is one of the promises of this robot called “compatible pet (Pet)”, which is actually some special condition compared to other robot vacuum cleaners that have passed on the test bench in our domo-lab. Starts with the unique rotating brush. A single brush as on several new robots but above all a brush with 6 arms against 3 only in normal times.

The other interesting feature of this robotic vacuum cleaner are the two modes available in the central brush package. It is up to you to put together and decide the desired use with or without central brush. Even better, this robotic vacuum cleaner has a hair extractor to clean the house efficiently, even with pets.

Make your choice to the central part with the brush

Otherwise suck the mouth, better with animal hair, but also for long hair! This central brush replacement offers 33% more suction power and therefore a much more powerful suction to catch the smallest hairs that gravitate around the robot during its passage, all without the risk of being entangled.

The dust container, which is located under the top lid of the robot, has a capacity of 600 ml. Enough to have several days of cleaning before intervening. It is true that more and more people are getting used to dealing with robot vacuum cleaners with suction station, with this robot we are returning to more regular maintenance, but it is also a way to reduce the price of the robot clearly.

The dust container has a large IPA filter that traps even the smallest dust particles.

The charging station is small and discreet, nothing special to say about it.

We can note the small hatch under the station, which allows you to roll up the excess wire so as not to leave it lying around. It is simple but practical and useful.

Trifo Max Pet: A well-made, simple and functional mobile application

The Trifo mobile application is clear and functional. If you need to select your country during installation, just create your account. Unfortunately, this has no effect on the language of the menus. Everything remains in English.

The connection of the robot is simple and fast, you select the robot model to be paired and follow the instructions from the application.

The advantage of the camera, the Wi-Fi configuration is performed as an IP camera. Define the parameters and display the QRCode generated by the app in front of the camera to see the robot perform its configuration autonomously.

In a few seconds, the robot connects to your mobile application, and you can already start a first cleaning or watch the video stream.

The robot’s first passport will gradually draw a map of space. you can completely activate the video feedback while the robot is cleaning. We then notice that the robot does not use a random navigation, but a passage in parallel band.

The map of each session is remembered and can be consulted later from the robot’s menu, but I did not find an option to create exclusion zones, virtual walls, or just specific zones inside from the same room. A feature that is missing compared to other robots we have tested.

The advantage of a robot having a camera is to allow use as a surveillance camera. It is actually possible to enable motion detection and recording as it can be done with a conventional IP camera.

Other available audio options, such as the ability to transmit the robot’s voice in French, a pleasant voice that is not robotic and that is expressed naturally.

Finally, of course, like all robots on the market today, this robot has counters to monitor the status of consumables and know when to replace them. And then the essential planning so you can schedule cleaning when you are not home. It is always nice to come home from a work day and find a clean house. Especially since the robot is quite noisy at full power, so you will have to play on the power on telecommuting days! But it is also possible.

Trifo Max Pet and the washing function

This vacuum cleaner also has a washing function. To do this, it has an ultra-flat tray that “scratches” above. A quick and practical attachment that seems to hold well, but it is a really thin tank, which therefore does not transport very much liquid.

The capacity of this container is not specified, but it is really not large. He did not have enough independence to manage my entire living room, which is 75m2.

The mop, or rather let’s talk about a napkin in this case, is also quite small and thin. On the other hand, water spreads easily and quickly, which is not always the case with this type of plant. This still allows complete wetting of the cloth.

As always with this type of wash, it is closer to a prewash than a real wash. It will simply deposit a fine layer of water on the earth’s surface without any frictional effect or even vibration. However, this is a plus, because if you add a few drops of detergent, it will disperse a good smell of cleanliness into the room.

After passing it, you can see some dirt on the napkin, so it does the job, but as mentioned, it still does not replace a good old manual wash, but still helps you. This is a plus, it’s above all a robot vacuum cleaner. The washing function is there, we take it anyway.

A robotic vacuum cleaner that is also your eyes in your absence

One of the interesting and original features of this robot is without a doubt, in addition to its very good ability to handle animal hair, its camcorder. In addition to helping you keep the house clean despite the fact that your furry pet spreads its hair everywhere every day, this robot actually also allows you to interact with your pet from a distance.

For example, I switch to remote control mode and navigate to my rabbit taking a nap under the couch. Unfortunately, the layout of the camera on top of the robot does not allow me to see the animal. At least completely as I only see the ears in the picture.

I imagine that with a dog it is much easier to see what the animal is doing and to have a visual image, for a small animal, on the other hand, it is more complicated. The robot also has a microphone and speaker, so you can easily send a message to the animal and keep an eye on it even from a distance.

A mobile camera to raise doubts in case of an alarm

If at home, the robot vacuum cleaner is not practical for monitoring my rabbit when I am at work, yet he spends 3/4 of his time sleeping, so there is no need for a camera to watch him take a nap on a daily basis 😀 On the other hand, I find this system very practical in case an alarm is triggered! You will receive a notification on your phone indicating that an opening has been detected on the bedroom window. Hop, you fly your robot like a drone through the house and perform a quick and easy removal of doubt!

A feature that works quite well, even from a distance. There is a slight delay, but nothing bothers you to get the robot exactly where you want it in the house.

Obstacle management

If the robot performs well enough, it is not the smartest. In fact, compared to robots equipped with laser navigation, this robot turns out to be less efficient, but also much cheaper … lots of robots. We regret that he does not use his camera for improved handling of obstacles that could avoid this kind of sudden stop.


This robot vacuum cleaner is not perfect, but still has a lot of qualities. Its impressive suction power really does what it’s made for and effectively sucks up animal hair. The ability to remove the central brush to place a suction nozzle further increases its suction power, and no hair from our small (or large) animals will resist it.

Finally, its ability to monitor and interact with animals via its camera and its speaker really makes it the robot vacuum cleaner that is 100% compatible with pets.

Shown for € 209, this robot passes well below the € 150 mark with a campaign of 60 € currently running on Amazon, to which we are adding one exclusive promotional code of 20 € more (B0845YQ6J2) making it a very interesting connected robotic vacuum cleaner to grab with 129 kr !

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A robotic vacuum cleaner that is perfect for cohabitation with our dear pets. Both for cleansing hair and for monitoring or interacting with it. This Trifo Max Pet is the friend of animals, and yours, because it allows you to catch all the hairs in the house.

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