Scared of spiders? 5 incredible things you absolutely need to know about these 8-legged animals

Do not like spiders? However, they are cute! Here are 5 things to know about these dreaded animals.

jumping spider

Do not you think it is strange to be afraid of a small animal that weighs only a few grams? And yet on average, 5% of the population is arachnophobic. Suffice it to say that spiders have a hard life and often get crushed under a tap.

Unfortunately, these poor animals just looking for a place in your home, to live warm and get food. These feed on mosquitoes that want to bite you, flies that steal your breakfast.

Useful for the ecosystemspiders are far from the furry, evil, heartless monsters we might think. We should not judge them solely because of their physical appearance, their many eyes and their 8 large legs.

Give them a chance, I’ll show you Spiders are fascinating animals. And most of all, it’s just as much about keeping them alive beneficial To everyone.

Spiders are ALL more scared of you than the other way around

As with reptiles are spiders (spiders, scorpions, etc.). very scared. Especially towards you. Imagine yourself the size of a spider, you would necessarily be afraid of humans. Especially if man is getting ready to crush you with his sandal. In any case, you need to know that spiders are freaks. They are afraid of everything and prefer a lot leave them alone.

It is not for nothing that they often hiding in holes wooded and seems to be waiting for you to jump on you. In fact, they try to hide as much as possible so as not to be disturbed and disturb you (and be expelled at the same time).

For yes, by spiders populate your homeswithout you even knowing it. It is estimated 45,000 the number of spider species on Earth. Suffice it to say that there are billions and billions of them on the planet, much more than we are. If you see few spiders in your home, it’s for a simple reason: they are hiding.

spiders growing terrariums fear arachnophobia science

Moreover, when one of these beautiful creatures runs and appears to be in a hurry, it is anything but scary. They run away from you. Constantly stressedthey are Direct and always on the defensive. Again, there is no connection with a desire to attack or intimidate you.

If you are afraid of spiders, it is usually because of their appearance. But are you not afraid of an ugly person? You do not want to kill anyone just because they are ugly? Often, therefore, the fear of the spider comes from his aspect, by a person who is afraid of these animals in your family and who influenced you when you were young. It can also come from our ancestors who were afraid of spiders and kill them, as some in the wild could kill humans with their bites. But it goes back thousands of years.

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A very interesting animal to observe

Spiders are also very fascinating animals. They have their own ecosystem and evolve in it. With his extraordinary sense of alignment, the spider can also live in all conditions. Moreover, all spider breeders will tell you the same thing: spiders have own personality to each one. They are unique. Like a dog or a cat, in short. Some days they may even be in a bad mood. It is thus very interesting thatobserve the daily life of a spider.

Like ants, this animal has its own habits and can even develop a form of love with a man by rubbing shoulders with him. So no, it’s not really a hug. But more of a way of acting, which includes your way of acting towards her. In addition to that, the spider is also interesting to observe for his way of huntingthe way she raises her babies, etc. Like any animal, she’s not just a scary black thing, she is a living being with all its nuances.

Spiders are intelligent and useful

As mentioned above, spiders are endowed with a strong adaptability. It thus appears to be a very intelligent animal, able to understand and format itself in relation to the environment decentralization. In addition, they adapt perfectly to our interior.

They are very helpful there and eat there every insects which destroys our everyday lives. We have already joined them since the dawn of time and even more so since they have lived in our homes. Finally they get rid of pests as if they would pay you rent.

An uanet physiognomy, a true miracle of nature

There are several amazing things about spiders on a physiognomic level. Another aspect that makes them cool animals to observe. We do not even ask how it is possible to be able to do that. Here is a small non-exhaustive list:

  • Spiders are like reptiles animals that have must be thermoregulated. This is also why when it is very hot in the summer, spiders come into our homes. In fact, they lead a cold place, Simply. In a terrarium, this animal needs a warm place and a cold place with one thermal gradient between. Why ? Since they are cold-blooded, they cannot heat up or cool down by themselves and therefore need the environment to do so.
spiders growing terrariums fear arachnophobia science
  • These animals have two main eyes and six secondary eyes. 99% of spiders have eight eyes. Why ? In fact, it allows them to look forward and to the side. Like humans, actually. It’s just that they need more eyes than us to pull it off because of the morphology of their eyes.
  • The spiders produce inaudible sounds for us used for reproduction, to find our way in space, but also to scare predators away.
  • The spiders are able to produce a web, a silk, made of protein fibers. It is one of the strongest structures in nature. Spider silk is 30 times stronger than steel.

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Spiders: a true terraistic passion in full swing

In the end, spiders will always experience fear from humans. I never said it was easy to appreciate them. It’s me passionate about these animals, but I’m very scared of it. Nevertheless, for any concern, a remedy.

As with many phobias, therapy is a first step and can make you, why not, want to educate yourself spiders in vivarium. Before this step, of course, it is better to try the experience with a breeder so he can show you his house spiders.

Yet, get to know his misunderstood animalsthey do not deserve their reputation. To help you here is a very cool Youtube channel (TOOPET) that can help you:

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