Summer 2022, a real attraction for France: Expedia Group reveals travel trends for the summer period

As summer approaches, France is still one of the major tourist destinations. If the country still attracts foreign travelers, the French do not hesitate to (re) discover France. Expedia Group has noticed that a large proportion of French travelers want to travel to Paris and the Paris region as well as the south during the summer period. This is also the case for foreign tourists who prefer the City of Light and Nice for their summer vacation.

French holidaymakers: direction Paris, Paris region and Languedoc Roussillon

The number of searches performed by French people on Expedia Group sites in France between January and April 2022 for their summer holidays has increased by +70 % compared to 2020 [1]demonstrating the resumption of travel in the country.

The city of Paris, known for receiving many French visitors, remains the preferred destination for the country’s inhabitants. At the regional level, Val d’Oise (95) and southern Corsica (20) topped the list of travel intentions with an increase of +85. % and +57 % compared to 2020). The Alpes Maritimes are also popular with French holidaymakers: 3 out of 5 (60) %) sought to achieve more than in 2020.

In terms of length of stay, the French intend to stay an average of 6 days in the Languedoc region compared to 4 in Paris and the Paris suburbs. Southern Corsica achieves an average of 7 days against 5 for the Alpes Maritimes and Val d’Oise.

Spain, USA and Greece: the French’s favorite foreign destinations

While 1 in 4 French travelers plan to travel to France this summer, some are looking to be completely out of their ace and leave the country on their summer vacation. Thus, Spain, the United States and Greece are the 3 destinations most sought after by French holidaymakers, closely followed by Turkey. In 2020, the United States was the French people’s favorite destination.

In addition, the vast majority (9 French travelers out of 10) of the French have carried out their travel research via their computer compared to only 5 % from their mobile. A trend that goes against the way foreign travelers do

The marked return of the Americans, Canadians and British

The Covid-19 epidemic has subsided significantly, and since February 12, 2022, foreign travelers with a complete vaccination plan can enter French territory. This measure facilitates tourism in France for countries where most citizens are vaccinated. This is the case for foreign travelers [2] want to go to France.

As of 2020, Americans are the ones who have made the most searches to get to France this summer, followed by the British and Canadians. Together, they represent almost half of the tourists who have searched for accommodation in France for a trip planned between July and August.

Holidaymakers from the US and Canada mainly go to the capital when the British choose to go to Nice.

In addition, the Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden – are also showing great interest in visiting France this summer.

Expedia Group at the service of the travel ecosystem

Last May, at its EXPLORE event, Expedia Group unveiled its strategy to redefine its position in the travel industry to give travelers an ever-richer experience.

In this context, the group launched its new Expedia Group ™ Open World platform with the aim of strengthening the industry ; create a reinvented marketplace that rewards partners who deliver exceptional experiences to travelers ; and to focus on developing technology that provides the right information to increase travelers’ confidence in reservations.

The platform is designed for Expedia Group partners to configure and service the products and services needed to succeed in the travel ecosystem. It provides a complete e-commerce offering by integrating modules such as payments, scams, conversations and services that each partner can use to accelerate and optimize their online presence or even take their first steps in the sector.

Antoine Walter, Director, Market Management (France), Expedia Group, points out: The journey resumes. Summer is the best time for vacationers to spend quality time with family and loved ones. It is to facilitate their travel research and provide the best tools for our partners that we recently presented our strategy and redefine our positioning as a technological platform: our goal is to provide the best travel experiences to travelers who use us. This requires the full support of our travel partners, whether they are hotels, airlines or even car rental companies..

About Expedia Group

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